The ‘Cold Calling’, ‘Lead Generation’ and ‘Marketing Company’, Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA], is directed by a covert timeshare salesman, named Mr Eugene Kaiser.

This might not be news to the timeshare industry but should be considered by those who are approached by them.

Mr Kaiser is also a person of interest to the Canary Islands Police, as he and many of his employees were arrested after a barratry of accusatory allegations from the Timeshare Industry and Consumers alike. Not only was Mr Kaiser in the frame, but his entire offices were raided, staff were grabbed, arrested, thrown into waiting, for police vehicles and taken into custody. The arrests were so upsetting Mr Kaiser was compelled to give a press interview. See hereBritish-female-ringleader-Paula-Beatson

You will note the sullen face of his accountant [who was one of those arrested] and financially sanctioned by her professional body for bringing her accountancy profession into disrupt.

Mr Kaiser timeshare sale deck is located at Puerto de Atlántico and has also been the subject of an in-depth investigation by a German T.V Program, who received several complaints and elected to investigate timeshare sales scams in the Canary Islands. Having been contacted by a variety of consumers who explained Mr Kaiser enterprise was operating in contravention of consumer protection regulations, they targeted Kaisers Operations and dedicated an entire program to his sales antics.

Are you now worried about Canarian legal Alliance [CLA], you should be!

The simple question is? Do you trust a timeshare salesman? Should you be paying him upfront fees to deliver legal advice? Should you be considering instructing a sales marketing company to deliver your legal action? Knowing CLA is or was under police investigation, did mis-sell timeshare and Mr Kaiser acts covertly behind protective shields is he trustworthy. Are his cronies have represented ‘cronified’ legal wizards capable of getting you out of a timeshare and delivering compensations as represented? These are serious questions that anyone should ask themselves!

In retaliation to the bad press, which litters the internet surrounding the antics of the key people at Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA], the directing minds created a “fake internet news” website called: –

 “Inside Timeshare”

The website operators are commissioned to disseminate into the public domain counterfeit propositions that Mr Kaisers [CLA] is the “great and good” whereas, he is commonly portrayed by history as the “niche and nasty”.

The “Inside Timeshare” News feed is financed by the now repugnant and Infamous Timeshare resort Puerto De Atlántico and Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA] both controlled by Mr Kaiser.

This new breed of fake news does require an editor and after trawling for a candidate to head up this news tabloid and news feeds, after considering the appropriate wisdom and intellectual neediness of the task in hand, Mr Kaiser elected to appoint Mr Charles Thomas

Who is Charles Thomas?

Mr Charles Thomas’s has published his credentials to run the perceived European Timeshare Newsfeed and I have to say it is a missive of self-incrimination. “I was a ‘cold caller’ who made uninvited and intrusive calls to consumers for the purpose of getting them to engage with what I now know to be, criminal timeshare salesman”.

Having served my time roping in clients who faced aggressive selling practices and unethical practices I was happy to move up the corporate ladder to become a Front-line timeshare salesman in what I know to be a criminal timeshare selling scam”.

The incredible twist in the story is that his employers were arrested for perpetrating monumental frauds and sent to jail, serving many years in Prison for the crimes they perpetrated. Thus, this ubiquitous and ever-present Twit now claims to be an investigative reporter but never knew right from the wrong.

Out of sorts, after his boss’s enterprise was shut down, looking for compatible employment, he ended up knocking at Mr Eugene Kaisers ‘Dodgy Door’.

Tess question is “Is it not the case that Mr Kaiser [the timeshare salesman] is simply selling you a timeshare and then dipping your pockets again and delivering eternal nothingness and that Thomas liquefying the bad press.

You decide!

Let TESS assist you by looking a little more closely into Canarian Legal Alliance CLA


TESS take no joy in its exposures of others as in general we take the view that it’s for consumers to do their own research, consider matters and decide who they want to represent them, a lawyer or a timeshare salesman [parading as a lawyer].

That said, when Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA] elected to deliver into the public domain falsehoods regarding TESS, we believed the scurrilous act, warrants an appropriate and measured response.

Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA]

Despite the glittering array of feeder websites supported by a collection of bespoke marketing companies and cold calling lead generators, Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA] are not lawyers, but are, a sales company controlled COVERTLY by a timeshare salesman [Mr. Kaiser].

It’s true to say that Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA] are simply marketers and does not [in any way] provide meaningful regulated legal services to you, the paying consumer.

The simple and most upsetting truth is, they market to you and sell the ‘legal services’ of others. The stark truth is, you could access the legal services without paying the large fees and commissions Canarian Legal Alliance [CLA] salespeople ask for.

