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I recently took the opportunity to visit one of the most prodigious engineering firms in the UK. In the research depot, there were many highly qualified engineers, all “tinkering” with engines and in pursuit of making them do what they never did before. Needing a drink, I went to a machine which dispenses bottled of “pop”. Alas, it was broken and a sign was hung which read “this machine is out of service, awaiting an Engineer”, below this sign was a hand-written note and it read “engineers don’t repair drinks machine”.

In reality, the sign was an assault on the title Engineer and takes away from the real engineers the status they had strived to achieve.

As consumers, we have never consented to this perversion of language, but during our daily lives are required to comply. Those who therefore strive to become engineers put a colossal amount of work in and they attainments and qualifications are squandered by others who should not enjoy the title.

I believe its sedition and treasonous and this perversion also exists in law as many have studied, learned and apply the understanding they have learnt in many fields of law. Some concede to be general legal practitioners others advocates mediator’s, legal executives and some judges.

Some  do present themselves as Lawyers yet are a collection of  salesmen peddling legal products which they have no experience They do so under the auspices that they can help timeshare consumers, however, in short, they can’t and operate lacklustre services delivering shoddy advice and have the sheer gall to bolt onto the alleged legal services, the opportunity to buy into a club which sells electrical good.

Like many industries, we see “pigs with lipstick” and this description features in some. In truth, they are not Lawyers, they cannot repair the problem you have, they have no legal experience, assent to no code of conduct, and if you employ them, they will sell to you another life product which is a fake discount, electrical good wholesaler.

We at TESS receive many complaints and have exposed them in the past and for being fake lawyers.

It must be said in timeshare, consumers are presented with many conundrums should I buy? Is the resort telling the truth? who can I go to for advice?

In this vat of deceit, many faces, many twits exist and it’s easy to spot them

Posted on: 21st March 2017