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This article and the contents contained herein, is published and is the reasonably held opinions of TESS and is delivered in the public interest and having regard for the spate of arrests which have are and are likely to take place in the world of legal advice given to timeshare consumers in exchange for money.

Having spent considerable years debating timeshare and the issues surrounding the product and the legal services delivered, it’s easy to assert that a lot of misinformation exists on the internet, in the consumer’s associations and some companies who allege they do assist consumers. Many deliver disinformation, falsities and costly non-services into the public domain for a purpose. The exact purpose is generally illusory to all but is known to the minds of those directing operations.

In the case of Pretorian legal Ltd, they are an Ltd Company, domiciled in Birmingham and from the company’s incorporation Mrs Karen Smith has been one of the key Directing minds with firstly Mr Dominic OReielly and then (her husband) Gary Wayne.

Pictured here

When incorporated, she also enjoyed a co-directing relationship with her others Directors each, in turn, owning 50% of Praetorian Legal Ltd stock. The Praetorian Legal set itself up as a Law Firm for the purposes of dispense legal advice to “Eze Groups” timeshare consumers who believed they had a need to offload their timeshares when they bought the highly erroneous products Eze Group sold, called Eze Credits and Eze Concierge services.

The purpose of the advice and service which Pretorian legal provided was to terminate convoluted timeshare contracts, however, if the Governments Companies House departments are to be believed Pretorian did not trade and/or no significant transactions took place. see here

Pictured here Dominic O’ Reilly Mrs Smith First co-Director


To the “General public” Praetorian Legal also were campaigning in the press and booming advertising voice was delivered Mr Gary Wayne Smith (the husband of Karen Smith). He asserted that he too was a Director however, that was mischievous and a lie. In saying this Mr Smith was the legal compliance officer at Eze group and assisted Eze Group (with support and advice) and to aggressively selling their discreditable products. When assisting his wife, he was claimed by others to be operating under another name Mr G Force.

Pictured here

Mr Smith then engaged the services of a struck off solicitors Mr Ian Patrick Benbow and the disreputable man who was recently tried convicted and jailed for multiple courts Fraud and thief perpetrated against innocent consumers. He was struck off the role and informed he could never practice as a solicitor again.

Pictured here

Praetorian legal who were wholeheartedly in bed with Eze Group and Mr Smith acting as a shadow Director behind the scenes and portentously under another name.

In 2016 “Eze Group” and its Directors were arrested documents ceased and a major investigation was commenced.

With a continuation of aggression with advertisement they to begin to rubbish what they perceived to be computation “TESS” headed by David Cox, accordingly set up a website and began to defame TESS and its Director and whilst hiding behind a protective identity shield.  These websites are here and here is an author by the Directors of Pretorian Legal Ltd and Mercantile Claims Ltd.

TESS having assisted many in bring to book  “Eze Group” published the facts and did exposed the connection between the Smiths, Praetorian Legal and “Eze Group”, after that publication, they again create a second website and this one was more obnoxious and discreditable when considering the content. That said this was their greatest mistake as it became caller that the websites were constructed the same and contained detectible similia fact evidence pointing to the Smiths.

So to recap, so far Praetorian legal have lied to the press, covertly appointed shadow directors and operated a company when declaring it was dormant, it is linked to 2 criminal operations Eze and employes a ex-solicitors who have recently been received from perpetrating crimes against consumers. they have created 3 websites, one pursue claims on products its Directors assisted selling and 2 to attempt to discredit its claimed competitors, us. To make the point we don’t compete with crooked companies.

They have created many websites dissemination corrupted information place that information onto the internet in an attempt to create a malic and in doing so believe they are honourable.

What is more obnoxious is Praetorian Legal assert that they will deliver high fluted “legal arguments” to Timeshare Resorts which are so powerful that those Report will terminate a consumer contract, and once delivered, if the Resorts don’t Terminate the contract, Pretorian will send its clients a Plastic indemnity Certificate, which suggests all your future legal costs are covered should you be sued. UTTER Nonsense.

Having seen these certificates one would naturally expect to also see an insurance/indemnity policy which supports the certificate, however, that key component does not exist or at least we have never seen one.

Have You?

Further, if you check out the claimed indemnity and search for the company who claims to indemnify you, it’s worthless.

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Posted on: 9th February 2018