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The Eze Group Mission Statement

At Regency Shores SL we aim to produce happy clients and well looked after customers. We firmly believe that the days of the hard sell method have passed. We use modern, ethical methods built around the key concepts of service and delivery.

Repeat business, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction are the lifeblood of the modern sales organization. Each stage of the selling process must be handled with integrity and professionalism. The client is a partner, not a hurdle to be overcome. Client centred selling must be the basis of the modern marketing business.

Our sales training methods teach empathy and skills that increase the client’s ability to voice their needs. Allowing us to uncover that actual uses for our products and services and enabling them to receive first-rate value and cost-effectiveness from our services. All our sales processes are based on trust and service.

A Regency Shores trained sales force knows how to uncover a need, gain trust and build value by the correct matching of a client to a product. We like to think we educate our clients, not sell to them. Correctly dealt with clients return for more business, more frequently and with an ever shorter sales cycle; that is what we deliver to our clients and customers. Quite simply put the Regency Shores way is a recipe for success.

Information freely is given and with a client centred ethos has led to Regency Shores Sl becoming Spain’s leading English language marketing company”.

Now the reality!



In respect to the hearing that took place in the Birmingham Magistrates Court on the 17th November 2017, TESS can confirm having consulted with the prosecuting authorities that Stephanie and Dominic O’Reilly and EZE Europe limited [Herein referred to as Eze Group] pleaded GUILTY in respect to counts 26 and 27.

Dominic-OReilly-CEO-of-EZE-GroupStephanie-OReillyEze Group Directors

The GUILTY pleas entered by the Defendants assisted the Courts and confirmed the charges levelled against them were accurate, true and they were Guilty of using and employing Aggressive Sales Practices and by way of Coercion [an action used as leverage, to force the victim to act in a way contrary to their own interest] unfairly sold its products and  to timeshare consumers.

The reality is, the 2 Directors and the Company pleaded guilty to contraventions of section 3(8) and 15 of The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 No.1277, which came into force in May that year. The Regulations represented in the UK, the adoption of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 2005/29/EC.


It introduced into the law a comprehensive ban on commercial practices, which were unfair, misleading or aggressive. It’s wide-ranging, a nature entailment and repealed such well-known measures as the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 which has generated some interesting litigation, notably in a recent decision of the European Court of Justice.

Eze Group and its Directors devised “Eze Credits” which are a form of Leisure Credits. Having pleaded guilty, the Court has taken into consideration the gravity of the offence and has transferred the matter [for sentencing] to the Crown Court. The Crown Court, can [ if a need exists] deliver long prison sentences, should they believe that the crimes warrant severe punishment.

If you continually “shut up” complaining consumers for the purposes of enjoying the prospects of getting more sales by aggressive sales practices, I am sure the Court will take those matters into consideration and when delivering the correct sentence. When delivered, it will stand as a testimony to many brave and persistent consumers who have been led a “merry dance“, been “fobbed off” and harassed.

Many consumers will, of course, have ongoing financial liabilities because of the AGGRESSIVE sales practices and many will seek a recovery of the sum they have paid. Should you elect to make a claim you can do so and you will be given an easy ride as the 3 Defendants have admitted their crimes. Don’t be “fobbed off by anyone, it is now your right, to seek redress“.


Should you wish to be added to the hundreds of consumers who have made a complaint, you can do so via TESS who will supply some questionnaires and when delivered back to us, we will lodge those complaints to the Prosecuting authorities on your behalf. When completed and justice is delivered, you will be free to make a claim for compensation which again TESS can help you with.

When delivering a compensation claim, a consumer is required to prove liability, then establish what damages should be awarded. As the Company and the Directors have pleaded guilty, liability is proven therefore it’s just a case of ensuring your damage claims reflects the gravity crime you were exposed to.

This is now not a matter of proving liability, as the sellers and the Directors have admitted to the world [at large] that they have perpetrated the crimes put to them, therefore, on the part of the consumers it is only a matter of proving the level of damages that ought to be awarded.

The UK Criminal Courts will deliver its punishment and in its own way with either a fine, custodial sentence and/or both. As the Company has been spending its profits on sponsorship of Birmingham City Football Club and other celebrities, many expect that there will be little left to pay damages, so you will need an expert team to assist you.

On the 15th December 2017, a pre-trial review will take place in the Crown Court whereby UK Authorities will place before the Court the other 37 charges. At present the 3 criminals have pleaded guilty to 3 charges however pleaded “not guilty” to the remaining 37, so a trial will take place, to ensure the Jury is aware of the gravity of offences.

Sentencing and the trial of the other 37 charges is expected to take place between January and February 2018, so consumers have an express need to register they claim NOW so that they can be included in the schedules.

Hopefully, this will see the back of Eze Group and their cacophony of subsidiary and/or connected Companies, who have prayed on Timeshare Consumers.

Until sentencing has been delivered, Mr Dominic and Stephanie O’ Reilly have been placed upon “CONDITIONAL BAIL” and are ordered to appear before the Courts on the 15th of December. At present, the Birmingham Trading Standard Team are compiling further schedules which should provide the Courts with ample information so as they can take into consideration the monumental sums that they have taken from consumers. This ought to assist them in delivering a reasonable sentence.

The Eze Group Credit scheme was born out of the mind of an ex-timeshare salesman and the sales were equally conducted by other Ex Timeshare salespeople who featured in the selling of the other timeshare related products.

