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Its true, the Timeshare war Exists

Careworn, haggard and thoroughly disgruntled, are some of the words leaving the tabloid printing presses who run stories about Timeshare related issues. The words are levelled by considerable numbers of Timeshare consumers all over the world as the industry is admonished and the reputation of timeshare hits new lows.

How many independent reports exist that timeshare a great industry, a great concept an imaginative and fulfilling product? Where are the independent declarations that consumers are treated very well and receive tumultuous benefits from what they acquired? Sadly, I took a trip into fantasy land then, as they don’t exist.

How can a product exist with such descent, how can they be sold year in and year out when the word “timeshare” is synonymous with fraud, con, scam etc.

It’s simple, the contracts sold today, don’t contain the word “Timeshare” most consumers never even know they were buying a timeshare. You are told “you are acquiring long-term discounted holiday product”, “a holiday club”, a “fraction owners club”, a “lifelong 5-star holiday adventure, a “holiday investment” etc.

If the “holiday contract” is capable of running for owner 1 year they are ALL TIMESHARES.

The word timeshare in the sales rooms is not used and is avoided at all costs. When you know you have acquired a timeshare, you can give the timeshare up and be hounded, you can sue the resort who will attempt to burn you out of money, you can end up being scammed again, or you can simply accept the consequences of visiting the same resort and paying maintenance fees or club membership fees you cannot control and on some occasions, spiral out of control.

Like the UK and other pan European Countries, many consumers claim the sales of the regulated timeshare contracts are constantly getting “way” out of hand. Roughish sales are conducted and consumers are getting financially “whacked” by the great and the greedy. Despite this “battering” and despite the many judgements against resorts, the industry machine deflates “bad press” by launching attacks against the legal profession who assist consumers in challenging the underlying and sometimes unlawful contracts. Some resorts in the timeshare industry create fake consumer helpers and issue one-sided industry statements. These statements are loaded with innuendos, slurs and smears. Yes, the legal companies firms and partnership assisting timeshare consumers are under attack by consumer association each day, by the masked and fake entities.

Hiding behind smoke screens some in the timeshare industry openly or covertly issue misstatements, add contempt and confusion to the issues which sometimes do not exist. Some fractions and orbital websites should be held to account for their actions, yet are not as the authorities appear to do “diddly squat”.

In saying this, some legal representative claim to be legally qualified, “present” themselves with fake accolades and suggest they are dressed in the legal cloth of righteousness, whereas in fact they are a selection of ex-timeshare salespeople, parading and peddling themselves as educate lawyers, dutiful, wise and draped as “wonderful consumer’s advocates”, when not. Some of the “Frankenstein” legal firms claim massive success and momentous victories when such are non-existent. As a result, utter consumer confusion is real and apparent. In this backdrop, consumers are further financially “clipped” as more money leaves their ever-diminishing consumer pockets. The reputational effect on the timeshare product is that by association it is flung into the “mire” time after time, after time and without any perceivable gain.

It is now abundantly clear to consumers all over the world, that roguish salespeople do exist and do operate issuing many lies and misconceptions. They can and do exist in the timeshare industry and some parts of the legal profession which claims to assist in timeshare disputes. It is also abundantly obvious that consumer has a great need for independent, cogent and consistent advice, yet the signposting is contaminated. The “good advice” is smoke screened, the sensible mediation forums are avoided and by rogues who financially prosper in their own “garish” creations.

The Timeshare product is utterly confusing, the models are erroneous, the fakery is everywhere and reality is hidden behind firewalls constructed by gangs of resorts. Delusion is everywhere and its existence prevents the “needy” from visiting the real, the regulated, the licenced and reasonable. The problem is, many do not come to the timeshare or the legal table with “clean hands” yet bleat change is required. To effect “real change” some of the attitudes must change.

It can be said that a “war” is being played out in timeshare and in most wars, you have two sides. However, in the “Timeshare wars,” you have a lot more than two. You have the legitimate and illegitimate Timeshare industry, the fake clubs and consumer-led timeshare clubs, those who claim to be independent and are not and those who claim to be legitimate when not and then those are legitimate.

