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Club la Costa contracts are being ruled unfair, unlawful and void in both the UK and Spain. Thus, vast amounts of compensation are now flowing back to consumers.


CLC has been rattling the consumer cages for far too long.

On many occasions, CLC have been inviting it own timeshare members back time and time again and to sit through long, arduous and erroneous timeshare presentations with a view of selling its consumer base, more and more unlawful products. As with all assaults on the pockets at some time consumer scream “enough is enough” and now it appears that this position has been reached and by hundreds of CLC members, as they take their positions on the litigation road to compensation.

As stated in the past, TESS [on behalf of many consumers] is challenging Club La Costa timeshare contracts in both the Spanish and UK jurisdictions. To date, many of the contracts have been placed before the Courts in Spain and the UK, whereby both jurisdictions have applied their laws, regulations and authorities. Both have agreed on a consensus that the CLC contracts are either unlawful or that an unfair relationship exists, whereby the contracts are void and a consumer can get back all their money.

 So, what can you claim?

When most acquired their CLC timeshare, they either paid part by way of Credit Card or by a loan sold at the same time as the Timeshare itself. That being so, as finance was sold as well, consumers can seek restitution from the finance company in the UK and then take their claims to Spain and obtain further “duplo” justice and compensation there.

This may enrich consumers and provide compensation for either the costs paid or the stress incurred. You must not forget you may have 2 claims, one against the finance company and the other against the timeshare seller.

So, how good is your claim?

As with all litigation, there is a risk, however as Supreme Court authorities do exist and are being applied more and more by the Lower Courts that risk has lessened over the years. As a result, groups of financiers call “Litigation Funder” have arrived with huge sacks of money and are now prepared to back timeshare cases with their own money in exchange for a share of the damages awarded. Thus, if your legal team as suggesting you have a good claim, the courts are ruling in consumers favour and city investors are investing, you might consider the time is right to make your claim. The only issue is can you afford it?

If you can afford to pay the costs yourself and are able to take the risk, you should and support your own case. However, if you cannot afford it yet seek justice, you can now deliver your case on a “no win no fee“.

How to get a “no win no fee” litigation claim?

TESS has created Legal Claims Funder Ltd and should a client be unable to fund its own case themselves, TESS can pass the client to LCFL, who will make a claim for finding on behalf of the consumer. Should funding be granted there is a charge however if funding is not granted, no charge is made. “no win no fee

If funding is granted you can read all the contents and evaluate if you want to fund the case or change your mind and fund it yourself as you are not obliged to accept the offer.

As with all matter of litigation, you the consumer should only make a decision based on good advice thus, you need that advice before you embark on your litigation mission. If the advice is good and another wants to invest in your case, you should know that your prospects are good, therefore, may choose to fund the matter yourself. If you are refused this should cause “red flags to appear in that a professional investor think it too risky, you might as well.

Of course, you might wish to Partly fund your own case, which will lessen the reward of the funder and deliver more money to you, the choice is yours.

At present and in particular to CLC, TESS is working on over 100 claims most of which are funded. In total TESS’s clients are predicted to collectively receive millions in compensation, because from the 1st instant to the Provincial High Courts it appears [from evidence TESS has obtained], the Courts are ruling the same way and are adjudicating that CLC “Points” and “Fractional Ownership Timeshare Contracts” are unlawful, void, devoid of merit for which compensation is available, if claimed.

To combat these very apparent and clear victories against CLC World Resorts & Hotels’ it is becoming clear this well-known timeshare developer has also enjoyed [for too long] an unfair relationship with the sub-prime lending Banks, who have supported CLC in selling the now determined “dodgy” timeshares contracts.

What is noteworthy is, CLC has been asked by the courts in the UK to provide a valuation on the resale price of the very timeshare they sell for 10’s of thousands of £ and have declined to do so. Thus, in CLC eyes the contracts they sell are worthless investments which they will not buy them back but continued to sell them for many 10’s of thousands.

TripAdvisor appears in bed with CLC

CLC suggest that their ongoing commitment to provide holiday experiences exceeds their consumer’s expectations thus, CLC has earned “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2017.

In many CLC forums, TESS suggests consumer “free speech” is being targeted as many “bad” reports are being taken down by “Trip Advisor” and replaced with the following statement.

 Club La Costa World

-:- Message from TripAdvisor staff -:-

This post was determined to be inappropriate by the TripAdvisor community and has been removed.

To review the TripAdvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link: http://www.tripadvisor.com/pages/forums_posting_guidelines.html

Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Thanks for being a part of the TripAdvisor travel community!

The bad Press surround RDO members [of which CLC is one] is being monitored and dealt with by KwikChex [a reputation manager] who has now formed his own brand of Consumer Association, however, does not advise on problems associated with RDO members CLC being one.

Thus, in respect to consumer advice activity, KwikChex may help you if it’s not an RDO member, however, will assist the RDO by removing bad press about their members. Is this the case of a one gamekeeper being paid to take the game from another farm, whilst protecting his own flocks?

Thus, the Hall of infamous” is removed and in trip advisors case, replace with “the hall of the “fame” at the stroke of a mouse, on a mat. which will assist CLC to sell more unlawful products and bask in the false notion that it is [as suggested by Trip advisor] “committed to providing holiday experiences exceeds their consumer’s expectations

A CLC company spokesperson said: “We constantly strive to achieve the highest level of guest satisfaction and guest feedback is important to ensure we are meeting our commitment to provide memorable and quality holiday experiences.” However, TESS suggest nice comments are advertised, however, the bad comments are all removed, which might go some way to enter into a belief that CLC products are good when not.

KwikChex shot to fame by assisting the RDO members to take from public view, bad comments about themselves and their members and did claim “TRIP ADVISOR” is littered with false reviews, which TESS tends to agree with. In this case, the false reviews just might be the “good ones” whilst the bad ones are removed.

In our experience, many CLC consumer claim to have been “ripped off” and when they hit the chat forums their comments are pulled down.

At present many TESS clients are suing CLC resort in UK and Spain seeking MILLIONS in damages. Should you have a bought a “Trial Memberships”, a “Points based timeshare Contracts” or “Fractional Ownership” timeshares from CLC and that timeshare was purchased and supported by Finance [either by credit card or linked loan], TESS can help you get compensation. With full “no win no fee” litigation finance.

Club La Costa compensation Claims         Please Contact Miss Jenkinson 01253 208 483

Posted on: 28th July 2017