The aim of this new Directive is to create a simplified and coherent framework for the regulation of timeshare and long-term holiday products, as well as exchange and resale. The new Directive extends the entire scope of the current rules:

In respect to:-

long-term holiday products (i.e. holiday clubs)

shorter-term contracts – all purchases for a period of one year or more including tacit renewal of shorter periods

all forms of holiday accommodation (including boats and other movable property such as caravans or cruise ships) European Commission, Review of the Timeshare Directive (94/47/EC), June 2006

re-sale of timeshare or holiday club membership by consumers

exchange services (i.e. some timeshare owners pay an additional fee to join an exchange club, where they can swap their week in, say, the Canaries for a week in another location)

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“No Win No Fee” Compensation Claims Please contact Mrs Glynn on 01253 208482

Club La Costa compensation Claims         Please Contact Miss Jenkinson 01253 208 483

Terminations of your Timeshare               Please Contact Mrs Trippier 01253 729683.


Exits and Terminations:


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Last modified: 8th March 2018