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Trolling Websites in Timeshare

In normal industries, a company will create a product they intend to sell or deliver and properly configure a website to advertise what message it is they deliver. That website will invite the readership to engage with them, provide information and explanations and as to what benefits will flow to the reader should that reader become a client or engage with them.

The website by law is required to disclose and convey their identity, contact details [by reference to their unique company registration numbers], the name of owners, directors and the staff that potential readership can engage with.

Being proud of what they advertise they do, of course, they will be glad to do so, as they will receive the accolades which flow from the adventure they created.

When a website hides behind a firewall or an indemnity protection company the real website, owners cannot possibly acquire any clients, cannot receive any accolades or praise for what contribution they assert they are making. On the other hand, they equally cannot be traced therefore are on another mission.

Thus, when they don’t identify themselves they create the Website and deliver content for another purpose which can only be termed shady.

In the case, we report to you today, we are discussing www.tess-timeshare.com they don’t offer advice, a solution or indeed identify themselves, just sledge. They provide no service and when reading the site, the intent is to smear a person who has delivered benefit to others and at no charge. Hell, bent of covertly confusing an audience one can clearly come to the realisation that they are soles whom TESS has exposed, in the past, yet are too scared to reveal who they are, in fear of defamation litigation or civil/criminal actions.

If what they say is truthful clearly, they would not need the protection, as truth is a shield in itself.

The website is registered in the name of WHOISGUARD, INC. who are located, not an address but a P.O? BOX number 0823-03411 and not in the UK where they could be traced, but in Panama City, Panama.

The site was registered on the 4th of October 2016 and by someone who has a gripe against TESS. Such a gripe that they have paid sums to acquire a website, paid identity protection costs and provided content which attempts to rubbish another.

Posted on: 28th April 2017