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Mr Gary & Mrs Karen Smith (Directors of Praetorian Legal Ltd (UK), Mercantile Claims Management Ltd [UK] and other Companies).

Mr Chris Chilcott, Chill Marketing SL [Spanish] and Mr  Martin Skully, Fullbrook Associates Ltd (was Fullbrook Marketing Ltd)


Oh, what a tangled web we weave

to get consumers, to part with £,000, from “Cold Calls”


Firstly, the above-named people and Companies are all in some way, associated with each other, however, the main synergy is, they are still associated with Mr Smiths (Praetorian Legal) & the infamous Eze Group criminal Leisure Credit enterprise. All are now on a  financial expedition, intent on taking money for purported legal services which in some cases not delivered.


Overtly, the timeshare industry [in Europe] claims, “all is well in the world of timeshare“, sales are progressing, its products ranges are expanding and enjoyed by most of their members.

Covertly what is not reported is the seedy side of timeshare sales and law.  Complaints, contract Terminations and compensation claims are at record levels and claim companies are at a fever pitch.  In this backdrop, the RDO (who refer to themselves as”the legitimate timeshare Resorts” is at odds with 10s of thousands of consumers. Some resorts are forcing consumers to change thier timeshare models, other resorts are interfering with clubs and the hellish is being masked.

On the other side of the coin, the desperate consumers trying to cross the exit bridge into freedom from timeshare contracts and are having to wade through a shark infected streams of scams consisting of ex-timeshare salesmen.

As a consequence of the present timeshare environment, the snowstorm of compensation claims is winging its way to many  RDO members. As many resorts including Diamond Resorts have stopped selling timeshare, many long-term timeshare salespeople have been dismissed. Looking for work the antennas of the timeshare sales teams have homed in on the sale of legal services.

One has to concede that these salespeople know  ‘the timeshare model’, ‘those who bought it’, ‘how it was sold’  and ‘for what price’.

Therefore, many have also jumped ship and are presenting themselves as experts in the delivery of a timeshare termination of the very contracts they mis-sold.

The consumer should consider that if they did mis-sell timeshare and took your money for doing so, are they not likely to mis-sell the legal services, as well.

These salesmen are now infusing into the minds of timeshare consumers the idea that: – compensation is a foregone conclusion, they know the products, know the consumers were mis-sold and have put into place teams of legal experts to help you (the consumer).

All you have to do is, pay them again. So they mis-sold timeshare, mis-sold leisure credits and are now misselling legal services and what is astounding is, many fall into the, again and again.


All that said, when facing off these “brokers of doom” it feels like a timeshare sales presentation, doesn’t it?

In this backdrop, we find two groups of sales decks: –

The low-grade timeshare salesmen operating as a loner and

Those who attach themselves to functionary groups.

Note: –Some claim functionary groupage is more professional,  they make more money for the seller, yet equally delivery little or in most cases, nothing at all.

Joining a groupage is more lucrative as each link in the claim is more professional and it all starts with a list of clients and their contact details

Cold Calling

The Freeloaders.

If you, participated in Flyby’s, completed a survey about your future holiday requirements, in the hope, you would ‘win’ something or were given a holiday scratch card and gave them your details, your adventure to cold calling hounding has begun.

The chancers.

If you then attend a sales presentation of a Timeshare, Holiday Club or Eze Group Leisure Credit Product, you will appear on others lists and should you buy the products sold, ‘the real trouble begins’.

The Mugs list.

Your details are sold, shared, swapped auctioned and sometimes stolen. On many occasions, large sums of money are exchanged.

In some cases, you are encouraged to join an exchange company and pay for that privilege. When a member and you do the exchange,  the resorts you visit, have a free swing at upselling you again and again.

The 3 lists have done the rounds time and time again, exist in every facet of timeshare and being quite valuable at first they have been sold and resold time and time again. Now, almost every salesperson has a list, as the data has gone viral.

