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It is common knowledge [in the world of Timeshare] that Eze Europe Ltd sells a product known as Leisure Credits‘-, which by their very nature implies the product is a currency, which when exchanged obtains a Leisure Product, which in turn should render benefits to those you buy them. Eze Europe claims its product is a Lifestyle or Concierge product and capable of delivering a wide range of discounted Holiday’s and other products/services to consumers in the UK.

From reports many have received, one of the target markets which Eze Group exploits is “disgruntled Timeshare Consumers“. Many of those consumers have been and still are reporting that they were the subject of “unsolicitous” approaches [Cold Calls] made by or on behalf of Eze Europe. Those unsolicited approaches were made to convince Timeshare Consumer to attend [what some have described as] an arduous sales presentations of Leisure Credits which many have alleged were Misrepresented when sold.

To fully appreciate the problem and the present allegations that Eze Group alleged to have perpetrated, one first-go-back in time, so as to understand why the Authorities took seriously the consumer’s allegations. When doing so, one should appreciate that the alleged crimes, in this case, resulted from an abundance of consumer allegations and it is those allegations which are being laid before the Court today. That said, a verdict as to innocence or guilt has not be proven, yet.

Before authorities arrived at a decision to prosecute, they sought counsel from the complaining consumers and after many consumers delivered their stories to the authorities they concluded a need existed to investigate the alleged problem. Thus, they elevate their investigation to a criminal investigation, collected Similar Fact and Corroborative evidence and when that investigation concluded in this matter those Authorities elected to deliver charges to some of Eze Groups management Team. That all defined to history, EZE Group’s- top brass- are now facing prosecution for alleged crimes.

The main websites which promote the Eze Group products can be found by visiting their website http://ezegroup.com/. In that website, they described themselves as being owned by Eze Group Europe Ltd and confirm their head office is located at 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham. B1-1BD

When trying to search that name at Companies House, you will not locate the Company, however, will find reference to : –

EZE ASSISTANCE LTD – Directed by Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly (10968548), 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham, England, B1 1BD. Created on the 18th on September 2017.

EZE CONCIERGE LTD – Directed by “Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly” (10753529), Building 300, Trinity Park, Bickenhill Lane, Solihull, England, B37 7ES. Created on the 18th in September 2017.

EZE GROUP CONCIERGE LTD – Directed by “Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly” (10753278) Building 300, Trinity Park, Bickenhill Lane, Solihull, England, B37 7ES SLO. Created on the 4th of May 2017.

MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD – Directed by “Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly” (10586801) 17 High Street, Henley-In-Arden, England, B95 5AA. Created on the 27th of January 2017.

EZE Group claims they were formed in Orlando, Florida in October 1999, and are travel and leisure industry experts. They state they recognised an opportunity to develop a credit-based system that would in turn offer holidaying customers benefits within the world of leisure and lifestyle. The claimed values which the business was founded on are as true today as they were then, says Dominic O’Reilly the Eze Group Chairman.


Eze Group also states “Within a year, the proven success of their system saw it rapidly spread to Europe and across North America as the growth was driven by travellers who were becoming more discerning and adventurous in terms of the places they visited and the quality of their venues“. It was also inferred that those consumers wanted to take more holidays and – of course – keep costs down.

Logo. Patorian Legal

Eze Group Claims “it has a team of partners [Pretorian Legal Ltd being one], purchasers and other third-party service providers, who with Eze Group allegedly began to create offers and experiences that they claim were once only available to large global corporations. With a growing client base, Eze Group explained: “they could now negotiate everyday consumer privileges and benefits that have never before been possible before“.

These claims as not unique to Eze Groups as many Companies Directors would love to find the elusive business formula which results in stores of vast profits. Some do find the magic touch or the magic formula, whilst others think they have. Clearly, there is a big difference between knowing and thinking, therefore, to assert to consumers you have the “real deal” when you only think it can cause a quarry of problems if that claimed, “magic touch” evaporates.

The Magazine Eze Group produces can be seen Here. It does not give away any assistance as to the Company which publishes it, however, asserts that the author is none other than the infamous and soon to be charged Mr Dominic Reilly, [father of Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly]. He states he is the CEO which means in English “The Chairman” or “Chief Executive Officer” of Eze Group. The term Chief Executive Officer suggests the Company is very large with sub-companies who assist in the delivery of the claims Eze Group makes in its advertising literature.

In the first published article [above] Eze Groupe confirm they sell “Eze Credits” which are a form of “Leisure Credits” and their Credits are redeemable against Holiday and Travel related services and are sold in 3 distinct “mantra memberships”, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond.

