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A vacuum appears to exist in the Resort Development Organisation [RDO] as its governing body is becoming depleted and its resort members are leaving.

In the past the RDO’s Chairman delivered to the faithful measured epistles, however now, a booming silent to the faithful flock is heard.  

Posthumously, Mr Paul Gardener Bougaard with added pomposity deliver into the public domain feather coated and satirical articles and placed them onto the RDO website. These articles were in the form of the RDO’s Chairman’s blog, however, these days, they appear to have been stopped, the blog page is silent and since the 31st of March 2018. His last satire being ‘It’s a mad world my Masters’.

Many will recall the Timeshares industry first attempted to enlighten the world of its great products in the form of the ‘Timeshare Council’, which when exposed, changed its name to the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe, OTE which again (after a wave of reported bad behaviour) was rebranded as the RDO and with the assistance of FNTC.

With assistance, from Mr Harry Taylor who peddled the vice that he would not speak ill of the industry, the days of the RDO seemed to exist in calmer waters until TESS pursued and chastised the advice given by Mr Taylors.

It’s known that TESS was unable to kowtow to the meandering of Mr Taylors libellous comments and unhelpful advice, accordingly, took matters legal, which resulted in a large financial award being made against Mr Taylor’s company. This destroyed the organisation he led, and since its closure, the industry has been left with a large hole in its arsenal of spin.

It cannot be disputed that a void was created, which in turn let in significant numbers of undesirables. The new breed of Scammers now operates in the field of Consumer advice, timeshare terminations and compensation lawyering. More and more befuddled ex timeshare salesmen have left the resorts sales decks and are now proclaiming themselves as a new component in informed lawyering. This merry band has now over the last 3 years been delivering an assault on consumer senses, which has resulted in timeshare consumer being ripped off and collectively for £millions.

The suggestions being made by them is, they can deliver legal service in all matters of timeshare law, in different jurisdictions, all over the world and without any formal training other than a grade ‘b’ GCSE in art. They are proclaiming all timeshare is illegal, they know it, as it was they – who sold it to you. The facts are, that all timeshare in not illegal and should you follow the whimsical views of the salesman, you will be left facing financial perils.

We want your money now!!!! are their claims and we will deliver your claims to the courts? As if!

In fairness to the RDO, they have invested many £100’s of thousand and to end this racket and that investment is paying dividends, today. Rouge after rouge is exposed, sanctioned, exposed and/or imprisoned and the delivery of the crooks to the courts, in some way must be credited to them, however, a lot more self-flagellation needs to occur in order to place ‘Timeshare’, on the good footing it deserves.

Posted on: 3rd May 2019