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Donaldson Bruce Associates have soared to number 1 in the ranks of Timeshare ‘cold callers’ in the UK’s legal profession. With very loose and aggressive operators delivering nefarious advice they are hell-bent on getting a salesman to see you rather than a Solicitor or lawyer.

Of course, in the scam lands of fugitiveness they were born and now are coming down the phone and trying to get into your homes.

There was a phrase lock up you daughter when the ‘cad’ arrives however, with Donaldson Bruce Associates they simply have an ambition to get into your pockets for the purpose of delivering to you, perilous consequences.

From a sweet dream team of professional cheaters, they expect you to believe all they say and what they do say is like a revelation from above. All telesales people are a gift from God and all lawyers they don’t use are devils in disguise.

By cold calling you, they are breaking the law, and should you engage with them you will [not might] lose what you have saved.

They are using stolen or corrupted data to call you and when you do engage with them their objectives are clear and precise “get you to accept one of their trained scammers to come to your home” who again is not legally educated. You will then experience the horror that is mis-selling of legal services. From here to eternity you will regret the day you ever allowed them into your home. The longer they stay, the more money they will try and extort from you for services that will never deliver.

To call them dishonesty is too kind. They have a website but evade the law again as they do not identify themselves to the world they want to sell to.

By not putting on their website their contact details, they don’t want you to find them, latter.

The owner of the site hides behind a privacy shield which will be expensive to pierce. Tess has pierced this vail in the past but believe you me, it is costly and you will get a rough ride.

The website only exists to give Donaldson Bruce Associates some credibility, during their massive cold calling campaign.

They claim to provide the very best service, however, are not licenced to practice law or give legal advice.

Our client care is second to none ‘they claim’ as we are always prepared to go that extra mile. The extra mile they speak of is’ taking money and doing simply nothing for it.  The extra mile is a mile to far and a journey you will be forced to make by them and it’s not pretty.

It’s quite clear for many complaints they will actively and aggressively stalk you however, when the money is taken – is goodbye to you.

To provide this unlawful adventure, fuel (in the form of your money) is needed and this is what they seek from you. So now you are their target and it’s your money that will add fuel which assists them to leapfrog onto another.

They further claim, ‘we understand that each case is different’. That’s true in that your wealth will be ascertained even before they get there, so they know much you can pay. Like they said ‘we understand that each case is different’.

They believe that they are experts – and they are, but not in law but is taking and giving nothing. Along the way they will also steal reputations in hot pursuit of your money.

Donaldson Bruce Associates are different from other companies, in that they scam and know – they do scam people.

They strongly believe in taking money upfront and doing a runner.

They Provide opaque and translucent advice hide behind secrecy and have the higher level of intent to take and not to give

Their client care is shameful their prices are exorbitant, and service is Harmful. They are forward thinking, innovative and make up stories, telling untruths but treat everyone with the same disrespect and indignation

If your looking to experience upset, robbery and financial peril, misery including harassment, they are the go-to people.

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Posted on: 27th February 2019