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Club Infiniti was owned and managed by ‘Petchey Leisure’ on behalf of the members in the club.

The Infiniti timeshare Points system was introduced by ‘Petchey Leisure’ and as an alternative to the ‘fixed week’ timeshare, however, by its very nature, the product is a ‘Floating timeshare product whereby the underlying inventory which supports the Clubs Points system, is unknown to those members who bought it.

What is becoming readerly apparent is, Timeshare consumers bought a membership unto a convoluted club and can only receive the benefits (holiday accommodation) if the holiday inventory is available, if it is it not available, you may get nothing.

The product was sold as giving ‘flexibility’ and took into account when you wanted to take your holiday. Up until then, this developer only operated a system based on ‘ownership’ of fixed weeks. Despite the Points system being sold as being more flexible, that flex, in this case, is complained about by some within its membership and many allegations exist stating the benefits sold were not being made available.

The selling of the Infinity Points Timeshare claimed: –

A superior standard of holiday accommodation and facilities; 

An impeccable level of on-site service;

A Points system with the flexibility to allow for members’ changing holiday needs; 

Effective communications between members and staff;

Special benefits exclusive to Infiniti members and their families.

Taking away the gloss in the sales patter, the selling stage that was set, was the same pattern the developer used to sell the loved ‘fixed weeks’ system. The complained difference between the products is: – before you bought a ‘definite’ whereas (with the points product) you were sold ‘a might’! Not exactly, the same.

With the launch of Infinity Points in 2001, many memberships were sold on a daily basis and if recent complaints are true, Infiniti members have expressed a high level of dissatisfaction with all aspects of the product they bought.

Of course, timeshare products can be successful, with a dedicated assistance in the Club however in some cases the ‘Member Services’ appear to have failed.

From a modest beginning in the early 1970s with one resort in Portugal, Petchey Leisure did grow fast to its present position of owning and managing many resorts throughout Europe.

The introduction of Infiniti in 2001 accelerated sales and cash into the organisation which resulted in 30,000 members being sold to.

This timeshare developer is not a members of the Resorts Development Organisation (the claimed legitimate timeshare organisation) and claimed to sell ‘holiday ownership interests’ or ‘occupancy rights’ therefore owners used to pay an annual maintenance fee after the initial purchase, however with the points system they simply bought points, which is entirely different and accords to the highly criticised holiday clubs system.

Many consumers took out Loans and to buy the Infinity timeshares they were sold. When doing so, a consumer has to appreciate that the ‘first and principle’ contract they entered into was the provision of credit (the loan itself) as, without the grant of the loan, you could not have acquired the timeshare you subsequently bought.

As you can appreciate, should the 1st and principle contract (the loan) be mis-sold or sold in contravention of The Financial Conduct Authorities rules, all the contracts you entered into after the first (the loan) also will be mis-sold? If the Finance can be cancelled, all fruitarians of the first bad contract (the Timeshare) can also be cancelled.

If this is the case in your situation, you can claim whatever you have lost, as the Lending Bank is also ‘joint and severally’ liable to you in damages under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and 2006 if the timeshare product is mis-sold.

As a result of many past legal actions, your consumer rights are supported by many High Court authorities which flowed from the highest Courts in the land.

If you believe you have been financially harmed or mis-sold any of these products described above and want to know more, contact TESS and we will update you.

Posted on: 29th November 2018