Eze Group asserts their “Credits” have no “use by date” and “they can be redeemed all in one go or over an indeterminate time“. The article affirms that the Managing Director of the unidentified “Eze Group” at the time was Mr Daniel Davias

The tell-tale indication of who is at the back of Eze Group occurs in this article whereby Eze Group suggest that it was celebrating a victory regarding a Defamation case and identify Mind Timeshare [which I will discuss later] as being the offender. From disclosers provide to me by Mr Smith, the pursuing party was Eze Europe Ltd.

gary smith

Thus, one can readerly assert that Eze Group identity is Eze Europe Ltd [now referred to as Eze Group] and is owned and/or controlled by Mr Dominic O Reilly and his Daughter Ms Stephanie Laine O Rielly.


The Eze Group [if Mr Smith is believed] is based in the United States of America and was incorporated there in July 2001. Eze Group asserts they have a global Brand called Eze Group which cover territories around the USA and the Europian Union and includes a number of Subsidiaries and associated companies namely Regency Shores SL (Spanish), Travel Synergie and the Synergie Corporation Ltd.

Praetorian Legal Ltd is the UK based arm of the Eze Group. This presumption is also confirmed by Mr Emmins who controls a website on behalf of the Resort Development Organisation [RDO] called “Timeshare Bussiness Check” its states the associated companies of EZE Group http://www.ezegroup.com/

EZE Assistance http://ezeassistance.com/
Dreamland Breaks http://dreamlandbreaks.com/.
Everywhere Travel http://everywheretravel.co.uk/.
LCM Law Timeshare Business Check Profile LCM Law Ltd – shown as a ‘dormant’ or non-trading company in Companies House records.
Praetorian Legal http://www.praetorianlegal.com/  (Trading name of Legal Cost masters Ltd).
Regency Shores http://regencyshoressl.com/ http://regencyshores.info/
Synergy CorporationTimeshare Advice Bureau http://timeshareadvicebureau.com/
Timeshare Trading House http://timesharetradinghouse.com/

From the start of trading, Eze Group provided timeshare and other specialises Leisure Credit schemes all over the world (they say). The Leisure Credit schemes fall outside the Europian Regulations which govern timeshare and they assert their practices are not regulated by those Regulations

It is therefore imperative, that if a consumer makes a claim for compensation they address the claims against the most identifiable party and reserve unknown parties in the alternative. It is also necessary to prove the linkage between the Companies so that their claims get off the ground. With the Document provided to TESS, we can by way of Express representations prove those links.

Therefore, as reasoned above, the three identifiable controlling minds of the selling of Eze Leisure and concierge Credit are Mr Dominic O’ Reilly, Mr Daniel Davias and now Ms Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly.

On Friday the 3rd of November TESS received confirmation from the National Trading Standards Central England Regional Investigations Team [TS] in Birmingham that they have investigated the consumer allegations fully, taken evidence and have decided that EZE Groups will appear before the Courts today charged with criminal offences.

If the facts stated to TESS are correct, on or before about the 28th of September the TS team demanded Dominic O’ Reilly and Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly appear before the Birmingham Magistrates Court and to face allegations of contraventions of the 2008 Consumer Protection Regulations.

In total, [if reports are corrcet] both Defendants face over 35 criminal charges each flowing from alleged contraventions of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and potentially the Fraud Act 2006. Attending as they did on the 28th of September, the case was adjourned until the 17th of November 2017 [today], as it is expected that the case each Defendant faces will be sent to Birmingham Crown Court to be heard sometime in the new year.

In the intervening event, many consumers have been voicing their opinions on the trip advisor” website and other forums and as a result, Eze Group has been actively taking down the aggressive claims inferring that the comments are defamatory, therefore the full picture is somewhat masked from view.

That said, many threads and comments all appear to be sending the same message that Timeshare Consumers have been duped. The thread has grown and significant numbers of people [who have acquired Eze Group Leisure Credits] are of the view some have been “tricked” by aggressive sales practices, treated unfairly, scammed and allege the Eze Group products are dichotomous, in that the Credits are [in part] “like” or can be “likened” to that of the timeshare “Points systems” which return little or no material benefit for the substantial considerations paid.

The surge in Complaints about Leisure Credit Schemes

A European wide consumer Group have, since 2014, been very concerned with the explosion of Leisure Credits, have been urging consumer awareness of the growth of complaints, and suggest the products might fall outside the recently revised Timeshare and Holiday Products Legislation 2010.


Andy Allen (UK ECC) Director, said: “This new product of a leisure credit scheme falls outside the revised legislation. The product tends to proliferate in popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Malta. We want to draw consumers’ attention to the fact that this product is not covered by the EU Timeshare Directive (2008/122/EC) and that consumers need to be aware that they do not have the protection given by this legislation if they enter into contracts for this type of product. Consumers should understand that they will have no cancellation rights, no cooling-off period, deposits or consumer information rights under this legislation.

