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Silverpoint has been the subject of many mis-selling complaints in the past, were the subject of many comments on the “crime-share” website and with Silverpoints linked and connected party “Resort Properties” [lead by Mr Bob Trotter, who basks in Italia].

Both “Silverpoint” and Resort Properties have attracted the attention of the courts both in the UK and Spain and were a large financial supporter of The Resort Development Organisation RDO whoS founding members was First National Trust Company FNTC.

FNTC had a hand in the creation of some the timeshare contracts sold and those contracts did consist of many convoluted terms. The timeshare contracts offered convoluted services, provided by a cluster of companies all connected to each of however in far-off jurisdictions. Timeshare Sellers with these contacts in hand, then with FNTC financially assist the RDO who in turn have financially assisted others to assist the consumer who claimed to be experiencing problems with the timeshare Silverpoint and Resort Properties sold.

Silverpoint and Resort Properties over the years have contributed many 100’s of thousands of pounds to the RDO. The RDO has recommended TATOC who do with the aid of RDO money, delivered their bent in the UK and E.U government, as well as assisting with the aid of signposting from on the once great Citizens Advice [CAB] website.

Timeshare and the selling of it did and does create a lot of profit for Resorts and at the front of the queue to get those profits has always been Silverpoint and Resort Properties. They have sold hundreds of thousands of timeshares contacts, some as investments, many as asserts and colossal amounts under the unlawful guise of perpetuity (perpetual liabilities).

Silverpoint and Resort Properties have sold unlawful fixed weeks, unlawful floating time and unlawful points systems and have been caught out many times. Throughout, they have been protected by the RDO who have failed miserably to admonish them. Now Silverpoint is leaving the RDO declaring it is no longer selling timeshare.

Silverpoint has been sledged, their clubs have been taken to court and they have suffered at the hands of the Spanish Supreme Court many times.

The simple lesson is you cannot trust the signposting, governmental authorities or the fake associations who peddle the concept that everything is great and grand.  At present Silverpoint, may have caved into the pressure of the courts, however, they have found a new product to sell and that is “leisure credits” which like timeshare has attracted a flood of claims, allegations and a monumental escalation of dissent from timeshare consumers, who again are being targeted.

The simple reason is, Timeshare is no longer profitable for Silverpoint as their past actions are coming back to bit them with vengeance, as 1,000 of consumers are lining up, all claiming compensation from Silverpoint. Its a fact that consumers are winning their cases and despite industry blogs.

Just recently the RDO has abandoned its support for Mind Timeshare and TATOC as their own resort membership is imploding around them and the RDO funding is drying up.

The RDO is now controlled by Miss Susan Crook “Diamond Resorts”, is stumbling and as the allegations flood in, against other members of the RDO. In this backdrop, the independent and consumer-controlled clubs are benefiting, are robust and in the delivery of the original concept, which is good.

In must be said that timeshare is can be viewed as a criminal industry and was implied by Alexander “Sandy” Grey. He predicted timeshare would go through a monumental change in that the Bad and Ugly would be destroyed some day and as Silverpoint/Resort properties were one of those named companies as the “Ugly”, it appears, his predictions are coming true, all be it too late for some.

So, Silverpoint is pulling out, therefore timeshare consumer now faces having taken off them the very timeshare they bought and in exchange for minuscule compensation. The clubs will no doubt be closed, a friend will be lost and long-term holidays prospects vacated. History tells us, clubs have been destroyed, club constitutions have been morphed and into the unkempt points contract.

Timeshare is awash with ill-gotten gains, arguments, claims of scams and deceptions and consumer are constantly getting battered from pillar to post to find cogent and sound advice which does exist however basks in a well of confusion assisted by the RDO.

 In the case of Silverpoint, they have “cold-called” many, have induced many with false opportunities, have made consumer suffer long and arduous sales presentations, have authored sold and issued unlawful contracts and have been caught with fingers in many pies. Its managing Director Mark Cushway and he also has been the subject of criminal investigations in Spain.

Posted on: 10th April 2017