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TESS Paralegal Services Ltd T/A TESS Law

TESS Law became incorporated in January 2015, instantly becoming a success, offering timeshare exits and providing no win-no fee and paid compensation claims, should the client be eligible to bring claims in the UK and Spain. In 2019 TESS obtained temporary permission regarding regulation by the financial conduct authority and in respect to its claims management activities.

TESS Law operates in many jurisdictions, engaging with many solicitors, barristers and international legal experts, in an effort to deliver the best and most reliable service to UK consumers and its legal staff are registered with one of the professional paralegal associations.

TESS Law delivers a non-contentious service that assists its clients to bring claims against timeshare resorts and other dubious lawyers who operate in timeshare claims. It delivers a professional service from its head office located in St Anne’s-on-Sea, Lancashire and employs staff who are proficient in understanding and advising on timeshare contracts, all over the world.

TESS Law offers a 30 min free consultation service, delivering advice without obligation.

Legal Claim Funder Ltd

Many consumers claim to have been duped into shelling out thousands of pounds for legal adventures which sometimes deliver little. Some companies operating in or around timeshare and seek to charge money, whilst failing to deliver a reasonable service, or indeed what was promised. TESS  along with Legal Claim Funder Ltd (who shares a common Director Mr David Cox) is happy to locate funding for you. The fees will vary depending upon the value of the claim and the jurisdiction in which the claim is being made. This may assist claimants when protracting litigation or making claims in the financial Ombudsman service.

Along with others, we have created Timeshare Litigation Funding with the aid of  [LCF], the funding arrangements are timeshare-specific. LCF employs TESS to recommend cases that are compatible with its business model and to enable consumers to bring meritorious legal actions.

Should funding be granted, LCF is able of providing funds to cover both your UK and international legal costs. You will pay nothing – unless your case is successful and if successful, LCF will only take the pre-agreed rewards.

The benefits are that you control the case, can instruct your preferred lawyers or more importantly, choose if and when to settle the case you bring.

LCF financially supports you all the way by arranging non-reciprocal loans. Having your costs paid, you can place your claim before the courts. However, if that case fails, you walk away without troubling your pocket.

LCF is a recognised “crowdfunding” agreement and has been adopted and verified by UK solicitors as well as Spanish lawyers.

As of the 12th June 2020, LCF has assisted with funding to over 500 claimants and to date have won over £3 million in damages for its clients.

The Long-Term Holiday Product Association Ltd

The Long-Term Holiday Product Association Ltd [The Timeshare Association] is a ‘not for profit’ bespoke enterprise that assists consumers who have acquired timeshares, long-term holiday products and leisure credits. TESS along with others, financially support – The Timeshare Association with financial grants, enabling them to assist consumers and to ensure all have access to justice.

TESS has assisted over 2,500 consumers in claims against fake legal companies, timeshare resorts and others and has a track record that is second to none.



Last modified: 8th April 2021