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As scheduled, on the Thursday 11th January 2018, Mr Dominic O’Reilly, Ms Stephanie O’Reilly & EZE Europe Ltd attended Birmingham Crown Court (the case having been referred to it, by the Birmingham magistrates) for the purpose of entering pleas.

The O’Reilly’s appeared in the dock at court no. 11 and faced Judge Mark Wall QC. Assisting the prosecution was Mr Ben Mills and the millionaire Defendants were represented by Mr Neil Baki. (a specialist trial advocate, who has extensive experience in civil and criminal fraud.

As reported by the EZE Group “Compliance OfficerMr Gary Smith via his website MISSOLD CONSUMER CLAIMS”, the 3-confidence shyster’s pled guilty and the past “brass” the O’ Reilly’s did enjoy evaporated, both now looking woeful, in a well, of self-concern.

The self-reinforced delusion that EZE did sell a good product, has now vanished and worry they now harbour results from a successful investigation carried out by the “Trading Standards” (Scam Buster team) in Birmingham.

In the past, Praetorian Legal have admitted they had an association with EZE Group and are now exposing the material flaws in the mis-selling practices which have resulted in multiple guilty pleas being entered.

What EZE and the O’ Reilly’s pled guilty to was: –

“Breach of professional diligence, engaging in unfair trading practices. Knowingly and recklessly engaging in commercial practices contravening Regulation 3(a) of CPUTR 2008 and Mr O’Reilly knowingly allowed these practices to take place despite being an officer of Eze”. 

 “Engaging in aggressive commercial practices. Consumers were at a significant disadvantage after being taken to a remote location and coercion and high-pressure sales tactics were adopted to pressure them into making a decision which was against their will. Consumers were advised of a disadvantage when it came to their timeshare and they were threatened that they would have to pay for the short break if they did not sign up. Consumers decisions were significantly impaired when it came to making a decision, they purchased a product which they would not have otherwise purchased”.

Mr Smith has in-depth knowledge of EZE Group and did (before this case commenced) confirm, to the High Court he was EZE Groups “Compliance Officer”. That being so, quite reasonably Mr Smith would be upset, knowing he too could be implicated in the rouse.

Mr Smith’s job was to ensure EZE Group sales staff sold in compliance with the law, yet quite clearly they did not, accordingly, Mr Smith was systematically duped into thinking the sales did comply.

History tells us Eze Group (Dominic O’Reilly). The 2 characters controlling these Companies were past Friends, both working in the timeshare industry and both being sales managers of timeshare salerooms. Having left the timeshare industry, both set up their own companies and set up sales rooms to sell an equally obtuse product, which many have complained about.

One operated from “Silverpoint”  and O’ Reilly at the infamous Lanzarote Beach Club and both resorts now face many misselling legal actions.  Leisure credits sellers have used the services of Praetorian Legal headed in the past by Mrs Karen-Hesker  Smith (the wife of Mr Gary Smith) and if one website is to be believed  Mr and Mrs Smith knew.

Clearly, Karen Smith might be regretting assisting  Eze Group and that might be the reason why she has brought her husband Gary into the Company. When doing so, Mr Smith has created other enterprises and websites and (if he is to believed) all are very successful and his companies are blossoming.

On MISSOLD CONSUMER CLAIMS” the Smiths now (via Pretorian Legal and Mercantile Claims) advises clients to pursue damages claims on some of the very products they supervised.


What Mr and Mrs Smith attest to on their website


Mr Dominic O’Reilly (whilst in the dock) answered the only question put to him and stated he was guilty and the heavily pregnant Stephanie O’Reilly could be seen “retreating in tears” to the toilets, visibly shaken and overwhelmed by the proceedings.

“The Judge Mr Wall QC was clearly frustrated by the Eze Group Directors and their legal representatives, due to a very late application for Legal Aid on behalf of the now, ‘skint‘ Ms O’Reilly”.

He further reports “The Judge made various comments as to the seriousness of the charges both Mr O’Reilly and Ms O’Reilly face, that their appearance was a waste of court time and the fact that the application for Legal Aid could have been made prior to the hearing”.  Judge Wall QC was also reported ordering thatthe matters against Dominic O’Reilly, Stephanie O’Reilly and Eze Group should now be amalgamated going forward”.

It is somewhat absurd that a company and its directors, who have taken millions of pounds off consumers and who are still allegedly trading and taking in money from customers, are now seeking to obtain Legal Aid assistance from UK taxpayers,” says Mr Smith.

Smith alleges “Eze Group” still trade from its offshore bases in Tenerife and Barcelona and show no sign of remorse in consideration of their guilty pleas to aggressive selling and coercion.  To the contrary (he states), the pair have recently sent out emails to their customer base distancing themselves from the UK operation that is being pursued in the criminal courts.

However, the people sending the emails are one and the same but are now purporting to trade as Eze Group Europe Limited.

Eze Group Europe Limited does not exist claims Mr Smith but appears in their latest email circulars sent to their customer base. Mr Smith states “they continue to deceive and defraud consumers without any remorse for what they are doing”.

Mr Smith confirms “The disgraced directors were ordered to confirm pleas by the 20 January 2018 and to further attend Birmingham Crown Court on the 22 January 2018.  Mr O’Reilly’s Counsel argued that there was no need for Mr O’Reilly to attend the hearing on the 22 January 2018, but Judge Mark Wall QC rejected the request and insisted that Mr O’Reilly was required to attend the hearing.

Tess says: -“Stephanie O’Reilly was born into the world of selling rubbish, enjoyed a sheikh lifestyle, basked in the spenders given to her danced with confidence enjoying “Champaign days” which are now replaced with the thought of having her child born in prison.

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Posted on: 31st January 2018