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You were warned, you were warned a lot and now you are “Sacked”

Reports are now filtering through about (to coin the phrase of Harry Taylor) groundbreaking news in Cornwall. Mr Harry Taylor, his committee of like-mindedness and his beloved timeshare model has been booted out of Lakeview in Cornwall.

Yesterday it was reported, a meeting took place to determine whether or not the timeshare club at Lakeview Country Club should exist. At the last meeting and with the power of a massive voting block of unattended timeshare owners, the committee took those votes and cast them in favour of Mr Harry Taylor TATOC (CEO) Therefore he remained in command. Some will recall that many allegations surfaced both before and after the casting of those votes and the Resort has bounced from pillar to post over allegations and cross-allegations.

All that said, all is confined to history. This year, hoping for another term, Harry Taylor s dreams have been shattered as the long-awaited mud hit the proverbial fan. At this year’s meeting, he and his timeshare club have been slung out on their ear.

This is in the wake of breaches in the construction he was elected to uphold, a raft of consumer allegations about the mismanagement on the part of the committee and the resort developer wrath.

Harry Taylor, in fact, claimed Lakeview was his flagship project yet his business acumen did not stand up. The onslaught of disgruntled consumers who were sued by him in the event they did not pay the maintenance fess dug in and demanded that the club is wound up. In that winding up, many are prepared to ask a further question about the club and how its costs were accounted for, as the contractual audited the clubs were required to perform was done under the Directorship of Harry Taylor.

Of late Harry, Taylor introduces Aroma into the Resort give them an office entered a partnership with them and to peddled their product. The resort owners were having none of it and turfed out Aroma with a voice of descent.

The Resort owners stated we are upset at the absolute disrespect the committee has shown against the resort owners and moved forward with a plan to get Harry Taylor out (get him out) of the resort once and for all. Being well stocked with cash they bought up large chunks of the timeshare had acquired a monumental voting power and with that power got rid of a thorn in their side which they believed was Harry Taylor.

-Now you are free-

Beleaguered dis-chuffed and thoroughly sledged by the TCA when under the control of David Cox, the resort has ceased to be, is debunked and dead to the world of timeshare.

With failing to file audits and then remaking them without proper reference to the assets and liability, the clubs assertions of being solvent was crushed, no wonder it collapsed. Lakeview was the central battleground in the fight for consumer justice and eventually, the consumer has won, no more high and elevated maintenance fees, no more summonses and no more debt collectors letters sent on behalf a self-appointed consumer association in charge of a resort. Many will note that TATOC Consumer Helplines  (lead by Harry Henry Taylor) was financed by the RDO who are reported to be at odds with his style of management.

The puffing of Mark Caldicott can now only concede that he works for a failed Director who failed to direct a timeshare resorts which was nice and enjoyed by many.

The tanks are now retreating and a bright future is expected as Mr Simon Hulme Kendal stated. “I will be happy to see the back of this type timeshare management team”. Slumped and disgruntled, one has to wonder what future does Harry Taylor face now, he is surrounded by litigation, admonishments, resort losses and failed management roles.


Posted on: 25th January 2017