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This could (in some circles) be classed as a very serious allegation non-the-less it’s true and having regard to the nature of the sales practises carried by Praetorian Legal. In any event, the allegations made, flow from Praetorians existing (and worried clients), not TESS.

As with all matters, consumers will be aided by a platform of understanding, so it’s wise to look back in time and regarding Praetorian Legals checkered history, its associations with: – multiple scam company’s, a criminally convicted and fraudulent solicitor, and the dissemination of lies into the public domain and to gain a foothold in a professional legal Market

It’s in that background that TESS felt, someone had to make an effort to deliver the many concerns of ourselves and others into the general public domain and regarding Praetorian Legal and its plastic Indemnity Certificate.

Praetorian Legal was formed on the 14th of November 2014 thus, has only existed for just over 3 years. Despite being created for the purpose of professional trade, it immediately went into dormancy which means: it’s alive but inactive, not employing anyone, not selling or doing anything, other than insignificances of less than £50.00.

From inception, it was controlled by Mrs Karen Hasker-Smith and the now Criminalised Mr Dominic O’ Riley, who also employed Mr Smith in his Company, Eze Group Ltd as its legal “Compliance officer” which Mr Smith boasted about and to the world at large.

Resurrected during some time in 2015, Praetorian legal then declared the value of its Company had risen from £2.00 to £792.00 by the 30th of November 2015. During that period it interviewed and employed a ‘recently released struck off solicitor’ [ Ian Patrick Benbow ], who is a “convicted of fraud”, a proven thief, who stole (from his protected consumer client accounts) many £10,000’s to go on an £80,000 Christmas shopping expedition at his client’s expense.

In November 2014 ‘Benbow” became and still is, the back room “boy wonder”’ yet that fact was not public knowledge until he was photographed in the Praetorian Christmas photo-shoot in December 2017. Note: the quirk in the two ear shapes and the other identifying features. This is not a fantasy, its fact.

When visiting the internet you will also read that on at least 2 occasions Mr Smith lied to the press, claiming he was a Director of Praetorian legal, when not


To ensure that Praetorian did as little Legal work as possible (in respect to terminations of timeshare contracts) the directing minds (the Smiths) created a well coined “Plastic Indemnity Certificate”, which claimed to identify its clients in respect to forwarding maintenance and legal fees, in the event the resorts issued proceeding.

Praetorian Legal’s woefully inadequate indemnity is discussed below.

Pretorian claims it is an expert in timeshare relinquishments, The RDO Resorts Development Organisation says otherwise, Timeshare Resorts claim Praetorian is a scam and this is acknowledged by Praetorian Legal and so do many other licenced and/or regulated legal professionals.

Praetorian Legal also claim to have cancelled “thousands” of timeshares for which no evidence exists and as resorts refuse to deal with them.

Praetorian Legal appear to sell the illusion that consumers will be dislocated from any and all liabilities immediately, as its service and the termination notice it delivers, is that strong, no one would dare to legally challenge them.

Noteworthy is that clients don’t receive the alleged “notice of termination”, however having demanding and received one, passed to me. With a hand on my heart, I have never seen such a woefully inadequate interpretation of a legal notice in my life. Even a non-lawyer can assert that no reasonable care and skill was employed, no advice was given and no grounds for the termination of the Timeshare existed in the letter.

Thus, they have not in any way complied with their representations their salesman made.

When considering Clause 4 of the Contract, Praetorian authored, it states that the term “Termination of a timeshare ” is defined as being an “Agreement with the Timeshare Resort” or the delivery of their “an indemnity certificate”.

As timeshare resort will not deal with them, the claimed service is, frustrated, so the only pistol in the client’s armoury is that of the Plastic indemnity Certificate and the cover it should provide.

That said, the indemnity is not covered by any insurance policy, nor is it regulated, but a scheme run by a Company called Palm Services. Palm Services are FCA registered (number 475323) but they only assist in the scheme they don’t in any way “Indemnity” the holder. The fact is, Praetorian Legal is underwriting the claimed Indemnity thus, are providing insurance cover, however, are not regulated to do so.

Moreover, if Praetorian claims are to be believed, they have (in the way described above) terminated over 2,000 timeshares and are holding the cover on all of those clients advancing legal and maintenance costs and for sums over and above £5,000.00 each. Accordingly, they are exposed to at least £10,000,000 (£10 million) in indemnity claims.

Oh Dear, oh Dear, they barely have 3% of that sum thus, have illusory indemnifying funds and the claimed “Indemnity” is

As expected, An “utter” sham

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Posted on: 22nd February 2018