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As a young man, I went to University in Norfolk and studied Geotechnical Engineering, in short, and without flavouring, it was the sturdy of Dirt and Stone. Whilst there I had a chance to visit many local villages, one of which was the little hamlet of “Little Snoring”, just south of “Greater Snoring” and on the main A148. An apt name for a sleepy British village.

Having gained a taste for the local beer, I with friends would visit local villages, however, in this case, one of my parents was stationed at RAF “Little Snoring” off the Thursford Rd, so I did have an infinity with the place.

I had the good fortune to meet with a chap who I recall was called Mr Brown, who told of a man who lived in the village called Mr Go-to-bed which I suggest ensures that the memory of my visit to Little Snoring lasted these 3 score years and more.

Riveted with the conversation Mr Brown told a story of a local business who in his words said “that mardle, he’s a shifty flummoxing rammy” In English, the person described was ripping off the local consumers.

The reports he conveyed to us were not via the press or the police, but by the local “jungle drums” which historically acted as a regulator and to ensure that local traders did not misrepresent or take advantage of local consumers.

Many will recall “in days gone by” that such disreputable traders were ousted and exposed by a community, so that others were not harmed, however in today’s world of business and globalisation, national networks exist and appear to have been created to replace the grass rout admonishments. Everything now appears to have been vacated, as, in the words of Mrs Thatcher, many have “got on their bikes” and trade outside the villages and communities. Then they return home and the locals don’t know what they been up to.

For that reason, those traders were called “outsiders” and were not trusted. In local life, you got the good and the bad and a balanced view, whereby buyers could be aware of your past. However, with globalisation and the internet, we find that many Billions of £ are traded for services which balanced assessments cannot be made.

We find companies owned by companies owned by a trust and undetectable beneficiaries. You don’t have to register your home address and can set up head offices in places where you have never set foot

So, our government created quangos and national consumer association, so that they could fill the gaps of the “jungle drums”. Like council home and council services, I suggest they have not worked.

If they were a good source of information scamming and deceptive practices would not exist, our bad traders would be exposed quickly and like they were in the past.

In the UK a new and major industry has been created and is “scamming”. Its everywhere from Timeshare to leased property, from Lawyers to Car manufacturers.

In respect to Timeshare, the government and the citizen’s advice CAB refer needy consumers the organisations which are financed by some of the scammers. The governments take advice from them and when trying to form legislation to protect consumers. That like asking Dracula to advise on Blood transfusions.

In respect to leasehold properties, we have learned that builders have separated the ownership in respect to the right to occupy and ownership of the land.

With small and significant peppercorn rents consumer bought houses, only now to be exploited year in and year out and with outrageous charges for planning permissions consents, increase in rental payments and purchases of the freehold.

When trying to find out who owns these companies, we find they are located in, far off jurisdictions and the owners and beneficiaries are undetectable or not disclosed.

We have law firms who are not law firms but marketers. and past respected car manufactures who globally cheated governments and the consumers into the belief that the emission was lower when not.

In this modern world of commerce, it might not a case of which company has good standing, it might be a case of who cheats less.

With the birth of the internet, remote mis-selling and the lack of enforcement with respect to fraud, fraudsters are everywhere.

We have bog site and should you tell the truth about the bad practices you are then hounded and told you will be sued for libel if you don’t remove the sledge. This never happened before? This mass scamming did not exist.

Scamming has and is causing harm and by the ever represented need to increase the economic output without the corresponding need to ensure that the goods sold are lawful and sold ethically. The big society is failing and has failed miserably.

I also recall the words of my Grandfather at the ripe (young) age of 65, he said upon entering retirement that he did not understand the world of business anymore and was glad to retire. In this world and at my age 57, I now understand his words, don’t understand what has happened and why it is permitted to continue.

Cash is king and how you get it seems irrelevant in today’s society as you can (with cash) buy advertisements, threaten consumers, and acquire credibility, so as to silence jungle drums.

Hard though it is to admit, we now live in a world whereby those seniors who have worked all their lives, save for their retirement or are saving for their retirement, are being targeted by a hoard of scammers. Who simply lie and steal your money, then run off before detection by the authorities.

Should your scammer be detected by authorities, investigated and prosecuted, the police are likely to issue proceeds of crime order. In doing so, the cost of the investigation will form (in part) the costs incurred, will be charged, causing any available fund distributions to become impaired.

All in all, the chances of getting a full or partial recovery is small in all cases. Therefore, consumer needs to be aware that you are being targeted by sophisticated scams intent on getting your money and delivering nothing or very little.

To that end, all consumers must elect to change their position and in the way, they deal traders they do not know.

The British has lost control of its borders, lost control of its enforcing authorities and lost control of its ability to prosecute scammers.

TESS’s Advice

When faced with a scammer, you will be dazzled by what they say, you will pay now and be promised a delivery of benefits in the future. The future is what a scammer sells and is never delivered. You pay now and then get heartache.

Timeshare (the home of the scammer) has always been loaded with cheats and fraudsters, many have become rich and many consumers have lost billions collectively and despite the many laws as enforcement of those laws is scarce.

A kitchen knife is a wonderful tool so is the internet, but equally, both are very dangerous in the hands of a crackpot.

Many consumers receive “cold calls” or unsolicited approaches. They are not your friends, do not act in your best interest, but the interest of themselves.

Again, in days gone by, many got their work by word of mouth, to advertise was a sign that you did not have enough work, as the jungle drums were against them. Now we have adverts, many magazines, newspapers advertising forums and in your face websites, promoting those you know nothing about. When faced with a complaint, you are sent to the houses, batter from pillar to post and restitution, costs you even more money.

If you pursue another for say £10,000 and you claim is 100% successful, if you have paid £5,000 in legal representations you don’t even get all your money back from the court, just a proportion, mainly 70 %, therefore in this case, no matter how right you are, you loss, £1,500.00. Therefore, if you fall foul and are scammed, you will (not might) lose, even if they are caught and even if you win in court.

Be careful and at all times.

Posted on: 8th March 2017