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Mis-sold Consumer Claims is a covert website appears on the internet and makes many boasts about itself.

The website owners states ‘they are experts in consumer mis-selling claims’, ‘they have ‘new products and services regarding making claims on behalf of consumers’ who they claim have been ‘ripped off’. They equally claim that the public at large is often treated as ‘guinea pigs’ falling victim to mis-selling and misrepresentations.

To settle the question are the boasts are correct, we say as follows: –

The website is owned by ‘Mis-sold Consumer Reclaim Limited’ and its Company Registration Number is 10889185.

That Company, when formed appointed as its Directing mind Mr. Oliver James Reynolds who is heads up the Company including its legal team.

To find out more information about the legal expert ‘Mr. Oliver James Reynolds’, his qualifications, experience and his standing in the legal world, TESS carried out an investigation and when doing so, it became apparent that Mr Reynolds has no qualifications, is not legally experienced, nor licensed, registered or qualified in any field Law other than, his own boasts which are strewn over his website.

Mr Reynolds was born in September 1988 therefore is, 30 years old and the Companies totality of worth is a mere £100.00. On the 16th of October 2018, his company was also the subject of a ‘striking off’ notice issued by the Government Authorities as it failed to provide to authorities the required and necessary legal information.

The Company lists itself as having its head office at 12, Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spar, England, CV32 -4LY and lists no other postal or trading office.


Were it gets Interesting is: –

Mr Reynolds previously had a Company called ‘Fit Body Bootcamp (Halesowen) Ltd’ Company registration number 09971755 and this Company (like the aforementioned) was ‘struck off’ and dissolved this year and whilst running his legal Company. When operating his ‘Fit Body Bootcamp’ its Registered Office was declared as being located at ‘Onyx House’, 12C, Phoenix Business Park Avenue Close, Birmingham, B7 4NU, however, its gym was at 12, Belfont Trading Estate, Mucklows Hill, Halesowen.


So, if you call Mr Reynolds, you’re not exactly getting ‘legal advice’ but could ‘lose a pound or two’.


Were it gets more interesting is the website ‘Missoldconsumer. Claims’ was created (as the photograph below) by John at ‘Soar-on-Line’

who again are in Birmingham and are the internet service assistant to ‘Praetorian Legal’ who equally share an office at ‘Onyx House, 12C, Phoenix Business Park, Avenue Close, Birmingham, B7 4NU.

By visiting the Domain Eye you can check to see which websites are located on an IP address. Praetorian Legal are known to visit the TESS website to get legal information’s and we know they are operating from the following IP address

and when we checked listed on that Domain address are the following websites











Accordingly, Praetorian legal are as they always do hiding behind a privacy shield, deluding consumers, presenting fake Directors and delivering unfounded allegations against others, whilst presenting themselves to the world at large as ‘legitimate’ when such legitimacy is – delusional.

The website that ‘soar online’ created now hides behind a privacy shield and for a purpose. That purpose is to remain anonymous to the world at large and in fear of exposure and prosecution.

You can see the privacy shield and note that the website was registered in Panama by ‘NamesCheap’ protected by ‘Whois Guard’

see here



This Companies is a fake, is headed by a Fake Lawyer who is a ‘mule’ Director. The real shadow Director is either Mr Gary Smith or his wife Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith, the fake companies is registered at the same office and the website was set up by the same internet registrant.

What is noteworthy is that Mr Reynolds (if employed) may ‘lose you pounds’


Praetorian Legal and Mercantile claims ‘will lose you many more pounds’

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Posted on: 23rd October 2018