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Timeshare Companies and Insurers alike, all take your money from you ‘upfront’ and with a smile – but just try claiming anything from them.

These days, the public’s view of Timeshare Companies is on a par with those of Lawyers, the dredged Double-Glazing experts and cold callers.

It’s said when dealing with Lawyers, ‘the only good one is a dead one’. If that were true, imagine what can be said about fake lawyers?

Every Timeshare consumer is now faced with an array of internet adverts, cold calls and a snowstorm of letters advising that ‘vast sums of money awaits you’, as they know this claim will send your ambitions through the roof.

The worst of the worst are now giving out indemnity policies, suggesting an insurance back policy exists and they indemnify the work, the fraudster and fake lawyer performs. I learned today; that some authorities are now investigating the companies who are peddling such delusions and it’s about time too.

In a preferred chair, a cup of steamy tea and a hob-nob to hand, the phone nearby rings continually every second of the day and night offering all kinds of goodies. The callers are always nice, always trying to persuade and advise that a ‘pot of money awaits’, ‘if claimed’ and the fortune will only come if, you want to make a claim through them.

This new breed of Timeshare Lawyers squats around the edges of the Timeshare market, exist to scam you, again and again, and from the side-lines, some can’t help admiring, the sheer audacity of the villainy.

Basically, what most cold callers are saying is: – ‘you give us loads of money’ (sometimes every month), ‘for years’, we will we’ll give you double back in ‘compo’!

Claiming back damages on timeshare contracts is a piece of cake claims the scammer, and if you believe the spin, you will be financially impugned. Fusing the elements of timeshare selling and vending legal services together, many are on to a winner if they meet the right consumer.

Buying into a double-edged sword might give you immediate peace of mind, however, when reading the fine print, any node of security, you initially had, falls into the well of nothingness when the terms are explained to you professionally.

When explained and you then challenge the seller of the fake legal services, the £1.00 or underfunded company runs off into the land of fugitiveness, whilst you are left picking up the pieces of another con.

Many have had a timeshare, and some been continually up-sold year in – year out until they reached a pinnacle of investing. At some point, many wanted to sell and cash them in the investment they made. When they tried all the smiles vanish and the tears flowed. Having now conversed with thousands of consumers, I think the realisation is the most upsetting time.

Then the anger sets in.

You may recall the Annual medicals to support the insurance which required to stave off life’s financial perils if you defaulted on the timeshare loan. At the time the ‘happy happy club’ and predicted profit vanished so did the insurance. Being led up the ‘mischief tree’ time and time by timeshare resorts, it a wonder the angry Celestial Choirs are not singing in your head when faced with the fake lawyer.

In saying this, I feel a little prickly as these conmen are good at rehashing and recomputing a lie. With a nuclear scam world out there, warning bells should be ringing at every turn. If you contact a lawyer, they should give advice, not sell you something. If they are selling to you – they are scamming you. The wondrous world of a little bit of knowledge-eh. and the scammer move in saying ‘you will win’, ‘you will get back £100,000’s’, ‘it simple’, ‘the courts have already ruled’. These are all scam lines used by crooks.

The upshot of my song is – that there is, ‘delusion is everywhere’, and candor has been decimated in favour of dishonesty.

Can honesty still afford to exist!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 3rd May 2019