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Should consumers experience problems with timeshare products or the service performed by Marketing Companies or Legal Firms, they should seek advice and when doing so, they have a need to understand the facts surrounding the case they intend to deliver.

In respect to complaints regarding:-

Praetorian Legal Ltd


Mercantile Claims Management Ltd.

If you are involved with these two dogs of law, you need to know, what others are claiming and the facts which we hope to deliver in this article!

The article is in respect to and centres around the antics of LCM Law Ltd, Praetorian Legal Ltd, Eze Group and Mercantile Claims Management Ltd. All owned and controlled by Mr Gary Wayne Smith and Mrs Karen Hasker-Smith.

The facts

Eze Group has admitted mis-selling its leisure credit product. They (including its Directors) were arrested after their offices were raided, and when documents were ceased. The Company and its Directors were charged with “criminal offences”, have pleaded guilty to those offences and sentencing, is expected shortly.

The case centres around aggressive mis-selling to consumers, in boiler rooms and with coercion.

In compliance with a perceived need and when selling its products, Eze Group employed LCM Law Ltd, headed by the notorious Gary Wayne Smith and ensure the sales being conducted lawfully.  Smith and LCM Law asserted they were qualified to do just that, so Eze Groups employed them.  Ostensibly, Mr Smith became Eze Groups paid “legal compliance officer” and claimed the sales did comply with the law.  The Courts felt differently and the trading standards proved they were not lawful.

Legal proceeding was commenced and the courts have received Guilty pleas from Eze Group and its Directors. Accordingly, a very dark cloud rests over Mr Smith, his competency and his association with a collection of criminal Directors perpetrating fraudulent behaviour.

Mr Smith claims over 8,000 sales were conducted by Eze Group, so we are talking about £ millions in frauds.  EZE Group did target ‘timeshare consumers‘ with these frauds and sweetened the deal by asserting they were associated with and sent work to a “brilliant” law firm called: Praetorian Legal Ltd.

This is in our opinion a  misrepresentation and for the following reasons: –

Praetorian Legal the Company

The provision of legal service could not have been performed by Praetorian Legal, as it was dormant was not in business or conducting business. See their declarations to the authorities ‘DORMANT’ ACCOUNTS.

Praetorian Legal had no staff! No working Directors and were never paid to undertake any task. No declarations of sales were filed.

Praetorian Legal published, it was operating and Mr Smith was a Directors, both of which were lies placed in the public domain.

Praetorian had no legally qualified staff, just 2 unpaid Directors one ex-timeshare salesman and selling leisure credits criminally and Mrs Smith (wife of Gary Smith), a secretary.

It later transpired that Praetorian legal/Eze Group engaged Mr Ian Patrick Benbow (a convicted criminal) to help them. He stole from consumer clients, defrauded them, was found guilty, sent to prison and ‘struck off’ by the Solicitors Regulations Authority SRA.

Upon release from jail, and on a licence, he courted Praetorian Legal for a job.  Praetorian legal was dormant however, he was engaged and his fees were being paid by another.

Praetorian’s Legal work 

Praetorian legal represented ‘they would deliver legal arguments’ on behalf of its clients, however, those arguments were not served on the clients, before they are sent.  So the clients were not asked to assent to the alleged arguments put by Praetorian Legal accordingly, they are not the client’s arguments, but Praetorian Legal’s.

A new day and new un-chivalrousness approach

Mr Smith left Eze Group, became a Director of Praetorian legal, consummated the employment of the crooked and bent Solicitor and created an “indemnity” certificate, which inferred that all Praetorian’s  Consumer clients were fully indemnified and regarding future “legal costs” if the terminations notices they had filed to become effective.

That alleged certificate is not backed by an insurance company, is not supported by an insurance policy and is –

Simply Worthless!

The Smiths then created a competing sister company called, “Mercantile claims” which created another competing website whose identity is withheld from public view. They equally created another website suggesting it will assist Eze Group Claimants to obtain compensation from the mis-selling of Eze Group products which Mr Smith sanction.  That website and relationship between Smith and a website was exposed by TESS and has since been taken down, no doubt Smiths had taken one step beyond even the principles of EZE or the law.

The Smiths then went utterly “off grid” constructed a plethora of other websites, masked their identities again and created Squatting websites called TESS and began to disseminate lies, defamation and malice, thus TESS investigated and reviled that these 2 websites were created by the Smiths, who have again lied in open correspondence and will face civil proceeding.

Do you trust the Smiths, their internet code names Mr G Force and Evil-Can-evil, its Companies Praetorian Legal, its sister company’s Mercantile claims?

What seems to be true, is no matter how many times crooks get caught, more draconian services arrive in the marketplace, with new initiatives to take money from Timeshare consumers to deliver nothing.

Therefore Praetorian Legal past claims and success are an illusion, the legal work they do is shoddy at best and the indemnity is fake.

So the delusions go on, the pomp,  party’s, continue and the celebrating and marauding skulduggery continues whilst a pipeline of complaining victims rolling in.

What Legal Claim Funder has to say (See HERE)

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Posted on: 19th February 2018