TESS (Timeshare Exit & Support Service) Ltd

We go by the title TESS as the full name is somewhat cumbersome in day to day dealings.

TESS is a limited Company identified by or Company Registration Number 937200 and operates from its owned registered Office located at 3 Beach Rd, St Anne’s on Sea, in Lancashire, England.

We came into existence by the will of Timeshare Mediation Ltd which was previously called the Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd [TCA]. To avoid doubt the Timeshare Consumer Association website was sold off to Tolmex Ltd on the 2nd of February 2016. The main reason for the selloff was that Tolmex Ltd claimed they would continue the altruistic service and assist consumers free of charge, however, later it is claimed to have been sold to ABC lawyers who now operate the site for profit.  In January 2016 Timeshare Mediation changed direction to fulfil an ever-increasing role of proving low cost-effective services to consumers who had a need to engage with timeshare resorts with a view of obtaining an Exit from what many describe as onerous contracts.

The TCA [as was] assisted many clients who wanted fairly priced options to exit timeshare, controlled by ethical principles and by those who were not encumbered by relationships with resorts and sellers of timeshares.

As a result of that perceived need they did create, TESS which came into existence and for the consumer to engage with a professional organisation specialising in assisting consumers in the exit processes of exiting timeshare and long-term holiday products.

With that in mind, TESS was engineered by a “not for profit” organisation or a “company under guarantee” and does operates under the controls asserted by the host community company.

Both Timeshare Mediation and TESS is governed by Mr David Cox who lives in St Annes and who came from the contentious world of Contracting. Being a past Managing Director of Buxton Water Ltd, he has in the past had to contend with and resolve many contractually related issues, corporate governance’s, contractual issues, land and property, easements, “rights” as well are coordinating and developing internal and external infrastructure to deliver contracted products. Having officiated over the legal department and being asked to attend Mediation Training at Quadrant Chambers in London Via the Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] Programme. He became a qualified certified Mediator and in the early days of ADR, which enables him to assist in the now dominant mediation process.

TESS is consumer driven and does not employ anyone who has been involved with the selling or management of any timeshare resort. It maintains its independence and employs only those who are committed to being or are qualified lawyers or who consent to be regulated and register with legal professional institutions. This is very important as all the issues which TESS deals with, are legal. TESS firmly believes those assisting in timeshare legal matters should not be “those who sold the contracts in the first place” and deplores the gamekeeper/poacher style services.

TESS offers many services, all of which involve some type of investigation, pre-litigation consideration, pre-ligation engagement correspondence with resorts, as well as working with many regulated firms so as to deliver strong and winnable compensation cases.

TESS retains a large clients list which now numbers over 2,500 people all seeking to either terminate what they perceive as onerous contracts of compensation claims. To date, we are delivering over a 1,000 compensations claims and in a variety of legal arenas which seek to have returned to our clients in excess of £20 million

The International Claims Department

This department is handled and headed up by Mrs Jacqueline Glynn who is qualified multi-faceted and enjoys being an active member of law faculties, including litigation claims funding.

She is a very keen Manchester City fan.

The financial Claims Departments

These claims are reserved for Mr Cox who with a team of Paralegals investigates, collates and prepares many hundreds of claims against financial institutions in the UK.

The Department is known for handling difficult cases, whereby the Limitation Act of 1980 has to be overcome. Such requires considerable indulgence, and consideration, so as to correctly assert the liability. The financial team is supported by other firms who with TESS probably delivers more timeshare claims than anyone else in the UK.

Support Service Department

This is the main thrust of the services which TESS provides and once a client you will be in safe hands. When contesting resorts, on occasion some ignore the reality and try to override the legal processes in preference to issuing demands supported by dubious debt collector demands. Despite this being (in some cases) an unlawful practice it can contravene you statutory rights thus, TESS assists you and to assert your rights. This department, managed by Mrs Trippier and with her staff, she collates all the necessary information logs, so as to present needy advice and cease and desist letters.

When the terminations have been complete, Mrs Tripper will answer any question you might have and will continue to issue advice on her aftercare plans.

Once the termination letters have been dispatched, Mrs Trippier and her team will maintain your records into the future and until her clients have secured an exit.

Finance Department and Office Management

With all companies and corporate structures, you need a steady hand on the “tiller” and this role is fulfilled by our Financial Director who ensures budgets are maintained, money is retained for forwarding projects and any and all payments to others are distributed fairly on time and in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Mrs Glynn [with her team], obtains the litigation funding required to support the hundreds of cases and monitors the long terms financial commitments.

Research Department

This department takes instructions,  appoints lawyers and tasks them to carry out topical research on a certain legal issue which some consumers complain off. These tasks can and do take many months to complete and when complete, a report is compiled, served on the Directors who then disseminate the information in booklets form to complaining consumer to add clarity. The reports are also supplied to others for comments which provides a foundation for the many arguments  TESS and other raise in contentious matters.

The department [when experiencing issues] of a complex nature seek counsel’s opinion or refer the matter to professional experts, to enable consumers to grapple with issues before asserting a claim.

Litigation support

TESS via Litigation funding has extended the service it offers and assists in insolvency issues and in an effort to recover money owed to Debtors.

A member of the Timeshare Association




Last modified: 29th June 2018