Today, TESS reports on another claimed ‘Giant’ called “Canarian Legal Alliance SL” a Spanish Company [which we referred to herein as, CLA].

CLA has a big “ego” and a habit of crowing over their ever-growing portfolio of websites, their claimed monumental legal victories. But our question is, “do these claimed legal victories exist in the world of reality”? Equally, what is a victory when taking another to court in Spain? Of course, it could be simply a victory for CLA, but a painful loss for the consumer client!

So, let’s address it properly

Firstly, Canarian Legal Alliance SL is controlled by the Inglorious Eugene Kiser, the much complained of ex Timeshare salesman who fell out with “Anfi Beach club”, which we will discuss in future articles.

That said, Kaiser operates in the shadows, is shadow Director of CLA, so does not appear on company data and he is hidden, by a flock of fronting Directors. Thus, an opaque structure does exist at CLA.

One of CLA foremost sales internet sales platform is that of the website “Inside timeshare” which claims to be independent, yet the claim is an illusion at best. The site is controlled by Mr Charles Thomas a trained cold caller, who worked under a fake name, for the infamous Tony Muldoon, a convicted long-term fraudster

Thomas’s next job was a timeshare salesman and operated in Timeshare sales decks over the years and mis-sold many timeshares, points systems and holiday clubs. So one might suggest that this is the “pot calling the kettle black”.

He admits he was never at the top of the tree, but Eugene Kiser is/was. Thomas believes he has mined enough knowledge, to provide, comment and deliver legal advice over the world wide web, he now claims to be a reporter and for Eugene Kaiser’s enterprises.

He claims, “I hope to be unbiased and present the facts” but he pitches fake facts regarding CLA and slurs against those who compete with this bazar law firm.

As this site want to leap into fantasy land, regarding TESS, it time TESS presented the reality regarding the work Thomas does for Canarian Legal Alliance SL.

As Mr Kiser has been active for many years, selling timeshare, selling unfulfilled dreams and illusions this might take some time, but TESS is prepared to share its information.

Inside Timeshare reports on the CLA website, provides the world with an abundance of independent verifications that the claims: – “CLA won again”, “CLA won again” and CLA is the best, which show to the world that independent and factual evidence exists that “CLA WON” is this real?  Others should Wake up and use them if the inside timeshare claims are facts.

What if these claims were a sham? What is every time CLA won, they earned lots of money, yet the CLA client never got paid out?

Taking the Wilson case, the facts are, this lady paid Reclaim GC (pre-CLA) many thousands of pounds. Her mission was to win compensations for a wrong which was done to her. CLA and after 6 years of litigation have not delivered a penny in compensations to her, despite her winning her case over 14 months ago in the Supreme court.

Now MRS Wilson states she has had over 7 years of painful litigation and has not received anything for her £8,000 front-loaded payment to Reclaim GC (pre-CLA).

Mrs Wilson wants to inform others as to the length of time Spanish justice takes when hiring CLA. Be prepared for a long battled, a costly battle and significant pain along the way.

You will not find these facts or this news on Inside Timeshare, or the collection of websites operated by CLA and Mr Kiser.

Posted on: 20th March 2018