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Unaccustomed though I am, at challenging a claimed licenced and registered Lawyer, I do take an exception what it comes to Praetorian Legal and its Incestuous Cybersquatting Sister Company ‘Mercantile Claims’, headed by the claimed Litigious Smiths, Gary Wayne and Karen.

The exact nature and identification of the Companies named above are well known, and I do wish to regurgitate the information, over again other than, Gary Wayne and “Parkhill” Karen run them all. Equally, they have a need to obtained work, have taken to the internet and to ply their ‘trade’. I say trade as they are not very professional, but with the aid of glossies adverts and a good round of “employee of the month trophies,” they do try hard to imply they are.

Elected to inter-react with and advertise on the internet, they don’t rely on their presence, but do pay considerable sums for advertisement which essentially you pay for and when commission them. These adverts claim they are “the great and glorious” yet, delivering the mucky and mundane.

“Trip Advisor” stands as a testimony to the wealth of complaints sounding the Smiths, their activities with EZE Group and in an effort to do like EZE Group did “keep on selling” they employ, reputational management practices, threaten their clients with defamation and in an effort to have “Trip Advisor” take down the truth and opinions of the many dissenters which exist.

Equally not content with eviscerating these paying clients and those who chucked the Praetorian carrot right back at them, they have taken to the internet again and created a number of fake websites inferring that they are the “bullmastiffs of law” when such is a dream. Praetorian Legal is now fast waking up to the fact that they are not the mastodons the thought they were.

In an effort to ‘naw’ out the competition, the Smiths equally have created cybersquatting websites- to date we know of at least 4-, 2 sledging TESS another sledging EZE Group and for mis-selling a product that Smith was employed to stop and another more perverse site, So for those existing consumers Pretorian and the Smiths appear to be insulting everyone and there are many  who simply not happy at all.

Coupled with doing no work, indemnifications of nothingness and a lot of marketing, this makes a for very dirty puddle and the employees might be capitulating in the rouse.

The sledging websites created by Praetorian Legal now litter the internet and in an effort to do down not only TESS but others and leading the charge are inglorious Smiths and a corrupt and struct off Solicitor squatting in the background now identified for all to see.

As of late, and after a good round of countermeasures we find the robust Smiths are squealing o all fronts as the world wakes up their activities. Preferring to hide behind an internet privacy shield which is fast being obliterated. Last Saturday TESS relieved a ranting massive from Mr Smith claims, “we can negotiate”. So being aware of our duties to do just that and to save the potential of dissent TESS agreed, on one single condition. Take down the offending websites, Prat Legal refused, asserting “we do not control them” which TESS knows is untrue, so the war continues, and TESS is free to Continue with delivering into the public domain more revelations.

Posted on: 6th March 2018