Many who left the timeshare industry still retain the lists of contacts and sell them to other ‘cold calling’ Companies, who want to sell equally unkempt products like dodgy Solar Panels and Cavity Wall Insulation etc), therefore the cold calling rouses continues and has escalated for some.

TATOC and Mind-Timeshare might have tried to expose the ‘cold callers‘ but never understood the core issues, thus, never stopped the practice. It’s now like trying to stop a pandemic with panadol.

The timeshare industry and others state, “don’t deal with cold callers” and you shouldn’t, but when called 10 times a day, every day, it’s very hard not to engage with them, so many do and to their peril.

It a mathematical certainty that many 100,000 will lose many £10’s of thousands as the orchestra plays

“oh-oh, oh what a lovely scam”.

The Rinsing

The timeshare industry did put the message out and a lot of small-time ‘cold callers’ went out of Bussiness like Justice 4 (Enforcing your civil rights) Ltd. However, others began to “cold call” on an industrial scale, having up’ed staffing levels to habitually hound and harass consumers. With the introduction of UK, laws intended the protect consumers from “cold calling ”the calling engine houses, have moved operations abroad (outside the UK authorities), so no matter how many laws you create, you cannot stop it. There is simply no will to enforce. the present regulations.

Eze Group (by way of an example)

Using Eze Group as an example, this Company was headed by an ex-timeshare sales manager Mr Dominic O Reilly. He left his well-paid timeshare sales managers position, developed a perverse Leisure Credits product suggesting to consumers that they would be enriched if they acquired it. As a convincer, when acquired his model explained the clients would get out of their existing timeshare with an introduction to the great Praetorian Legal. little did everyone know, Mr O’Reilly controlled Praetorian legal Via his connection with Mr Gary Smith.

To get clients into the Eze Group “boiler room” sales decks, EzeGroup operated “Fly-by’s” and hired Mr Cris Chilcott of Chill Marketing SL (a Spanish Company) to drive in leads via Cold Calls and Fly-by’s.

So Eze could not be accused of cold calling, they rinsed the operation (hired others to do it on their behalf and perversely sledged anyone who claimed they did or were associated with cold calling).

Once Chill Marketing obtained leads (cold-called clients who wanted a visit from an expert) they charged Eze Group for the lead (lead generation), so Eze Group paid significant sums to get access to you.

So before the salesman arrived Eze Group were out of pocket. The salesmen were not salaried but paid on results, “no sale, no commission”. Accordingly, when a salesman arrives or you appear at Eze Groups sales deck, they need you to pay up and buy the service they are selling.

Payments for those leads were costing £500-£1,000 each, so Eze Group need you to pay many £,000’s to cover the ones they don’t convert. As a fallback, they get a deposit from you to cover their costs.

 Eze Group had no choice but to aggressively upsell to consumers and with Cohesion.

It was their entire sales model

To further ensure Eze could rinse the unlawful commissions, cold calling and misselling practices, they placed at the heart of the operation “a stooge” in the position of ‘Director of sales’ Compliance.

This role was fulfilled by Mr Gary Smith (Praetorian Legal ) who carried out that work under the guise of LCM Law Ltd [liability rinsing].

Protracting a defamation claim against Alberto’s Garcia’s o[Mind timeshare], Smith gave evidence to the High Court (under oath) and stated his job title was “Head of Legal and Compliance which involved ensuring all the Eze Groups sales were conducted properly and in compliance with all relevant statutes.

As all the sales were not (in any way) complaint and criminal offences were committed whereby Mr Smith shrouded the robbery, he too was interviewed by trading standards and in our opinion culpable.

Whilst assisting Eze Group in this robbery the rinsing Smith set up Pretorian Legal Ltd and installed his wife in the position of Managing Director. All the termination work which flowed from the sales of Eze Leisure Credits was passed to it.

Despite Praetorian saying they were working hard for their clients, they did not do any work at all, as the Company was declared as Dorment at to Companies House. Further Mr Gary Smith openly stated to the court “he is not qualified to deal with disputes, these matters are sent to solicitors”. Yet the timeshare terminations were sent to the Dorment company he set up.

