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I nicked the tile off the line “water, water everywhere but not enough to drink” The saying has been enshrined in my mind because in my youth and when I got in trouble I was required to “do lines” as a punishment and that was one.

Once upon a time industry made tangible things, local people sold them and all businesses were monitored by the community they sold in. Woe-be-tided a trader stepped out of line. Then advertisements were taken by the local papers and more consumers made enquiries. Not because the reputation was good, but just because they advertised. The explosion of adverts and freebies has permitted the few to sell to the many and without the risk of punitive consequences from the community.

So, the government created departments to control the traders. “And look what a mess we are all in”.

With a set of plutocratic talker and non-doers, the consumer has little assistance, just a miserable meal of being pushed from one department to another and made to feel alienated. With the explosion of the internet, you can say what you want “if you have the money to do so”. The sales advertisement are astonishingly everywhere peddling this, peddling that. Advertisements are in your face everywhere you go, tempting and luring you into the sometimes “dens of deceit”(or Banks in some circles).

As the saying goes “it’s just a sign of the times” it can be alleged that we are living in the ever eclipsing “rip off” era. For 3 score years and 8, the upstanding, solid and past authoritative banks have sold “unlawful” “dodgy” and “wicked” products to the world and been caught, big style. When discovered, no one went to jail in the biggest collapse of the banking system in history. The Banks were bailed out by the very people they “ripped off” and Directors received wonderful bonuses, then blame the poor, the immigrants and doers.

We all know the members of parliament “ripped us off, over many, many years with wild and wacky expenses claims. We know that the banks have changed from being respected to disrespected and that timeshare resorts have managed to get away with crooked behaviour which has left many crimes to go unpunished as “it just a sign of the times” we now live in.

The massive collapses of large industry players are referred to as a bubble. As an industry and major players grow “experimentally” and that growth is fuelled by monumental greed, it will become unsustainable and “whallop” the bubble bursts. The modern medicine and remedy are they will be bailed out by our elected governments with the taxes we pay them or the money they borrow on our behalf. Using timeshare as an example, everyone knows is notorious for “scams” “ripping people off”, “nastiness”, “locked in contracts”, “fear” and “frauds”. Like banking institutions, some have formed clubs which exist to help those who are members of the club and the purpose of the clubs is to control others and information. The purpose of which will deliver to its member’s a continual pipeline of profits milked from erroneous contracts, and like banks, poor people pick up the tab whilst the great and the greedy, parade themselves as “duplications of respect” partying and cavorting with parliamentarians celebrities and the quangos they help create.

Not content with taking from those in work and earning, the present immoral compass has cascaded into and identified the retired and the ones unaware. These people have pensions which should pay enough, to satisfy their need in the future. However, those pension funds, investments and nest eggs are being targeted and that facts are known by everyone. when in that state of knowing the people in the booths of power simply chat about it.

To add more fuel to the fire the UK governments are unlocking pensions granting the right to amortize the funds and the pilferers have latched on, are targeting on mass the pensioners and to sell products they never wanted, never needed and never sort. Many people are finding themselves buying into claimed investments and future rewards deals, all packaged up as goodies or wonderful dreams. These dreams are simply that and when you consider the contracts that underpin the rouse, they are unfathomable which causes the consumer to rely upon what was said not what the contracts deliver.

The expected goodies on many occasions never arrive, therefore in some cases, all you get is a series of nothingness draped in contempt. Beware, you can lose the lot.

Many crimes are not investigated, some are investigated and not prosecuted, some cases and prosecuted and no punishment is handed out. It’s simply just a “Sign of the times”.

It will not last long as a reckoning will come and just as before some will “tread water” and other will blame poor people and immigrants.

Be Very careful these times are not the times you grew up in. You need to steer yourselves away from the elaborate, the momentous, the enriching promises and the “over-eggers” of puddings.

Posted on: 10th December 2016