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Have you received a Plastic Indemnity Certificate which states “your legal costs are covered” should the resort pursue you?

If so, have you received the underlying “policy” document and confirmation that the indemnity is underwritten by an “Insurance Company”? If not, you are being SCAMMED and deluded as the inferred “indemnity” does not exist, accordingly, the cover is illusory and you may be in trouble.

The fact is, that some claim to be Lawyers, obtain the contents of your ‘wallet’ and whilst representing they will deliver great legal arguments to your timeshare resort.

Have you, seen those arguments?

Have you (in fact) seen the letter they have written and have you approved it?

The simple fact is many have paid for legal advice and services which in many cases are not delivered as they are fake Lawyers. In some cases, it’s a man and wife operation and both of them are complicit in a scam. Both are liable, and both will end up in ‘prison’, the directing or significant controlling mind of the firm will be given the greater punishment and in some cases, the “inept wife“.

Some fake lawyers issue ‘plastic indemnity certificates’ then simply construct a letter consisting of a couple of paragraphs state “they represent you” and ‘you demand a termination‘, without reference to your statutory rights.

Then they suggest that if the resort doesn’t respond to the ‘inept letter’, their service as over and the fake “Indemnity Certificate”, will cover you for any advancing legal costs. The problem is no such cover exists and you are exposed.

The simple fact is, you are required to approve the document they send to the Resort (on your behalf) and if you haven’t seen it or approved it, you are again, at risk.

So, make sure you see it and approve it. At least you will see the arguments they state have been advanced. You paid for the service, the legal advice and the construction of the termination notice thus, your question is have you received the corresponding benefit that you have paid for. If not, demand your money back or ask TESS for assistance. ‘Plastic certificates‘ alone deliver nothing, as the promise only exists in the antediluvian mind of a fraudster.

The issuing of fake ‘plastic certificates’ is utter nonsense. No reputable Lawyers issues them unless they are backed up by policy and the underwritten certificate.

Does your lawyer pay for Google Ad’s, large advertising campaigns and/or spend significant time promoting themselves? If so, YOU ARE PAYING THOSE COSTS and for the fake service, the fake lawyer offers.

Have you been “cold called” (Lawyers do not Cold call) If so, they are not Lawyers, but Marketing Companies?

Some Marketing Companies do vet your case and then refer it to those who can offer real and worthwhile legal services, however, you are paying well over the odds.

In the alternative, some simply take your money and do nothing or very little.

Are they licensed? The lack of a licensed is just another tell-tale sign of a fake lawyer.

Do they portray they have an authorly to act, stating they are approved by the Ministry of Justice” MoJ? The simple fact is, they don’t have to be approved by the MoJ, as these credentials are only relevant to the notorious “claims management” companies. In matters of timeshare disputes, you are not challenging “financial contracts” but timeshare contacts and as the liability which passes to a lender that lender is joint and severally because of a Debtor-Creditor Supplier relationship. So, they aver authority when no such credibility exists. They are simply trying to “mine” some credibility.

Some consumers assume that most law firms and legal service providers need a “credit card” machine as those transactions are protected. If a consumer believes that they need “protection” they should not engage with the Lawyers, as “doubt” exists and consumers should never instruct those they doubt.

If the likes of EZE Group can get a credit card machine does that accolade, make them great when factually they have collectively robbed thousands, off thousands of people.

The simple fact is, we all know what to expect when we visit a real Lawyer and the signs they are fake are embroidered in the presentations/representations and non-sensical credulity they profess are accolades.

Wise up and act in reality, “don’t sign up on the day” and most of all-“think”-and simply refrain from visiting websites who avoid detection, delivering lies whilst operating behind protective shields.


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Posted on: 1st February 2018