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In the U.S State of Arizona, the Attorney General Mr Mark Brnovich punished by way of $800,000 Diamond Resort. In doing so, he gained a settlement and “assurance of discontinuance” from Diamond Resort and in favour of Diamond Resorts owners worldwide. Therefore, consumers have until the end of April 2017 to file a claim for relief with the Arizona AG office and if they purchased a Diamond timeshare in Arizona, or are an Arizona resident who purchased a Diamond timeshare anywhere in the world.

The “bad boy” of timeshare has repeatedly disrupted the natural confidence a consumer has with a supplier, and the AG has decided that enough is enough. Diamond Resorts have had levelled at it, many allegations over the years, suffered at the hand of the Courts for mis-selling Timeshare and to its consumers.

In a New York Times Interview with timeshare owners, conducted with lawyers and other specialists in the arena their finding suggested that Diamond’s sales practices can be especially forceful.

Jeff Weir is a Diamond timeshare owner and journalist who writes about the industry for RedWeek, regularly attends sales presentations to keep tabs on tactics employed by timeshare companies. He stated, “In my experience, Diamond is much more ambitious, aggressive and downright “nasty” in their sales presentations compared to Marriott and Westin,” he said in an interview. “Diamond just has an amazing reputation for being tough on people.”

The Arizona Attorney General (AG) has levelled allegations that Diamond employee’s actions and statements violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act. In other cases, which have come to the attention of the U.S State authorities, there are similar allegations including “fraud and deceit” or racketeering.

It is reported that these allegations have been levelled at the Hyatt Corp, Westgate, Wyndham, Marriott, The Manhattan Club, Highlands Resorts, Sedona Pines and again Diamond Resorts.

Based on reports by ARDA (The American Resort Development Assoc). they estimate that there are over 9.5 million timeshare units in the United States.

This year, Arizona Attorney General’s made a settlement of $800,000 with Diamond Resorts International and Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright are pursuing Diamond Resorts $1,000,000,000 (Billion) In damages on behalf of consumers as the mud begins to stick and the troublesome timeshare products hit the headlines again in the U.S.

There is a lawsuit in Tennessee, whereby the Attorney General is pursuing a $3 million settlement with Festiva timeshare. Westgate is in conflict with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who are carrying on a widescale Investigations. In Colorado, the Attorney General investigates Highlands Resort and Sedona Pines

In this cacophony of complaints, a former Wyndham sales agent “Trish Williams” has obtained a $20 million Whistleblower award.

The New York Attorney General has halted the sales at the Manhattan Club, and Marriott faces a racketeering lawsuit.

Th Hyatt Residential Marketing Corp and three former Hyatt timeshare agents have file lawsuit in the Consumer Protection Week which started on 5th of March 2017.

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Posted on: 21st March 2017