What Mr Smith did do was to secretly hire (not a solicitor) but fraudster named, Ian Patrick Benbow (recently released from prison and for stealing tens of £000’s from clients, to fund his own Christmas shopping expedition) via his company IPB (Compliance) Ltd and the Smith Knew it!!

Praetorian Legal Ltd has also been in contact with, Mr Chillcott (as he was the marketer working for Eze Group),  and the Skully’s (who own Fullbrook Associates Ltd), all friends, all from Eze Group, in high positions and all participating in selling the provision of legal services when not qualified to do so. All hiding behind shields, all creating websites, and paying for or getting leads from Chill Marketing

Chill Marketing SL [Chill] is owned by Mr Christopher Chilcott and he was  Eze Groups  Teneriffe Senior Sales Manager and did pass many leads to Praetorian legal (ex Eze Group).

Chill Marketing SL now assists the notorious and Fullbrook Associates Ltd (owned by Martin and Kate Skully). Martin Scully was a past associate of Eze Group and much complained of, Timeshare salesperson.

So, the disbanded crew of Eze Group are still in full swing.


Praetorian Legal Ltd

The Smiths are now the controlling minds of Praetorian Legal, yet have no legal experience in delivering or defending any claims in Court. Mr Smith was a law costs draftsman, delivered legal bills, but that service could not be classed as a successful business. He did preside over many other lame-ducks, failed and/or insolvent Companies whereby many clients did lose significant sums. These are: –

Praetorian Legal Litigation Management Ltd (Insolvent) [Value £-118]

Insurance & Legal Services UK Limited (liquidation) circa [Value £-250,000]

Legal Cost-Masters Ltd (insolvent) [Value  £-13,032]

Assured Medical Ltd (Company struck off) [Value £0.00]

Advocates Legal Costing Ltd (Insolvent) and (struck off) [Value £0.00]


Mr Smiths Wife is not legally qualified and is not capable of running a law firm.

Praetorian Legal Ltd

Another significant player in Pretorian history was Dominic O Reilly, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Eze Group, who was arrested, plead guilty and is presently awaiting sentencing for consumer Crimes. Further assistance was provided by the ‘struck off’ and failed Solicitor and “Bandit from Bolton”, Mr Ian Patrick Benbow, who was recently released from prison for robbing his employer’s clients’ accounts.

Mr Smiths lied to the press, claiming he was a Director, was doing work and when he was not a Director. Neither Smith nor Praetorian legal did any work (Praetorian Legal was declared to authorities as Dormant).

To cap off the whole scam, Mr Smith invented the infamous “plastic indemnity certificate” which suggests that an indemnity policy exists, and all Praetorian clients are protected, should its legal service fail. That Indemnity certificate is a fake and what runs through the veins of Pretorian, are convicted crooks, lies and fake services.

To sell the sham is the job of Mercantile Claims Management Ltd (no activity or accounts, [Value £100]


The buying of cold-called leads

Mr Chris Chilcott, Chill Marketing SL (Spanish) [value unknown], finds, buys and obtains many “Cold Calling” consumer lists. As a lead generator he ‘cold calls’  to target those who don’t slam the phone down. Then the selling begins.

You are the mark and the lead generators have a need to make you agree to take a call off one of its claimed experts, (not expert in law-but selling). Being ‘the mark’, Chilcott will pass on your details and ask the salesperson to pay between £500.00 and £1,000.00 per “mark”.

To date, we know Chilcott has dealt with Eze Group, Praetorian Legal,  and Fullbrook Associates. They pay for the leads so when the salesman arrives a deal must be done or they lose money, so you likely get aggression in the mix.

Fullbrook Associates Ltd based in Scotland and the company is owned and overtly operated by Kathleen Scully the wife of Mr Martin Scully. Mr Scully worked for Eze Group, however, covertly (not on the books). Mr Sully also has another company called Havelock Marketing Ltd [Value £10,938].

Posted on: 20th March 2018