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Collins Harper Associates Ltd

Collins Harper Associates operate from 1(a) The Old Police Station, South Street, Ashby, De La Zouch, England, LE65 1BS.

The Company is Limited, active and was incorporated on the 1 September 2016.

At the helm is Mr Mathew Harper and it’s declared that he is the main shareholder and only Director.

When all businesses commence they do so with an injection of capital, which assists the company to buy its needy inventory, stock, training programmes before it can trade. Furthermore, there will be a requirement to hold cash reserves to pay such things like wages and the bills of the business until it becomes profitable and can maintain its self.

To satisfy this need and to ensure the Company could pay its bills Mr Harper invested the sum of £1.00. In some ways, this is a trigger for anyone dealing with the business, as it shows in monitory terms how much the controlling mind is prepared to invest in his own dreams. In this case, Mr Harper believes that £1.00 is the extent of his own risk.

The Company asserts that it is known for its ‘drive’, ‘energy’ and ‘tenacity’, and its key attributes are ‘they listen closely to their clients’ and ‘informed their clients of progress, cost or timescale’.

Considering that the Company was created on the 1st of September 2016 and the website followed that incorporation on the 26th of October I struggle to understand how the Company could be known for its ‘drive’, ‘energy’ and ‘tenacity’.

The Company and indeed the Directors claim to excel in: – Dispute Resolution, Estate Planning, Timeshare relinquishment, Estate protection, Future Planning and Ring-Fencing Legacies, Probate disputes and Inheritance Tax Planning and Timeshare Claims.

The fact is, the work the company cites it does, can only be conducted by a regulated law firm as the “field of law” is a reserved business.

They simply cannot do this work, accordingly; the Company is acting in contravention of Law.

Despite this fact, I scoured the website for a reference that Mr Harper was qualified in Dispute Resolution, Estate Planning, Timeshare relinquishment, Estate protection, Future Planning and Ring-Fencing Legacies, Probate disputes and Inheritance Tax Planning and Timeshare Claims, however, there were none.

The Eze Group CEO Mr Dominic O’Reilly, his wife, Daughter and Ian Dutton (the Sales Representative for Birmingham City Football Club) were all photographed together. After extensive research very, expensive company filters are being used and pull clients into delusions. Those delusions are, they boast of being qualified, being able to legally advise and pass you on to knowledgeable lawyers, thus Mr Harper is, financially, very dangerous.

After alighting the Eze Group disaster, selling leisure credits, Mr Harper efforts are now to sell Law, which should never be sold.

The company nor the employees are members of any Legal Institution, they are not Solicitors, Paralegals or members of the Ministry of Justice, accordingly cannot help you but they can hinder you in whatever quandary you’re in.

The company title is ‘Collins Harper’ is a pseudo take off from Harper Collins. It infers and squats on the reputations of others as no Collins exists.

What is also interesting is that under the title “How We Started” It states, “The company’s leadership team have worked together for more than a decade and have a broad set of skills and extensive legal knowledge between them”.

Firstly, they are not a team, its one person and despite being associated with himself Mr Harper was a key player in the selling of the criminalised product Eze credits. In this statement, they assert “They are also highly proficient in all aspects of sales and marketing and are experienced in the disputes that can arise from these business practices” Quite clearly, it’s a marketing company and they are used to disputes as they sold products that have been legally and morally disputed.

They state, “by teaming themselves with a forward thinking ‘groups’ of Lawyers and Paralegals”. In effect, this means they don’t know the law and they are not forward thinking as they need others to do the work for you, according you are adding another unnecessary tear of cost.

More strangely they state, “Over the years the company has successfully expanded into the field of Estate planning and now employs a Qualified and experienced team of Estate Practitioners who are expert in safeguarding our clients’ assets.” If this were true and having regard for the fact that they are a marketing company they don’t market the identification of the alleged great team.

Having regard for the comments above prospective timeshare claims should proceed with caution when dealing with this company and its claims teams.

Posted on: 12th July 2018