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Free Timeshare Consultations

Delivered by-TESS

Timeshare Exit & Support Services Ltd


Tess offers a ‘free service’ and tenders to all Timeshare Consumers ‘free advice’ regarding timeshare issues.

Due to the high levels of distrust in the world of Timeshare, the advice service offered simply involves, calling and providing the name you want to be addressed by, You are not required to give any personal details. ‘No Sales‘ will be made and ‘No Money‘ will be asked for or taken.

The advice service simply explains your rights. At all times and when the advice is delivered, it is for the consumer to consider what advice was discussed, what their personal circumstances are and when a consumer has fully contemplated their position. After they have considered the advice they can act,  if they elect to do so, and if the consumer deems it necessary.

You are not required do instruct TESS in any matters, it’s simply a free service paid by ‘The Long-Term holiday Products Association Ltd” the latter being a “Community Company” which operates “not for profit“.

TESS does not ask for or keep your personal details, you are not ‘cold called‘ and you are not given advise with the intention of eliciting a sale.

All advice is delivered by unpaid experts who have never sold managed or been involved in the timeshare Industry but, are very familiar with the Laws sounding the sale Management and delivery of the many convoluted products which the industry and affiliates sell and your rights as a consumer.

Posted on: 24th November 2017