Long gone are the days when the door to door salesman came to call at the door, selling “pop”, vacuum cleaners, towels, insurance and trinkets as the power of television took over and the lightning speed internet superseded that and became a platform for the sellers.

We “balk” at the telephone ring nowadays, however in the past and in the days when you had to get up from your chair to turn the television over the then “gripe” who’s going to the door and telling the-“door to door”-salesman “no thanks” “not today” “my mum’s out” “mi mam’s got er rollers in”(as she skulked behind the larder door).

Coupled with the slow death of office-based companies who have exchange desks, prestige and having their own office, the cash-strapped and ever competitive selling companies now use satellite and ghost offices and nominal head offices.
The raise if doorstep selling has returned, with home visits, whereby consumers can be visited at home and in the comfort of their home to engage with the seller of products/services.

The exit and relinquishment companies use this sales platform as it provides a calm and more pleasing environment to sell their service.

It is effective as the consumer is in their comfort zone and own environment and psychologically pleased by the approach.
To combat the rise in the recycled doorstep selling, the lawmakers acted and introduced the Doorstep Selling Regulations 2008.

These regulations are designed to impact on consumer rights when engaging with salesmen and in their home.

The reasoning is to impart an equilibrium and fairness on the transaction, as the sellers have an advantage in that generally people view their house as a home and have inbuilt decorum when in our own homes. We as human find it harder to berate negotiate and challenge a salesman in our home, as they know where we live. Finally, it’s always harder to ask someone to leave your home when you are responsible for inviting them in, in the first place. Always remember the salesman has a purpose and that is to sell to you. The regulations, therefore, give you a cooling off period no matter what you say and sign. Most respectable sellers are grateful for the opportunity in putting their products/services before consumers and in their own homes and do act in a fair and reasonable manner

Salesman in your Home

If you are a consumer and are approached by a salesman/sales enterprise that calls to your home or indeed sells to you whilst in your home, then the services sold (if over £42.00) are regulated. The seller must provide certain information to you to ensure that they are compliant with the regulations including the right to cancel.

Failure to provide this information is a criminal offence.

This includes the sale of timeshare exit products and services to customers at their home, their workplace or the home of another person’s home.

Other noticeable sellers in timeshare are:-
Holiday companies
Holiday clubs
Holiday credits and leisure voucher enterprises

Before and after an order is placed by you, the salesman must follow certain rules.

The salesmen must display information such as: their business name, full contact details, a full description of their goods or services, the full price they intend to charge, including all taxes (vat etc), how a customer can pay, how they intend to deliver the service and a realistic timescale as to when they will accomplish their work.

In addition, they are obliged to under law provide their contract conditions for terminating the contracts and information about the customer’s right to cancel within 14 days

The seller is compelled to tell the customer if they will be responsible for paying a fee if they cancel and what that fee will be. If they don’t or have not you the consumer are not liable to pay the

After an Order/Instruction is Placed

Sellers must get in touch with their customers (in writing) after an order is placed/ contract signed and before the commissioned services have been fully delivered and/or commenced.

Sellers must tell you: details of what they have purchased the total cost arrangements they have made for delivering the service, the minimum duration of the contracted service and arrangements for terminating the contract
How and when consumers can cancel an order/instruction and who pays and how much.

Further, an address where complaints can be sent, any guarantees or after-sales services you offer, conditions for terminating contracts, any helpline call charges.

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Last modified: 8th March 2018