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Before entering long-term commitments every consumer should fully understand what they are buying.

In all circumstances it is reasonable to seek counsel and advice from a variety of professionals, so that knowledge can be gained which can be considered and before that all-important decision is made.

To get to that understanding consumers have a need to read and digest all the “terms and conditions” and isolate the benefits and offset those benefits against the burdens contained in the contract.  If those contracts are long-winded, wordy, complex or difficult to understand, then considerable time to consider the contracts is needed before being signed. Some advice is free, can be taken from a variety of sources and legal professionals so take as much time as is needed. What is on offer today will still be on offer tomorrow.

Timeshare is often considered as many consumers successfuly reap the rewards of secure, pre-booked and 5-star accommodation at low cost. All timeshare is not bad.  Not all timeshare resorts are out to get you.  If you find that you need to get out of a timeshare contract, for whatever reason, don’t straight away assume that you’re going to be in for a legal battle.

Some resorts have an exit package of their own, so it is always worth making contact with your home resort to see what is on offer and how they will approach your quest for an exit from the club.

However, consumers wishing to exit from their timehare contract should consider that the resort stands to lose you as their client causing a drop in their income. Consumers need to be aware that resorts are not independent and the advice they give might not be in the consumer’s best interest. If they seek to impose a fine or try and sell another product, the consumer should not engage. If you are being encouraged to enter into other products and your timeshare exit is dependent on you acquiring those other products, again consider whether or not it’s in your best interests as you could acquire an unexpected burden.

Last modified: 15th April 2020