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In a ‘David and Goliath’ battle with Spanish company Onagrup, long-term, loyal owners at Club Los Claveles timeshare resort in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, many of them elderly pensioners, are being illegally threatened with refusal to allow them to occupy their holiday apartments over a major contractual dispute. Owners who are due to arrive at the resort at mid-day on Friday are desperately worried and in fear that there will be an intimidating escalation of events that resulted in them being denied access to their own apartments and escorted from their own resort by a private security firm understood to have been hired specially for the purpose, with nowhere to stay.

The Club Committee invites you to send a photojournalist to the resort on Friday morning to witness what happens and to write a report for your newspaper. The following press release and background information may be of assistance.

The address is:  Los Claveles Community of Owners, Asomada de Los Ceres, 38650

Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

 Elderly British holidaymakers threatened with being refused access to their own timeshare apartments in Tenerife

 Long-term, loyal timeshare owners, many of whom are now elderly pensioners, who are due to arrive on Friday for the start of their annual holiday at Club Los Claveles in the Tenerife resort of Los Cristianos, are being threatened with being refused access to their holiday apartments by Spanish company Onagrup despite having paid for their accommodation. The company took over the management contract for Los Claveles without any consultation with the owners or their representatives when it bought over WimPen Leisure Management SA in January 2015. It quickly came into conflict with owners due to its heavy-handed, controlling approach, ignoring the wishes of the owners, most of whom have been members of Club Los Claveles for nearly 30 years.  The owners served notice on Onagrup to terminate the management contract in July 2015, subsequently taking the case to arbitration when Onagrup failed to accept this. Controversially, Onagrup has defied interim orders from arbitration and refuses to accept that it no longer has a management role for Club Los Claveles. It continues to use bullying tactics against the owners, and their Club committee members, who have been paying their own legal expenses over the past 2 years to fight to regain control over what is legally theirs.

Onagrup refuses to acknowledge that WimPen’s contract to manage Club Los Claveles came to a natural end at the beginning of May 2017 no matter what the outcome of the arbitration , and refuses to hand back the Club’s assets. Unless there is an eleventh-hour change of course by Onagrup, the police will be called by the Club President to protect owners from this obstructive intimidation and criminal activity on Friday morning when the first owners arrive to take occupancy of their apartments.

Background Information

The Los Claveles timeshare resort was one of several constructed in the Canary Islands and managed by well-known British company Wimpey Leisure. After a management buy-out in the nineties, the running of these resorts was taken over by WimPen Leisure Management, with former Wimpey Director Ivan Pengelly at the helm.

All seemed to be well for the next 25 years until WimPen was sold to Barcelona-based timeshare marketing company Onagrup in January 2015, and then the trouble began. A major dispute over Onagrup’s handling of the changeover resulted in the owners taking their case for the early termination of WimPen’s contract to arbitration in March 2016. In the meantime, WimPen’s contract expired at the beginning of May 2017, but it has continued to control what goes on at the resort. Snr German Castro, Onagrup’s General Manager has been writing to British owners who are due to arrive on Friday for the start of their annual holiday at Los Claveles to tell them that they will be refused access to their villas unless they pay their maintenance fee to WimPen. Elderly owners are alarmed at the prospect of a private security firm reportedly being hired to escort them from the resort without anywhere to stay despite them having paid their maintenance fees to their new, legally appointed Club Administrator. WimPen is also legally obliged to pay maintenance to Club Los Claveles under its new Administrator but it has refused. So, a major confrontation is set to take place on Friday morning when the Club’s President and long-term owner at Los Claveles, Mrs Carol Parkinson, will be defending the owners’ right of access to their timeshare property, supported by the Administrator’s legal representative.

For further information please contact:

Club Committee Member Roger Lindsay  rogerlindsay123@btinternet.com

UK tel +44 874 731124 / +44 7399 280302

Club President Carol Parkinson  carol.parkinson@ntlworld.com

On site mobile tel +44 7931 778886


Posted on: 12th May 2017