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CLC World is now claiming it’s committed to, reducing its environmental impact thus, in June 2018 announced the launch of their Spanish environmental initiative “There is no Planet B” they say. In reputational terms, it cannot be argued that CLC has fallen from grace as that fact has been widely reported. In their case they have been misselling timeshare contracts, losing legal battles in Spain and England and whilst living on ‘Planet A’. Some suggest the boasts of this environmental quest is to sap some good publicity and to buffer the ‘plainly obvious’.

It also cannot be avoided that as a large Timeshare holiday company, they are an influential member of the board which governs the Resort Development Organisation [RDO] who claim they are the legitimate Timeshare industry. That being boasted, its members are equally complained of.

CLC World suggests they aim to provide guests with memorable holiday experiences, however, what those experiences are, is debatable, as today a stampede of is membership is leaving and rocking up in the courts seeking compensation and justice on account of the misselling deeds.

With many of its resorts based near the sea, clean beaches are essential however, what is also essential is good and lawful contracts so to underpins the product they sell. On that issue, little good news is floating around the halls of the courts or the chat rooms nor the member’s clubs they have formed.

CLC, with a prism of magnanimous light, is now claiming its World team members now volunteer, each month and to clean the beaches they lounge on and when on holiday. So you now pay for rest and relaxation and end up being badgered into putting down the book and to pick up rubbish.

In the 9 months period, since the beach cleaning commenced, CLC claims more than 300kgs of rubbish have been collected and properly disposed of; This is a 1/3 of a metric ton or 1/15 of a builder skip which on balance is not exactly news that one would normally be expected in the broadsheets of the RDO. It cannot be viewed as being that fantastic or worthy of being front page propaganda. That said and to add more good news in the summer of 2018, the CLC World-branded eco-ashtrays were provided at the two Costa del Sol beach entrances.

What beggar’s belief in the backdrop of this timeshares financial scandal is, nothing is said by the Industry, no apology is given, no reinvention or products or dramatic shift in the way timeshare is sold. CLC as an example has simply invested in ecological and recyclable cardboard containers suitable for both cigarettes and small waste. All its clients must do is, collect the ashtray from the dispenser and then dispose of in the bin provided.

I don’t admonish anyone who falls in line with their responsibility to the environment, but to make it headline news in a self-created financial earthquake, is a bit rich, to say the least.

I hope that you agree with me that it’s quite amazing these days how many avenues can be utilised to try and eradicate reputation damage.

Posted on: 3rd May 2019