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In the murky world of timeshare, there have always been elements who appear hell-bent of ‘ripping off’ people in all walks of life, in all nationalities, creeds and colours- There is no discrimination when a victim is found.

They merchants of timeshare products have created sales decks in boiler style rooms and to sell ‘the unsellable’, for ‘exhaubetant sums’ for little or no benefits. Over time, the term ‘Timeshare’ has been marred therefore replaced by ‘holiday clubs’ ‘points-based holiday opportunities’, ‘fractions ownership’ and now the illegal ‘Leisure credits’ and during the transiting  processes, consumers have been financially mauled in an ever cycle of change, whereby each change  was more perverse than those that preceded it. Accordingly, the perception of timesharing and the products contained within the concept have attracted an ever-lowering reputational blight.

Amid horrid terms, lies and financial perils its obvious that the timeshare industry will and have paid a price when the law catches up with them. During the transitioning of these products and the declining market, many timeshare salespeople and their managers have left the industry, knowing hundreds of thousands of the consumers (they sold too), were ripped off. So concocted further scams by setting up timeshare ‘claims companies’ to take more money from the clients they initially mis-sold to.

Now they sell ‘fake’ legal services.

In so doing, they attack the lawful professionals to ensure that confusion exists which in part confuses consumers, gaining with that confusion the opportunity to appear as being the all-knowing and right people to consult, advise and more importantly – pay.

The Timeshare Association has developed a ‘who’s who’ list and is exposing many of these operators. In fact, I believe all should visit the pages to see what utter debauchery exists in the world of timeshare advice, legal services, timeshare exits, terminations and Compensation claims, it’s simply frightening – as the corruptness is staggering.

When visiting the ‘WHOES WHO’ in Timeshare, you will see that so many salespeople have set up claims company’s and are now suggesting they are the wise and wonderful, the good and the great and the bastions of knowledge regarding consumer rights, however, like before these companies are constructed to fleece ‘the living daylights’ out of timeshare consumers again.

Heading the list is the bad, then the worse and then the uttermost nonsensical operations, which if meaningful law enforcement existed, we would see them locked up, with the keys thrown away.

Head of the present banditry must be in our opinion be Praetorian Legal and the dormant Mercantile Claims owned, operated and headed up by Mr Gary Smith and Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith.

This couple is not from the timeshare industry but were born out of the corrupt and illegal Leisure Credit sectors (in their case Eze Group or Regency Shores SL). It’s a fact that these companies have perpetrated a multi-million frauds, against timeshare consumers as they have admitted their guilt.

The Smiths were both senior managers and/or compliance Directors, helpers, assistor in EZE group debacle.

Mr. Smith heading up the fake consumer compliance division and his wife steered the Leisure Credit Consumer Association.

The all-encompassing quest was sold as the protection of consumers, however, was corrupted to such an extent that consumers were harmed and financial impugned by EZE Group. Both the Smiths operated in the background and in the case of Mr Smith he used fake names to shield his identity (which is a feature they later further exploited).

That shield was pierced by TESS, who exposed it to the Timeshare world so that many could become aware of the contempt Pretorian legal and the Smiths showed to complaining consumers and the ethics of the legal profession.

Having regard for the fact that EZE Group has now admitted mis-selling its products, penetrating crimes against consumers and financially damaging 1000’s of consumers all over Europe. It is equally a fact that, Eze Group were assisted (when the stealing took place) by the Smiths (now Directors of Pretorian Legal) and when operating, Praetorian Legal and the Smiths were employed to protect and turned a blind eye to the activities of Eze Group.

During the financial carnage that ensued – like Eze Group – the Smiths lied to the press, gave support to the Directors of Eze Group in the High Court and abused the soles, who they were expected to protect.

To assist Praetorian Legal, the Smiths employed an ex-solicitor known to us as Mr Ian Patrick Benbow who is a convicted thief, who was jailed for his crimes and who stole from his client’s account.

To assist in the banditry of its consumers, the Smiths also employed an ex-car salesman (Mr Harry Darby), gave him shares in the dormant Mercantile Claims and he encouraged – ‘by way of twittery’ – clients to buy a perverse and corrupt service, supported by a fake legal indemnity policy.

Praetorian legal have represented that their service is so good – they’ve been awarded a bespoke policy which provides a “legal indemnity” for the service they offer, however, that ‘Indemnity’ is fake, does not exist, leaving all who have paid them with a peril.

In rebuttal of the allegation made and to try and sidestep the issues the Management, Directors and Servants of Pretorian Legal are assisted by “Soar-on-line” (an internet-based Birmingham SEO company) who have knowingly developed fake and cybersquatting websites which aim and deliver financial harm against others in an effort to mask Praetorians scams.

Now, these perverse websites have been taken down after months of detective work and now an opportunity to deliver defamation and harassments claims to the foot of Praetorians Door exist.

Philosophers say ‘a lie can travel the world before the truth gets out of bed’ and this is true, however, the truth will pursue them when the wind in the lie sails has gone away, resulting in the perpetrators with a lifelong problem.

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Posted on: 20th November 2018