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Many timeshare owners truly need free assistance in the many issues surrounding timeshare disposals, as many crooks lurk praying on the elderly. Everyone agrees this most stop and authorise should act to preserve their claimed caring objectives.

If your family has an elderly person who needs free advice, TESS is here to help. We will grantee to give you free and unfettered advice and to all over the age of 65.

If your relative constantly pays management fees in respect to timeshare and never uses it there are options to rid themselves from the liability.

Firstly, if your parent or grandparent is over 70 years old they are entitled to simply walk away and do not have to pay any fees what so ever. If the fees are claimed, you simply have to refuse to pay. The industry association RDO claims to have issued a directive in that those who are over 70 will be [not might be] released permanently from their timeshare.

Secondly, If your parent or grandparent is ill infirm or suffers ill health, again they can simply walk away and leave the worry behind them.

Timeshare in Spain

If they own a timeshare in Spain and the contract contains the words perpetuity and it was bought after the 5th of January 1998, the contract is unlawful and you cannot be pursued for maintenance fees.

If again if the contract is located in Spain and acquired after the 5th of January 1998 and contains the words floating Timeshare its unlawful and you can simply walk away.

If the Spanish timeshare contract inferred that you own property was purchased after the 5th of January 1998 you can simply walk away, as again it’s unlawful.

If you own in Florida, the state statute grants you a right to terminate the membership and enter delinquency, whereby the resort has to take the timeshare off you and no fees will follow.

Posted on: 16th June 2016