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Mercantile Claims Management Ltd (Exposed)

Mercantile Claims Management Ltd (hereon in referred to as Mercantile) recently placed onto its website a “Sky Rocketing” calculation of monitory Victories it inferred Mercantile had won. In excess of £500,000 in compensation claims and on behalf of their many clients was the claim.

That advertisement is yet another falsehood.

In essence, the Mercantile Company was only created, a few months ago, is valued at £100.00 and has not filed any accounts. Equally, its perverse website only came into existence in the October 2016.

To date, Mercantile does not appear to have any employees but does have 2 Directors Mr Smith and Mrs Smith and 3 shareholders (The Smiths and Mr Harry Darby). Noteworthy, the ‘Triade’ of owners all appear on Praetorian Legal Ltd website and are employees of them as well.

So one might ask ‘who delivered the claims”, in answering that question, one can note that Mr Smith states on that website “Gary is an accomplished legal professional with over 17 years litigation experience as a Personal Injury fee earner”. The accomplishments are not available anywhere and the claimed 17 years as an experienced litigator is misrepresented, he was an unregistered law cost draftsmen, self-employed and created a company called LCM Law which is also paddling in choppy financial waters. He also assisted a now convicted fraudster and as a fake compliance officer. So the notarised claims are somewhat false, illusory and delusional.

Another accomplishment of Mr Smith is that he was a Director of a Company which recently went “bust” owing the creditors at least £300,000 which will be far more after the liquidation. Internet ‘Graffiti” Gary seems to fail, yet falls off his Teflon pan and walks away with strange income streams. The rules of the internet do appear to allow self-embroidered credibility to shine over what is a legal “dung heap” initiating lies, misrepresentations and falsehoods.

His wife Karen [Kaz] is simply a secretary and I don’t mean to do down that profession, however, Kaz does not claim any qualifications and having regard for the perverse deliver and established outlandish claims the site makes, not doing so, might mean she has none, yet was catapulted to the position of Managing Director. The position of elevations to managing director was on account of the husband, who does cast a shadow over her, disabling her [as yet] untested Directorship skills, proclaiming she loves answering the telephone and does typing.

Might she “take in Ironing” as well?

Them of course “the mule” or in literal terms “the man you throw under the bus” when the “soufflé sinks”.

Carefully picking our way through the Mercantile and Praetorian Legal, quite clearly there is not a lot of contentious legal experience in the trinity of scoundrels who boast the un-boastable claims, sight the un-sightable accolades but do deliver the unconscionable consequences.

Backing the hollow trinity of Director are 2 Shadow Directors

 Louise Parks

The human resources director who worked in Recruitment, at a shop counter or as Mercantile likes to say  “Front of house retail”.

Its claimed that she has brought a depth of knowledge to the business along with new processes and procedures and does not have a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualification but is working towards it. So she is unqualified, but a Director anyway, and an army of employees that number 9 people, five of which are her equals or superiors. So she is paid to resource and whip into shape 4 humans.

Then you have Samuel Isley

This alleges Claims Director must work under Patrick Benbow, an ex-Solicitor published conman, fraudster and prolific thief who was imprisoned for taking money from clients bank accounts (Did this Claims Director know?).

In saying this, one should not jump to conclusions regarding Mr Isley, his past is that he worked for others and claims to have experience in Motor, Commercial Property, Aviation, Accident & Health, Facultative & Treaty Re-Insurance and “Professional Indemnity” and the coveted “Lloyds of London”.  As Praetorian legal has its own 1st class shoddy “Indemnity certificate” not underwritten by Lloyds Of London, does he know? or does he know the FCA requirements?

Anyway intentionally, covertly, innocently, ignorantly or mischievously, our question is; do: –

 “The famous’s 5, go scamming”

In the contentious environment of Timeshare related claims, many scuffles do break out, much conjecture is disseminated onto public forums which can deliver confusion. However in the main, conman, rouges, princes or the honourable generally speak to people and stand by what they say, sell and place in the public domain.

Not “Praetorian Legal” nor Mercantile Claims, they are on a mission to create mind-blowing numbers or fake and sledging websites which do litter the internet, not because they are trying to disseminate information but are covertly trying to take out the lawful competition. This is creating a lot of angry voices, which in turn is angering many who claim they will (not might) take action against the Praty and Mercantile Smiths for behaviour beyond the pale.

To all Directors, you “well got caught

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Posted on: 28th February 2018