Into battle rode a lonely, alone Director of Praetorian legal armed with a wonky legal manual and with guns to the right, left and in front of him, he placed his trust in the cardinal knowledge of his inept lawyer and co-Director Mr Gary Smith and complained to the Police about TESS:-


Riding on the Smiths advice, he delivered his legal allegation like a  mule (a mule in this context is deemed to be as delivering the goods of others) and claimed he felt alarmed and distress thus, was being harassed by TESS. Mr Harry Darby rode the legal mule and by way of a call to the Police seeking their help.

HELP Meeee I’m Alarmed and Distressed it’s NOT FAIR!!!! TESS is telling the truth about me and the Companies I own.

In fairness, I can’t really hold him accountable for his actions, as he is legally advised by the Mr Gary Wyane and Mrs Smith [Harry Darby’s co-Directors] and freakishly self-affirming ‘great’ legal minds.

Further, as the Smith’s mule, Darby is in fairness just venting the spleen of the Smiths, who are perched in the background preferring to send in the naive to tell “fairy tales” of themselves.

As predicted, Darby is delivering the messages of the Smiths and Ian Patrick Benbow and on this occasion, being armed with a smile and legal “twinkle” dust.

This all said, his allegations fell on deaf ears, were mischievous nonsense. TESS did interreact with and told the police the truth, which was of interest to them. The truth is, TESS is in the process of exposing Praetorian Legal and have canvassed others who appear to be doing likewise.

The facts are, we have and will continue to expose the bad companies and in retaliation, if what we say is untruthful, the cause of action would be defamation. That said, Praetorian Legal, Mercantile Claims, the Smiths nor Harry Darby will pursue TESS, as we are being truthful and/or reasonable hold the belief that truth is being disseminated.

So, they will try anything to interrupt TESS’s exposure.

Other threats Praetorian have made include: –

We will report you to Google.

We will report you to your internet service provider.

We will report you to the Institute of Paralegal.

We will report you to the Federation of Small Business.

All very strange and wacky threats delivered by legal nincompoops.

Message to Harry Darby

We understand you might be hurt, but as a Director of these Companies, you are exposing yourself to allegations of wrongful behaviour which may be of interest to the authorities, thus we have a civic duty to expose those misdemeanours. You claim to be a Director and can stop this, it’s in your powers as a Director to do so. If you don’t, you may be placing yourself in harm’s way and as a young man are you are a risk of losing your liberty, all questions you need to ask yourself not us.


Posted on: 7th March 2018