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Soar Enterprises Online Limited

Mercantile Claims which operates in timeshare claims stated “We needed a new website for the timeshare release arm of Mercantile Claims and had Soar Online recommended to me.

I have been overwhelmed by the quality of their work and the leads generated by the new website Gary Smith, Director. The facts are that Mr Smith is perverting reality again the recommendation he refers to is from himself.

Soar Enterprises online is an Internet Marketing Company. Its registered offices located at 61 Charlotte Street, St Pauls Square, Birmingham, and is a Private Limited Company, active and was incorporated on the 10th of June 2016 so it’s quite new.

The next accounts will be filed by 31st March 2019 and will include year-end trading 30th June 2018.

The company was incorporated with 100 shares, however, those shares do not appear to have been paid for. At today’s value, the company is worth £13,569.00 and required a cash injection which was supplied by a connected party company.

Soar Online (The company) is known to be the marketer and amongst others, things Sour marketing retains the notorious Pretorian Legal and Mercantile Claims as its clients.

Many will Know that all Directors of Praetorian Legal migrated from Eze Group and when it was subject to Police raids, arrests, indictments and admission of guilt. At the time Mrs Smith was every involved with the Managing Director of Eze Group and Mr Smith was head of compliance which Smith could not have performed as the authorities stepped in.

Praetorian Legal claimed to sell legal indemnity insurance, have taken substantive sums off consumers and failed to supply those insurances policies. Furthermore, Mercantile Claims Timeshare claims to share the same Directors and like Pretorian legal, they too fail to supply the insurance policies to its clients.


Each Company has at least one website to market the company’s services and each website is produced by Soar Enterprises Online Limited which can be viewed online.

In respect to Soar Enterprises Online Limited, the company is a ‘one women band’ and the employees will no doubt play to her tune.

John is a lead developer works for Soar on Line.Co.UK and assists Pretorian Legal Mercantile the sprouted sister companies. John also develops convert websites so his client Pretorian can trash competitors and elevate their own crooked behaviour this John is more and just a merchant of service she is actively capitation in a personal scam harming consumer and for business sales.

I whistle-blower has come forward and provided TESS with evidence that Soar on Line.Co.UK are working assisting Pretorian Legal to Defame others and you can hold the company the directors and John responsible.


Praetorian and the covert owners of missoldconsumers.claims and soar know it

Unlike some, John has left a trail which has been picked up.

So, glistening pretty pennies from the corporate tree will fast become a lashed in a  financial meltdown, as the big legal bills roll in.

Posted on: 12th July 2018