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Tess has now won 218 cases in the UK delivering £1,362,391.15 to British consumers regarding Leisure Credit claims. £34,347 in section 75- 75(a) consumer credit claims and are over have delivering £3.1 million in Spanish timeshare claims.

As part of TESS’s service, the claims in Spain have been enforced and payment receipts have now topped £200,000.

Leisure Credit Claims

When TESS’s leisure credit claims commenced, all claims were placed in the Financial Ombudsman Service. [FOS]. After giving a reasonable amount of time for FOS to assess the claims, we with partners decided to move all matters contentious and on account of the delays being experienced.

Shortly after that decision TESS with Athena Law issued a snowstorm of claims against the responsible banks. When issued and upon receipt, many Banks began conceding the claims knowing they now were now facing a huge risk of escalating legal costs.

On account of the number of claims which came in, TESS with Athena estimated that on average each person had lost £6,026.32 and when accounting for interested, TESS projected each claim would average out at £7,000.00. At the early stages, TESS estimated that £2,933,000 would we returned if the claims were successful, however, having regard for well-argued points of law, those averages have exceeded estimates and each claim is now averaging out at £8,333 which equates to a further £500,000 in damage awards – the average claim now being £8,333.00 (a total of £3,300,000).

At present, TESS and its partners are about half the way through the leisure credit claims 198 have settled and 201 are either awaiting acceptance of offers or in various stages of negotiation.

Club La Costa (Spain)

TESS with others has put together the ‘Club La Costa Action Group’ which consists of over 220 people each seeking substantial damages in the court and from Banks that employed CLC as their agents. TESS is working with partners in delivering this £6,462,900 million claim and the matter is about to be litigated. The claims being made, have many ‘heads of claim’ and the legal team are now fully engaged in delivering the lead cases which are due to actions this month.

Bespoke section 75 and 75(a) claims

These claims were made in 2017-2018 and are again are nearing completion. The value of the claims is estimated at £2,789,000 and some clients have already settled their disputes whilst others are being negotiated and some being litigated with partners.

Spanish Claims

Hundreds of Spanish Funded claims were delivered into the courts in 2017 and 2018 by TESS and its international lawyers. TESS is working with 3 international partners who before delivering the claims risked assessed each as being viable. When the many cases were delivered, TESS can report that to date, our clients have over 130 victories, that said other rulings are pending. In Spain, those Victories and quantum of the awards have or are being enforced. During 2018, enforcement proceeding commenced and when doing so, funds began to flow.  TESS have been refunding clients their damages regularly and the total refunds to date, exceed £350,000.00.

This explained, in Spain, claims meet significant hostility and resistance and on account of others, TESS has found that the stalemate is being lifted, the reason is being applied and by many opponents.

As many judgements have been appealed by the defendants, those appeals have been challenged/resisted successfully and in some cases settled before troubling the courts.

Posted on: 10th June 2019