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Legal Protections in Spain

The Spanish consumer protection regulations apply to timeshare products lasting more than one year, as well as other long-term holiday contracts. In the UK these are referred to as “The Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations 2012” and mirrors the provisions of new Directive 2008/122/ECs,  whereby the consumer gains access to accommodation benefits or discounts.

These new “rights” are really pleasing in that many independent recommendations have been adopted, including cooling-off periods during which the buyer can withdraw from the contract without any penalty.

“It would have been even better if the cooling-off period had been extended from 14 days to a month. If you get targeted on the first day of a 14-day holiday, you’d have to cancel before you got home” claims “Which”.

The main concern and substantial priority is achieved in that these laws are actually going to be enforced.

Spanish Long-Term Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts-in-English


Last modified: 28th August 2020