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When you employ Paralegal Services Ltd (TESS Law) we deal with non-contentious cases in most legal forums in the United Kingdom.

We will act as your UK representatives whilst pursuing claims abroad.

We advise many solicitors in the specialist areas of timeshare and long-term holiday contracts and are based in Lancashire. We engage with many resorts, developers within the timeshare industry and work very closely with and are linked to the Timeshare Association.

Many people can use our services, no matter where they live and/or where their cases will be eventually, heard or actioned.

It remains as true now as it ever was that good, sound and professional legal advice, acquired as early as possible is more likely to be of benefit to you than waiting and seeing what happens. On many occasions running scared is not required, as consumers are protected by laws that trump any “unfair terms” contained in timeshare contracts.

Reacting to events rather than ignoring them is usually a bad idea. Early investment in clear and cogent advice will serve to protect you. This can be achieved by way of early preparation of issues, establishing optimal tactics available, logical and considered determinations which will maximise your position, thereby helping you to achieve the best outcome.

As specialists, we assist clients to assert or defend their rights through many legal forums including help in litigations, mediations, arbitrations or negotiations. We aim to hit the ground running for our clients, risk assessing and exploiting the most advantageous way forward to give “you” maximum opportunity to achieve your best result at the least cost.

You can “contact us” to ask for help with many areas of law including all types of fraud, general timeshare, crime, tortuous interferences, corporate malice, timeshare exits, holiday club exits, compensation and damages awards including section 75 claims against 3rd parties.

Just because we have not incorporated a comment in respect to the full range of claims we deal with does not mean we do not cover it.  You can see from our site that we have a mix of skills that we can manage almost any timeshare matter. Many cases are being contested in other legal jurisdictions and most contested contentious cases are funded and headed by specialist chosen lawyers.

If you do not find your exact problem listed on this site, you should at least realise that we could have the necessary skill-set to assist you. Simply telephoning us and discussing your case may be helpful. You will be pleasantly surprised and reassured of our expertise in timeshare law and that we could be handling or assisting in your case.

Now that the Government has removed legal aid from so many areas of law including large areas of civil work, the need to have access to good quality legal advice is critical. That assistance/advice needs to be tendered with flexibility in mind so that you can decide what work you want/need to be done with a view to ensuring the legal costs are kept within manageable parameters while actioning all that is reasonably essential. to prepare your case.

Contact details are available under “Find Us” or send us an email from the Contact page.

Last modified: 8th April 2021