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Praetorian Legal-Timeshares-Employs a convicted Thief and Fraudster

February 6th, 2018

It must be said, that at present TESS stands under a cloud, as its website is the subject of “cybersquatting” by the 2 fake websites, that have come into existence to defame and cause financial harm. The 2 of websites have not been created by a client of TESS nor a disgruntled consumer, however, have […]

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Plastic “Indemnity Certificate” delivered by Fake Timeshare Lawyers

February 1st, 2018

Have you received a Plastic Indemnity Certificate which states “your legal costs are covered” should the resort pursue you? If so, have you received the underlying “policy” document and confirmation that the indemnity is underwritten by an “Insurance Company”? If not, you are being SCAMMED and deluded as the inferred “indemnity” does not exist, accordingly, […]

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Eze Group -Up date

January 31st, 2018

As scheduled, on the Thursday 11th January 2018, Mr Dominic O’Reilly, Ms Stephanie O’Reilly & EZE Europe Ltd attended Birmingham Crown Court (the case having been referred to it, by the Birmingham magistrates) for the purpose of entering pleas. The O’Reilly’s appeared in the dock at court no. 11 and faced Judge Mark Wall QC. Assisting […]

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Eze Group, Praetorian Legal and Mr and Mrs Smith

November 17th, 2017

The subject TESS discusses in this Article is that of the relationship between: – Eze, Europe Limited hereinafter called (Eze Europe), LCM Law Ltd (LCM) and Mr Gary Smith [1] Eze Europe, Praetorian Legal Ltd (Praetorian) and Mr Gary Smith [2] Eze, Europe LCM Law Ltd (LCM) and Mr Gary Smith [3] Eze Europe is […]

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