Tess Paralegal Services Ltd T/A TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support Service) Ltd

TESS became incorporated in January 2015, instantly became a success, offering a keenly priced Timeshare Exits and provides “no win no fee” compensation claims should they be eligible to bring claims in the UK and Spain.

TESS operates in many Jurisdictions, engages with many Solicitor’s, barristers and international legal experts in an effort to deliver the best and most reliable service to UK consumers. It is registered with the Institute of Paralegal [IoP] and its legal staff are all registered with the National Association of Licensed Paralegals [NALP] and the Professional Paralegal Register [PPR].

TESS delivers a non-contentious service which assists its clients to bring claims against timeshare resorts and other dubious lawyers who operate in Timeshare Claims. It delivers a professional service from its head office located in St Ann’s on Sea. Lancashire and has 11 staff who are proficient in understanding timeshare contracts all over the world.

TESS offers a free consultation service, deliver advice and all.

Legal Claim Funder Ltd

Many consumers are fed-up with shelling out £,000 for adventures which sometimes deliver little. As many Companies and Enterprises operate in or around timeshare, seek to extort money and fail to delivery what ought to be delivered and indeed what was promised many seek the return of money they were scammed out of.

Thus TESS with others has created Timeshare Litigation Funding Ltd, the only timeshare specific funder in the UK. TLF employs TESS to find the cases which are compatible with it business model and then if those cases pass certain funding criteria, TLF provides all the necessary funding to the table to assist a consumer in bringing meritorious conclusions to many consumers.

Should Funding be granted TLF will provide

        All your UK costs.

       All your international legal costs

       All your adverse UK costs cover and; –

      All your international adverse costs

You will pay nothing, however, should the case be successful, TLF simply takes the pre-agreed reward.

        You control the case

       You instruct your lawyers

      And you choose if and when to settle

TLF financially supports you all the way with non-reciprocal loans. Having all your costs will be paid, so you can bring your claim before the courts. However, if your case fails you incur no cost.

TLF is a recognised “Crowd Funding Agreement and has been adopted and verified by UK solicitors as well as Spanish Lawyers.

If you lose the case, you lose nothing as all the bills will be paid.

The Long-Term Holiday Product Association Ltd

Timeshare Mediation is the old name of the Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd [TCA] and is a “not for profit” enterprise which assists in funding clients who require assistance with long-term holiday products contracts. It is supported by TESS and exists in the background offering grants to consumers who have a need to claim back the money they were owed. The grants are real and assist many

Last modified: 15th June 2018