Mr Allen further asserts “leisure credit schemes rose by 140% in the year to the end of March 2013 compared to the previous year (year to the end of March 2012). There were 60 complaints in the year to the end of March 2013, compared to 25 complaints in the year to the end of March 2012”.

Mr Allen does not in any way assert [when reporting these complains] that the seller is/was, in fact, Eze Group, however, Eze group appear to have been the main seller of Leisure Credit in or about 2013,

So, the questions a consumer should be asking themselves in this case are: –

              Do  I believe I have been mis-sold Eze Group Leisure Credit or other Eze Group products?

              If so do I want to make a claim for compensation?

              If so, would I like to join in a Similar Fact Evidence “Group of other disgruntled consumers”

              [who will share with me the evidence they have on the understanding I share my evidence with them]

So what must you do?

Firstly, a Consumer must contemplate and consider what they want to do. You will not be “cold called” as cold calling is un-ethical and destroys the needy-alone time-whereby a consumer should reach your own decision to act or not.

When doing so, you have a need to balance up your “present situation” and that of your “future situation” which might flow from taking actions against another, win or lose.

The considerations are, you will lose some of your quiet enjoyment of life whilst pursuing the Defendant, however, you will gain financial rewards should your claim be successful. Therefore is worth it to you?

Once considered and if you want to pursue a claim. you must then determine “How you intend to fund your advancing case”?

The options are either you fund the case yourself, receiving all the damages [should they be awarded] but leave yourself exposed to adverse costs should you lose or have the matter funded by another, who will required a proportion of your damages for the financial assistance given and should you win, but may be liable to pay all your adverse costs should you lose.

You should consider is giving away some reward for the peace of mind of not bringing exposed to paying costs and potentially incurring adverse costs a better option for you [Risk-v- Reward].

Should you want to pursue a claim, pay your own costs, TESS will provide fixed cost quotes and ask for the payments to be delivered in stages to suit your own budget.

Should you want the matter to be funded, then you will be required to make an application for funding which will be arranged by Mrs Jacqueline Glynn who can be contacted on telephone number  01253 208482 or by email jacqueline@tesslimited.co.uk. She will explain what information she requires. You will be required to provide copies of your documents and when received she will evaluate them and submit a funding proposal on your behalf. If you use this service you will only be charged an arrangement fee if your application is successful. If it is unsuccessful, you will not be charged. Thereafter and with funding, all your costs and fees will be met by the funder(s) you have on board.

Who will assist you in this case


Tess Paralegal Service Ltd’s is tasked to gather all the clients into Similar Fact Evidence groups, collect all the evidence, take individual witness Statements, provide detailed reports and conduct legal research.

This team will be Led by Mr David Cox (Senior Legal Officer of Tess) supported by a team of Licenced Paralegals and Management Service Providers.

All TESS’s team are Registered with the National Association of Licenced Paralegals [NALP] and are certified by the Professional Paralegal Register [PPR]. TESS has access to litigation funder’s, litigation managers, professional bodies and regularly arrange consumer legal conferences in the UK.

Litigation Funding

All litigation funding proposals, funding arrangements and the payment of all costs adverse or otherwise will be officiated over by Mrs J Glynn supported by Sofia Mazolla [Finance Support Officer].

Once a member of the group or an enquiring member, TESS will arrange meetings throughout the UK, invite the clients to those meeting and deliver unfettered advice to all with the aid of other legal professionals, to ensure that all attending consumers are abreast of all the tasks required to deliver a successful conclusion to a group litigation claim.

What consumers have a need for?

To many Timeshare and Long-Term Holiday Consumers have been faced with ex-Timeshare salesman selling dreams for lots of money. On some occasions, those Timeshare salesmen [when leaving the Timeshare Industry] enter the Legal Profession set up “cold calling” centres claiming to be Lawyers, yet do not have the wherewithal or legal facets to deliver Legal cases.

Setting up fake legal practices is simply unlawful and very dubious thus, consumers should and are encouraged to ask your legal representative to provide their licenced or regulated certificates. If they can’t, you should ask yourselves “should I be dealing with them“.

From the mis-selling of the timeshare products many salesmen now profess to be “Lawyers”, deliver bad Legal Advice which causes no end of problems for the clients who paid them. In delivering this shoddy advice they demand “money up front” deliver wild, ridicules and unfulfilled promises which most of the time leads to more heartache. With this expert, Licenced, Qualified and Regulated team of Professional Lawyers and Solicitors, your case will be managed, will be delivered correctly, in accordance with legal rules, which has shown in the past to be very successful.

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Posted on: 17th November 2017