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News out of Birmingham Magistrates Court reveals Eze Europe Limited, Mr Dominic O’ Reilly [the Chief Executive Officer of Eze Europe] and its Managing Director and Ms Stephanie Laine O’ Reilly [the daughter of the CEO] will be appearing in Court Number 18 at 2:00 pm today. All face charges relating to the mis-selling of “Eze” produces particularly “Eze Credits” which are a form of “Leisure Credits and are alleged to be, a morphed product devised by Eze Groups CEO who is an Ex Timeshare Salesman.

The allegations they face will be confirmed later today and if the “National Trading Standards” are correct a Criminal Trial will take place in the New Year. To assist consumers the Court listings are pictured below.


Listing for Birmingham Magistrates Court published at 10 am on 17th November 2017.

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Of late, there have been significant numbers of complaints made by Timeshare Consumers who claim Eze Europe courted and subjected them to arduous sales presentations that contravened the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008. If Mr Gary Smith of “Mercantile Claims” and “Pretorian Legal” is to be believed, he told the “High Court” in London that whilst he was the Eze Europe’s Legal and Compliance Officer they had sold their products to about 7,000 Clients and the average sale made to those clients involved £10,000.00. Thus, it can be averred that Eze Europe or Eze Group has received sums more than £70 million to date.

For some time Eze Group’s reputation has been pummelled on the internet and by a variety of complaining consumers who left many adverse comments on the “Trip Advisor” forum. In the preservation of their alleged good reputation, Eze group petitioned “Trip Advisor” and others to have removed the adverse comments under the threat of defamation proceedings.

Despite the many website references, more complaints poured in and the authorities “headed by the National Trading Standards” became alarmed, accordingly, they carried out a widespread investigation into the sales practices of Eze Europe and their senior management team. When those investigations concluded and having considered all the facts they elected to act. After doing so, they considered and are now bringing a Criminal Prosecution against the 2 individuals (named above) and the Company they control.

Today is the first day of the Prosecution process which involves the presentation of all the charges they face. The Defendants, when confronted by the Charges, will be required to enter a plea of either “guilty” of “not guilty”. The matter is then expected to be elevated to the Crown Court.

Once those pleas have been entered TESS will continue its civic duty and report the events which take place today and in the future.


Eze Europe believed timeshare consumers could become clients of theirs if a mechanism could be constructed whereby timeshare consumers could be extricated from their existing timeshare obligations. To fulfil this perceived need, Mr Dominic O’ Reilly assisted in the creation of “Praetorian legal Limited” and when a consumer had signed up to the Eze products the extrication service was provided by them. Knowing the charges would be levelled TESS has gathered together a significant number of documents which show that Mr Gary Smith [now a Director of Praetorian], was the Legal and Compliance Officer of Eze Europe and officiated over Eze Europe’s obligation to check whether or not the sales of its products complied with the law.

Should a National Trading Standard be correct and if their prosecutions are successful it would bring in to question the expertise of Mr Gary Smith and in respect to his legal knowledge.  Now before the Criminal Courts of justice, many consumers wait with baited breath for the verdicts which are expected to be delivered in the Summer of 2018.

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Posted on: 17th November 2017