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A BRITISH couple is celebrating one of the biggest legal victories against a timeshare company in Spain, thanks to a local law firm.

Max and Britt Sewell-Rutter, from Southampton, won €365,000 against La Pinta Beach Club in Tenerife after having to remortgage their home in the UK and losing most of their life savings through dodgy contracts.

The historic victory came after the judge ruled that the contracts should be deemed null and void due to perpetuity.

Under Spanish Timeshare Law, weeks sold after January 5, 1999, cannot be in perpetuity and not for more than 50 years.

Max Sewell-Rutter said: “We have had timeshare weeks with La Pinta for over 10 years and every year we went there, we were approached by the resales department, pressuring us to buy additional timeshares which they promised to sell at a profit.

“They put so much pressure on us each time to make us part with our money that we felt quite exhausted and gave in.

“As a result we lost most of our savings, having to remortgage our house and take out a bank loan. In the end, we had lost a considerable amount of money.”

Some timeshares include floating week timeshares, points-based timeshare products, holiday clubs and fractional ownership.

Posted on: 19th October 2018