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Praetorian Legal, the alleged timeshare termination company has been reported as Issuing ‘fake’ Indemnity Certificates. The truth is the certificate is not fake, but the cover is. The piece of embossed plastic exists and is an express statement which asserts that you are indemnified, when not.

Indemnity is a contractual obligation of one party (indemnitor) to compensate the loss occurred to the other party (indemnitee) due to the act of the indemnitor or any other party. In contrast, a guarantee is an obligation of one party assuring the other party that guarantor will perform the promise of the third party if it defaults.

Indemnities form the basis of many insurance contracts; for example, a car owner may purchase different kinds of insurance as an indemnity for various kinds of loss arising from the operation of a car, such as damage to the car itself, or medical expenses following an accident. In an agency context, a principal may be obligated to indemnify their agent for liabilities incurred while carrying out responsibilities under the relationship. While the events giving rise to an indemnity may be specified by contract, the actions that must be taken to compensate the injured party are largely unpredictable, and the maximum compensation is often expressly limited.

The alleged certificates affirm that “Palm Services” gives its endorsement of inclusion into the “indemnity scheme” However, and in respect to that “indemnity scheme” “Palm Services” are the Administrator and only administrate on issues pretraining to, the “management protocols”! So, what do they do? No one knows!

What we do know is Palm Services do not “indemnify you”, clearly, they just manage the protocols (procedures in the contract).

That said, and what is interesting is that the protocols state-you-Praetorians client “can’t discuss the details or disclose any part of those document to anyone” except the now Guilty “Eze group” [contraventions of consumer regulations]. So, the great news is you have an indemnity, but you can’t disclose it to anyone or even publish it on the internet, but we can. Here is the Fake Indemnity

Praetorian Legal claim it was delighted to be recommended by Eze Group and the indemnified was provided by ‘Praetorian Legal Timeshare Protect’ or [PLTP] and this PLTP was arranged and administered by the MGP Group Ltd, who Praetorian Legal state are regulated and independent risk managers in the travel and leisure industry.

Like the many “tall-tales” which come from the mouths of Praetorian legal, MGP Group Ltd are no longer registered as an Appointed Representative, no longer an agent of an authorised firm and the Financial conduct authority FCA states: – “do not start to do ‘regulated’ business with an Authorised Representative that is no longer registered”.

You can try and confirm all this by contacting them at Victory House 24 Elmsway Bramhall Stockport Cheshire SK7 2AE, phone them on 0845453880 or Email matginity@msn.com. That said, the company was ‘struck off on the 2nd of October 2012, 2 years before Pretorian Legal, began to trade so little in the way of indemnity or administration is taking place.

Palm Service Ltd is mentioned in the certificate and its current FCA Current status they are authorised, to provide regulated products and services but are not they just manage the protocols (procedures in the contract).

Palm Services Ltd was subject to a-Struck off in May 2014 but that was discontinued and today they do not significantly trade, having only one employee, but they are based at 22 Village Square, Bramhall, Stockport Cheshire, SK7 or phone 01618730816, Email palm@mgp-hf.co.uk or have a chat with Mr John Shenton Fosbery.

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Posted on: 12th March 2018