Eugene Kaisers Imperialistic Empire

On a morning in July, a Task Force headed by the Special Crime Unit (for organized crime) was dispatched and unleashed against Mr. Kaiser, companies because of substantial Consumer Complaints.

It was reported that this raid was carried out at Club Puerto Atlántico a Timeshare Resort in the town of Arguineguin, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

Dispatched were 50 officers and all the entrance to and from the resort were blocked off by the marauding police officer until the Kaiser gang was rounded up.

The massive raid flowed from an allegation of wrongdoing by the Kaiser organization. It was claimed that the gang had been active since 2007 ‘Scamming British and European Holiday Makers’ from his headquarters in the apartment complex called “Club Puerto Atlantico”.

The names of the products associated with this gang were

Voyager Travel,

Lifestyle Holidays,

Compass, Reclaimgc,

Timeshare Refund Network

and several others on which more information is detailed below.

The estimated number of victims at the time was 2,000 and the amount involved was north of 5 million Euros. (More precise details regarding the amounts and number of victims were given after the police had analysed all papers.

Firstly, it must be stated that reports suggest that the police raid in 2013 was not the first of its kind (Mr Kaiser concedes he has been arrested on many occasions and has spent far too much of his life behind a cell door).

What many have observed during Mr Kaiser’s notorious life in the sale of shackling timeshares and other related products is, he has delivered a lot of worry upon himself, his family, employees and friends.

It is not the first time, one of Mr Eugene Kaiser organizations have been a raided and it may not be the last (if history keeps repeats itself).

Should his companies continue to ride the craggy shores, it’s more likely than not, that he will dice with the police again?

His new adventure is Canarian Legal Alliance

A timeshare salesman’s dream, selling legal services to the consumers they sold timeshare too.


Canarian Legal Alliance know who you are they have lists and your names are on those lists.


In 2006, Kaisers operation “Design Vacation” was raided by police and in the blight, which followed he created the same concept and rebranded it as then Voyager Travel. To avoid the bad press associated with Voyager Travel sales decks were rebranded again and this time the new scam was called Go-Compass.

What people must understand is that Mr Kaiser was and still is a timeshare salesman and was very good at it (if his own claims are to be believed.) He sold Timeshare at the massive and prestigious ‘Anfi Resort’ and climbed the corporate ladder delivering £2,000,000 in sales per week.

Mr Kaiser was the sales manager at ‘Anfi’ during 1999 and 2004 and I cannot criticise him for admitting that when ‘Anfi’ wanted to expend the board [despite Mr Kaiser vocal objection] they brought in someone to assist in the expansion. Moreover, Mr Kaiser believed and vocalised that the newcomer was incompetent and ignorant of the timeshare model.

Feeling this way, and if your claims are vocalised to such an extent that others feel cornered into making a choice, you put your own future on the line. Well, this happens, and the board elected to stick with the man from Thomas Cook and dismissed Mr Kaiser the producer of the claimed £2 million per week (that says a lot).

It’s a risk some take and, on this occasion, resulted in Mr Kaiser’s rapid departure.

The Boss Eugene Kaiser

When anyone wants their own business, there are 3 ingredients, the accountant (what happened), the salesmen, (what is happening), the businessman what going to happen in the future. In Mr Kaiser case he is ‘the father, son and holy ghost’ of all his companies

A very interesting article was published in a Canary Journals about the Holiday Clubs and it focused on both Voyager Travel & Go Compass. Both were owned by Mr Eugene Kaiser

Further, an article is written in Norwegian for ‘the Canary Journal’ and can be read here link:

The content is indeed very interesting, so I have made a summary of what was being stated.

The information comes from a former employee of Mr Kaisers ‘Voyager Travel Holiday Club’ based in Gran Canarias.

The employee explains how Mr Kaiser company cheated Norwegian consumers and subjected them to unfavourable and burdensome contracts.