When selling any product on mass and employing a gaggle of salespeople, they have to be trained with respect to how the product is represented to the consumers and what aggressive sale techniques should be employed in those sales presentations. On this occasion, the education of the sales team was prepared and delivered by the Company and the Directors as they designed the product, the way in which it would be sold and the level of aggression needed to complete sales which in turn would secure the required profit. As TESS has reported before and if Mr Gary Smith of Praetorian Legal Ltd sworn testimony is correct, over 7,000 consumers are members of Eze Group and they paid an average of £10,000 each [which equates to £70 million].

When consumers paid a consideration, they naturally expected a benefit in return, and that seems to have evaporates in favour of living the life of a millionaire and spending considerable sums sponsoring Football Clubs and other sporting Celebrities.

As a direct result of the aggressive sales practices, Eze group and their Directors have been the subject of many allegations of Deceptive Practices by many consumers, who have been attempting to provide a Civic Duty to other potential victims. On many occasions, those warnings have been withdrawn from the internet after threats of Defamation were levelled by Eze Group and their connected entities. The purpose of these hostile acts is undisclosed at present, however, the “shut up juice” delivered did grant Eze Group an opportunity to enjoy a continuance of the aggressive sales practices they masterminded. The result would create more unfairness in the world of consumers, they would be unjustly enriched, (The Eze Group Directors).

When carrying out these aggressive sales practices and with the introduction of coercion, Eze Group and its Directors created a position referred to in pleadings as a “Legal and Compliance Department“. This Department and the task Eze Group deem was needy, was headed up by Mr Gary Smith via his Limited Company LCM (Legal Cost Masters) Ltd. He had the authority to act on the Consumers behalf and officiated over the consumer sales. He was involved in affirming the sales were conducted lawfully, according to good practice and E.U Regulations. Mr Smith had good working knowledge of the Eze Group business, knew that their Eze Credits were being sold, knew those sales needed to comply with the law and was fully abreast of the “terms and conditions” of the Eze Group business, thus know or ought to have known Eze Group were contravening the law.

The authorities now having proved aggression and coercion were commonplace and the 3 Defendants have acknowledged their guilt, one has to question the professionalism, ethics and knowledge of Mr Gary Smith who with his wife Mrs Karen Smith operates the Company Praetorian Legal Limited which are also intertwined with Eze Group.


Recently both Mr and Mrs Smith did, on 10th of October 2016 create a further legal company called Mercantile Claims limited who surprisingly, is in competition with what Mr Smith claims is the great Praetorian Legal. At present and despite their website claims of great success, the Company has not traded for very long, do not have any filed accounts and the statutory declarations are overdue.

Logo. Patorian Legal

In the advertised Legal Services, they conduct they state, “we assist consumers and deliver compensation and to Timeshare Consumers, yet they feel a need exists to open up a competing entity.  Neither Mr and Mrs Smith nor Praetorian legal presently face allegations from UK authorities in respect to the Eze Group, however, Praetorian Legal and whilst Directed by Mrs Smith do feature in an “Action Fraud” investigation thus, I dare say it might not be the end of the matter. At Present the authorities are speaking to Hundreds of complaining consumers obtaining more information by the day and will when considered, prosecute others if necessary.

gart smih 3

As charges have been filed and guilt has been admitted, sentencing will take place and the Courts will give just regard for the public statements made by Mr Smith whilst head of the legal department at Eze Group, including the witness statement he delivered to the High Court in London in case number HQ14D01447.

Notes: –

3.—(1) Unfair commercial practices are prohibited.

(2) Paragraphs (3) and (4) set out the circumstances when a commercial practice is unfair.

(3) A commercial practice is unfair if—

(a)it contravenes the requirements of professional diligence, and

(b)it materially distorts or is likely to materially distort the economic behaviour of the average consumer with regard to the product.

Offences committed by bodies of persons

Aggressive commercial practices

Section 7.(1) A commercial practice is aggressive if, in its factual context, taking account of all of its features and circumstances—

(a)it significantly impairs or is likely significantly to impair the average consumer’s freedom of choice or conduct in relation to the product concerned through the use of harassment, coercion or undue influence; and

(b)it thereby causes or is likely to cause him to take a transactional decision he would not have taken otherwise.

(2) In determining whether a commercial practice uses harassment, coercion or undue influence account shall be taken of—

(a)its timing, location, nature or persistence;

(b)the use of threatening or abusive language or behaviour;

(c)the exploitation by the trader of any specific misfortune or circumstance of such gravity as to impair the consumer’s judgment, of which the trader is aware, to influence the consumer’s decision with regard to the product;

(d)any onerous or disproportionate non-contractual barrier imposed by the trader where a consumer wishes to exercise rights under the contract, including rights to terminate a contract or to switch to another product or another trader; and

(e)any threat to take any action which cannot legally be taken.

(3) In this regulation—

(a)“coercion” includes the use of physical force; and

(b)“undue influence” means exploiting a position of power in relation to the consumer so as to apply pressure, even without using or threatening to use physical force, in a way which significantly limits the consumer’s ability to make an informed decision.

Section 11.  A trader is guilty of an offence if he engages in a commercial practice which is aggressive under regulation 7.

Section 15.(1) Where an offence under these Regulations committed by a body corporate is proved—

(a)to have been committed with the consent or connivance of an officer of the body, or

(b)to be attributable to any neglect on his part,

the officer, as well as the body corporate, is guilty of the offence and liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly.

(2) In paragraph (1) a reference to an officer of a body corporate includes a reference to—

(a)a director, manager, secretary or other similar officers; and

(b)a person purporting to act as a director, manager, secretary or other similar officers.

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Posted on: 22nd November 2017