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Resort Development Organisation (RDO)

In the early days of ‘timeshare’, an institution was created and titled The Timeshare Counsel, their name changed to the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE). Once established, this organisation represented some resorts in and around Europe, in support of the timeshare industry position. At the later stage of the OTE, it changed its name again to the Resort Development Organisation (RDO). The organisation continues to represent the industry, however, it has a diminished member base. In reality, it represents less than 10% of timeshare resorts in Europe. It also claims to support the consumers in the event they have problems with their resorts, however, this could be classed as a conflict of interest. The RDO sponsors a variety of websites including but not limited to Go Timeshare, The Timeshare Task Force, Business Check, Kwik Chex, TATOC, Timeshare Consumer Association Portal, Mindtimeshare and many other forums, websites and resort websites.




KwikChex is financed by the RDO and has been brought in to reputationally manage the timeshare industry on behalf of the RDO. They are in support of TATOC, Silverpoint and RDO, engaging with companies not associated with the RDO so as to verify the operations of the companies they alone investigate.

This enterprise lacks appreciation for the legal profession and the work it does. You will find if you visit their site, that they challenge legal firms so as to dissuade consumers from engaging with them.  They do not promote anyone that is not a member of the aforementioned organisations and purport to investigate without a mandate or without association with any professional body. Neither do they retain nor hold any qualifications in what they purport to do? It was recently reported that they falsely achieved compensation in the amount of £80 million on and behalf of consumers. KwikChex appears to be entering the legal profession. Mr Emmins and KwikChex retain no legal mandate, they are not a member of any paralegal institute and are not licensed by the Ministry of Justice.


G0 Timeshare

Go Timeshare is a promotional website created by the RDO for the purpose of signposting consumers to their industry affiliates. It purports to give consumer advice which, at best, is lacking in any meaningful intent or independence.


Timeshare Task Force

This purported Timeshare Task Force is the brainchild of the RDO and is supported financially by TATOC and the RDO. The website has been designed by KwikChex who ensure that many backlinks are created which facilitates higher Google exposure on the articles that they alone master.

In its early days, the Timeshare Task Force was promoted as a needy enterprise as the industry complained that the scammers who operate in the industry needed some form of regulation, and in their opinion, the police force and other authorities needed more teeth.  The day to day management of the enterprise is controlled by KwikChex.

This task force has no lawful mandate, no purpose other than to assist the RDO to check out those who oppose them and independently assist the timeshare consumers.


Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor or Henry Taylor (he keeps changing it) is the CEO of TATOC which serves and is sponsored by the timeshare industry. He served his time in the timeshare industry and in particular Diamond Resorts, who is a large sponsor of TATOC. Before being elected to represent and sit on the board of TATOC, Mr Taylor was also the chairman of Lakeview Timeshare Club. That resort is no stranger to problems and continues to suffer bad press with respect to the management of the resort. The personnel employed by TATOC are predominantly those affiliated with Diamond Resorts and some suggest that TATOC was created to add conjecture to the many posts supplied by Mr Sandy Grey. The TATOC helpline is sponsored by the RDO again dishing out industry advice.


Christopher Emmins

Mr Emmins is the managing director and 99% shareholder of KwikChex which is commissioned by the RDO. He alleges, at Companies House, that he resides at 5 St Stephens Court, Bournemouth. Checks with the local authority establish that they do not have him registered there and it is reported that he is domiciled in Spain.

Mr Emmins’ position is that of a pseudo-investigator and seeks to check into the background of entities who challenge the RDO members. He is also a promoter for Silverpoint which is a timeshare resort in Tenerife. He manages the Timeshare Task Force and Business Check on behalf of the RDO and appears to effectively slur with innuendo those who refuse to be members of the RDO.


Mindtimeshare is the scourge of reason. The enterprise was set up by no another than the libel king Mr Albert Garcia. This website is financially supported and sponsored by the RDO. The content of its website is restricted to attacks against companies, enterprises and firms associated with the legal profession or those who assist the consumer to get an exit from the contracts they wish to disgorge themselves of. When originally set up, it provided substantial benefit to consumers and launched scathing attacks against many companies, however recently they began to lambaste everyone. Mr Garcia was exposed by David Cox in 2015 and appears to have now been pushed out, as the site has gone through substantial changes including the removal of content and is headed by a lawyer operating in Spain, however, it is still sponsored by the RDO. The authoring and exhibits now appear to have taken a mellower tone.


First National Trust Company (FNTC)

First National Trust Company is a member of the RDO and has recently acquired Continental Trust. This trusted company and others like it, including Hutchinson’s and Barclays International Trust, author the underlying trust mechanisms which support the ownership of the timeshare infantry. They hold a duty to consumers and resort owners alike. These trust companies are generally paid by the resorts when they establish the trust mechanisms. These trusts generate income from the construction of the trusts and for that reason, it may be beneficial to them to carry out re-modelling of the timeshare concept which may be part of the reason why timeshare concepts continually change.

They also charge the clubs an annual fee for their continued service and to ensure that this service is maintained clearly the resort timeshare club are required to capitulate.  I can say with some confidence that the old saying of “he who pays the piper plays the tune” comes into force, as clearly timeshare is awash with litigation and squabbles, yet no resort club or developer appears to have sued a trustee.


Last modified: 8th April 2021