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Cowboy Lawyers

Not long-ago Gary Wayne Smith-the compliance Director-of the now debunked and criminalise Eze Group delivered a statement and place it onto the internet stating he and Praetorian Legal was under attack from the Resort Development Organisation [RDO]. See Here

Named them as being ‘bad boys’ and equally the departments headed up by Mr Chris Emmins of The Timeshare Task Force [TTF] Timeshare Business Check [TBC] and Kwik-Chex.

Apart from the distance between TESS and these organisations, it can be stated that TESS like them stand behind different and opposing fences, however, TESS will concede that they will protect their consumers like any others. When considering the actions of some the RDO, TTF, BC and Kwik-Chex considers as rouges they will naturally deliver them into the public domain information which protects their clients. In the case of Praetorian legal what is stated by the RDO TTF AND TBC is “stay clear of Praetorian Legal”, “The Smiths are up to no good, have been questioned by the Police and are involved in a very suspicious activity.

Equally, a very well-known Solicitor [in timeshare circles] has discovered that the claimed ‘indemnity certificate’ Praetorian legal passes off as legitimate is not. Them we find the claimed terminations Praetorian Legal state the send doesn’t contain nor quote any lawful reason why their clients can terminate the contract they are in subjection to.

In this backdrop, disgruntled consumers have crashed onto websites eviscerating Praetorian legal, its Directors and incestuous sister company-Mercantile Claims. Are the entire legitimate timeshare industry and the legal profession wrong or is Karen Smith, the Praetorian Legal Managing Director from Park Hill comprehensive, right?

Now wading in is-the Timeshare Consumers Association [TCA] who claim, they too are getting complaints about Praetorian Legal. And finally, all is not well I the Praetorian legal camp and its exploded onto Timeshare Talk.

Where else will the story go?

Is everyone wrong?

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Posted on: 6th March 2018