Another former employee is given anonymity by and he supports the reports of the others and equally proclaims “how bad the contracts really are”.

He suggests that “Several of Mr Kaiser sales reps have criminal backgrounds, many works under false names and consume cocaine daily (which help the high-octane meeting).

Explaining further, its stated that “Some of the Norwegian employees cannot return to Norway because they are wanted for theft, burglary of data and other crimes”.

The source also indicates that many of the 15 resorts in the holiday club are not available to membership despite the promises accordingly, there were only 5 really available.

The members, who tried to book accommodation at unavailable resorts were always given excuses and asked to book other accommodation which they did not want.

It was also being suggested that even fewer destinations were available when Compass replaced Voyager Travel.

When necessary the ex-employee explained that the salesmen were encouraged to say what they want, “you are free to entice the customer with almost everything during sales meetings AS LONG AS THEY PAY”.

In other words, the products were misrepresented, and coercion was used. Mr Kaiser claimed the client signed the contract that it was in written form and executed and what the sellers say or said (during the sales presentations) has no legal value.

This is the mindset of the head lawyer at Canarian legal Alliance.

Refuse to accept Cancellations:

The EU guideline for Holiday Clubs and Timeshares state that a consumer has a 14-day cooling off, period, and that period can be extended by up to 1 years if all the key information was not delivered.

In the regulation what also feature is that Mr Kaiser must also give to the consumers a withdrawal form, but this did not happen accordingly the consumer could not cancel.

The “source” says the sales people were instructed to say, “it was not possible to cancel the contract” and that they should “deny everything for as long as possible until the customer contact the police or other agencies”.

This is the mindset of the head lawyer at Canarian legal Alliance.

What was reported by the ex-employee is not enough to arrest Mr Kaiser and his company’s as the people could have hatched up a plan on their own.

So before running amok, the police would need evidence.

Many were unhappy with their purchase and tried to cancel.

Names that appear in the contract are from the Company’s Go Compass, Lifestyle Holiday Ltd. Orbit management SL and Lifestyle Holiday Ltd also appeared in the previous trading of Holiday Club, Voyager Travel.

Click on the following link (Norwegian text) – – to read more

Kent Lind from Sortland, who was lured into a deal with Go – Compass in January, and Hilde L. from Oslo, which has been a member since 2009. Both are deeply unhappy! tried to talk with Eugen Friedrich Kaiser, CEO of the Holiday Clubs, about the content of this article, prior to the publication, but Kaiser responded only after it was published.

In an e-mail to, Eugen Kaiser replied that the articles about Club Puerto Atlántico and himself describe a fantasy, that it contains unfounded lies that help to create fear and distrust in the large holiday clubs membership base.

What the function of holiday clubs in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, and of the resale of timeshare contracts, which was broadcast on Thursday, the 17th of April TV2 Norway (Public TV Channel ) nDDWU9 .


For one a fairy tale and the other “a nightmare” as the Ombudsman’s document shows, they have experience many people have been duped by the Timeshare industry over the years.

The Club investments range from € 500, – up to € 80,000. In all cases, there is a down payment [prohibited by law] a deposit to a so-called Trust company [prohibited by law] and an avoided 14-day cooling-off period [prohibited by law].

It normally stops their, however in Mr Kaiser case, you also had to pay so-called annual Management Fee (concealed in sales conversation). By law, Mr Kaisers Company was required to hand over a cancellation form to the buyer what a number of organizations consciously do not do.

According to the victims, scams have increased and when you try to sell the perceived valuable product-the monkey comes out of the sleeve and it’s unsaleable and valueless.

Repurchase? that will be difficult.

At the point of sale, you are usually told that they will buy it back after several years when you have made money. It will be worth more every year however that’s lies.

Then the ‘Fairy Talk’ ends in a nightmare for most which escalate, if a loan was taken out.

Having to pay for it years into the future without any benefit later is distressing, causes a crisis in themselves.

Posted on: 12th July 2018