The feeder websites and cold calling lead generators, are identified and are the Organisations behind the facade of what many know as Canarian legal Alliance [CLA]

Canarian Legal Alliance SL website The Marketing Company behind it is, CLA Marketing SL

The timeshare resort  ‘Club Puerto Atlantico’

Puerto Atlantico Enterprise SL, operates a website which is and the marketing companies behind it are Puerto Atlantico Marketing SL and Day International Marketing SL

Other less well-known Law firms are

ResaleGC another complained about law firm and its website are identified as being and and the marketing company behind this enterprise is Resale GC Marketing SL


Timeshare Refund Network and the marketing company behind this operations is  Sapphire Marketing Solutions SL and its websites are is and

Also, Voyager (Also Lifestyle Vacation)  [now scrapped]

Many times others have admonished Kaiser companies for the misrepresentation they have disseminated on the timeshare community. That being so, and to combat the real reports, Canarian legal Alliance [CLA] have now stepped up their campaign to delude the ‘general public’ by creating a fake news feed called inside Timeshare. The purpose is to try a balance out the bad press and like Confucius said “if you can’t win confuse” which is the game being played out by Mr Thomas, a servant of CLA, the self-styled inglorious lawyers

The self-glorification claims are that they are “the biggest” and “the best” however is somewhat dwarfed by the fact that Canarian legal alliance CLA are not lawyers but cold calling marketeers who charge considerable sums for passing on the works to real lawyers.

TESS can reveal after interviewing a CLA client she was sold a legal dream, as it was explained she had a great case and she would be award substantial damages and if she sued Silverpoint

She believed Mr Kaiser paid him the sums he asked for and despite winning her case in the Supreme court CLA has not paid her a “dime” in damages despite her award being delivered over 14 months ago.

Thus, the question has to be asked: “what is a legal victory” in the mind of CLA and Mr Kaiser. Quite clearly CLA was paid, the court awarded damages and the inglorious CLA blasted to the world “WE WON” but the client has never been paid.

 Has she won? It’s that the definition of a win, to CLA. Is that what you would class a victory?

That said, the alleged victory drove in more and more consumers who paid more and more money to Mr Kaiser enterprises. In fact, if this client is correct a further 51 Silverpoint clients contacted CLA bouncing off a claimed greatness, instructed CLA, paid them and to get a piece of the compensation pie.

They too won a victory and they too won damages but have not been paid the damages

Have the consumers simply paid for the privilege of buying a moot debacle?

To normal minds, no money means no victory. However, we are dealing with the mind of a timeshare salesman!

Pay Mr Kaiser your money, buy a litigation, wait for 7 and ½ years win your case and you, GET NOTHING!

If the prevailing windbags of inside timeshare are correct, CLA has announced other victories, against Silverpoint and all the website spontaneous applause ‘King’ Kaiser, however, they too have not received the money awarded.

What you are not told is

The overriding feature in these Silverpoint claims is an underlining stream of hostility which exists between Mr Kaiser [the owner of CLA] and Mr Cushway [the owner of Silverpoint] and the clients of both CLA and Silverpoint who might be paying for the privilege being used, as the pawns in a private corporate war.

Let me explain

Mr Kaiser left his position as a timeshare sales manager and began to cold call timeshare consumers claiming they had been mis-sold and were entitled to compensation from the misselling acts he supervised.

Accordingly, the timeshare industry was not happy with him and blasted to the world at large “Kaiser was a conman”, “was not a real lawyer” and “was unqualified to deliver such advice”. With the might of the industrious timeshare machine, they continued to level allegations against Mr Kaiser who was mentioned in many of industry dispatches and missives. Despite the many allegations against Mr Kaiser the startling feature was, Mr Kaiser never sued for Defamation, ever!

In retaliation, Mr Kaiser thought up a cunning plan that he would circumvent the civil procedure in Spain and get the police to do his dirty work for him. Therefore, his plan was he would make an allegation and deliver that allegation in the form of a ‘denouncia’ [denounced] to the police that Mr Cushway is a criminal and is perpetrating criminal activity.

The consequences of the allegations were Mr Cushway and others Silverpoint staff were arrested and those arrests were blasted by Mr Kaiser over the internet, which in turn drove in more paying clients to his marketing tills and deprived Mr Cushway of paying timeshare clients.

Regardless of the rights, wrongs, guilts or innocence, it not difficult to comprehend that Mr Cushway would be upset and loath Mr Kaiser.

After the court investigated the Kaiser allegations,  they ruled the allegations of Mr Kaiser were false and dismissed the case against Mr Cushway. I the mind of Mr Cushway and naturally having been acquitted was revenge. Now facing substantial litigation from those who were encouraged by Mr Kaiser, I expect that a natural elevation is Kaiser/Cushway hostility would exist.

So, what we have are two well finance enemies squaring up to each other and you {the paying timeshare owners and litigant} have financed them. When you acquired the timeshare, you were promised an investment and when meeting Kaiser, you were promised the payment of damages. In both cases it’s not exactly turn out that way, has it?

 So that what you get when you visit salesmen a worrisome picnic in the centre of a battlefield.

Posted on: 29th March 2018