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Emblazoned on the perverse Pretorian legal website are glossy photos of their acrylic staff, managers, Directors and fake Directors, who proport to deliver what the Praetorian say is “Legal Services” to paying clients.

The only issue is they don’t perform legal service but do provide a fake indemnity certificate, which delivers no cover at all.

We have dealt and placed into the public domain the very dodgy dealing of the Smiths and the corrupt Solicitor they employ, however, the delusion does not end there. The person selling “Legal Services” is not a trained professional, who has regard for legal principles, protocols, ethics and does not provide information regarding the potential risk of litigation. Why?

He’s an ex-car salesman.

Of course, when engaging with a proper Legal Company, naturally you would expect “legal advice” and one might expect the person delivering that advice would a least know something about the subject, he professes to be an expert in. In this case, Mr Darby might know something about “tire pressure” or “how best to dip your clutch” but steering a client through the complex world of litigation does require a different set of skills, none of which, a failed “Car Salesman” possesses.

Harry Darby and his cheeky grin can be seen above. He is not alone in occupying the chair he sits in, as when viewing him and other staff, you can also see they all sat in the very same chair, next to the same window, plastic plant, laptop and picture on the wall, it’s called a quick photo shoot. All are smiling and doing nothing which is the case when you employ Praetorian Legal. Never mind, (some might say) they don’t have to, as you can clutch onto the plastic certificate, which indemnifies you against, nothing.

On the Praetorian legal website, it claims Harry Darby is Head of Operations & the Business Development Director. If you care to check Companies House and the register of Directors, he’s not a Director accordingly, it’s simply another lie spewing out of Pretorian Legal.

More revelations will appear shortly and about other staff members who feature in the debacle company and like others the naming and shaming will no doubt germinate over the internet.

Harry Darby claims, he runs the day to day operations of Praetorian Legal Ltd and Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd, yet is not in any way qualified to do so yet has been doing this job for the last 18 months.

Is that legal?

Its claimed, he took the businesses to the “next level” (not the sneaky Smiths), so “where are they”, let’s face it, this is just another lie as well. I am pretty sure that you would not expect the Smith to create, own and finance their own company then let a kid claim: – he’s a Director (when not) a lawyer (when not) and capable of taking the company to the next level (when not). If the Praetorian Legal claims are true then someone needs to “beam me up”, as I have entered an alternative and strange dimension.

The Smiths maybe castrating themselves and initiating protection for themselves (it weren’t me gov”, “he did the business”), a defence for sure – should the Smiths be investigated, again. That said, it will not be the first time that the Smith has thrown someone under the bus, as that happened when they were interview by the police in the Eze Group Fraud investigations.

As for now, its just a matter of time and I am sure a rough ride awaits Darby. Do we feel sorry for him? Not in the slightest. At present, Darby mis-sold and is misselling Legal Service, sending lame letters, that claim to be legal terminations then presents the infamous “Plastic Certificate” demanding “money with menace”. If you don’t pay, Darby (on Behalf of Praetorian) sues the clients and signs off on the proceedings. Oh Yes, the Smiths are nowhere to be seen.

Well clients are having none of it, and in one case they are counter-claiming demanding damages in return for the awful treatment they received, the failure to use best endeavours and for passing off a piece of paper embossed in plastic as bespoke “insurance protection” which the Smith now admit does not exist. So the claimed army of Barrister, Solicitors and QC’s have vanished into the bleak tank of illusion, Praetorian created.

Darby further claims he has extensive experience in implementing new processes, providing structure, guidance to the employee, is experienced in Heading up Operations & Business Development (Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd) and that task commenced in June 2016.

Before that, his prodigious experience (as explained) was not in the legal profession but did consist of a “Sales Trainee” with GUY Salmon Jaguar garage (only lasting 10 months), Fleet Admin with Jaguar Land Rover (lasting only 10 months), cleaning, handing over vehicles at a Visitor Centre and before that Admin at Fleet Hire Limited, all very quaint, but not a person delivering legal advice and services, one might say.

In respect to business competency, Harry Darby with his dad Peter created and launched  MPH Business Support Ltd on the 27th of November 2014, however after a good round of enthusiasm, infantile management and inept directing, his company was “struck off” the Companies House register, on the 1st of November 2016 (the same month he was courted by Praetorian Legal as they saw something in him which others had missed).

So does his management skills ‘shriek of’ “you need to hire me” or was he simply out of work, having run a bad dream and in need of any employment.

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Posted on: 27th February 2018