The legitimate lawyers, the fakes, struck off solicitors and the ex-timeshare salespeople are also on the Timeshare battleground. Then you have the litigate and illegitimate resellers, the fake consumer’s associations who infer they are legitimate yet are not {in many cases} and the controlled and uncontrolled chat forums. Adding insult to injury, you have those who prey on the timeshare concept, sledging the timeshare product whilst courting timeshare consumers to get them out of timeshare and into an equally “dodgy” product referred to as “Leisure Credits”.

In this “cauldron of confusion” many meek, frail and sometimes ill, consumers present themselves in the centre of the “war zone” simply wanting to obtain an honest service, wanting to know who is right, who is wrong, who are the good and who are the bad. Faced with the sometimes-marching parades of madmen, shaking the glitzy tail feathers of misrepresentations and elaborate tails of greatness, the poor unsuspecting consumers are faced with a “speaker corner” type barrage of claims and cross-claims. The consumer pursuit, therefore, is daunting and to be honest downright “Bloody Scary” as each consumer faces guns to the right and left of them, cannons in front and behind, mines below and a pounding from above.

So, who can you trust? In fact, who can the government, the press, and/or the institutions, trust?

The short and most honest answer is “no one”. Unpalatable those the answer is, it is still true. The only person you can trust is yourself, as you have your best interest at heart and arrive on the battlefield with unfettered intentions and reasonable expectations, however, you will stand out amongst the mucky and warring mobs. To enter such an affray you should trust yourself, your friends, family and those you know (not might know) as they will have your best interest at heart.

Dress “yourself” in logic, reason and fortitude, make enquiries and you will find an honest assistance in the end. It is your issue, it’s you who wants a resolution and its, unfortunately, you, who will always care about you and your plight. Normally you could trust “Solicitors” and the legal profession or other professionals, however, this again can be dangerous in timeshare as some skirt or operate outside the perceived “ethical” morals expected of them.

The situation ought to change, should change and has a need to change, but sadly the proposed and sometimes promised changes never materialise. Why, because change will only come at a cost to the warriors, which is unpalatable and unprofitable to them. Parts of the timeshare industry and many who occupy the immoral ground have a need to corral consumers and constructs guards so those lifelong paying customers cannot leave or have difficulty in leaving. The lawmakers have tried legislation, regulation and decrees and the rouse has continued with the construction of other products. In Spain, many in the timeshare industry simply ignored the law. We have had governmental and European reports and courts all over the world have highlighted the issues. From legal authorities and banks policy, from industry overhauls to interventions and liquidations, some in the timeshare industry just run amok, unabated and in front of the eyes and ears of the legislative bodies and enforcement departments.

It’s a fact the enforcement authorities (in support of existing laws) fail time-after-time to punitively punish the wrongdoers and we have seen court fines, issue damage awards., Some cases have been heard by many courts and some battles have been lost, won or stalemated. None have helped the masses, and with the removal of Legal aid, hi-bred legal arrangements and “no win no fee uplifts” the problems in obtaining justice has reached epidemic levels.

It has been stated many times timeshare is not bought but sold and below is the reasoning behind that statement.

Fixed weeks

The truth

You will buy a “right to occupy” a property on the condition you pay lifelong yearly fee’s and when you die your family must take over the burden you acquired. When they die, their ancestor must do the same and the requirements will last forever. You cannot control the yearly costs as that is assessed by the resort seller and should you breach the contract, you will lose everything you invested. You will not control the club.

Floating Weeks

The truth

You will buy a “right to occupy” and hand that right back to sellers controlled club which you have no or little say in. You will be made to join the club and pay lifelong yearly fee’s and when you die your family must take over the burden you acquired. When they die, their ancestor must do the same and the requirement will last forever. You cannot control the yearly costs as that is assessed by the resort seller and should you breach the contract, you will lose everything you invested. The right permits you to occupy a holiday apartment IF available However if it’s not available you must pay the fees levied even though you do not get a holiday. If you don’t pay you are not entitled to a holiday the next year and so on, but you still remain liable for future fees.

Points systems

The Truth

You will pay many thousands to become a member of a club when a member you are required to pay a yearly membership fee. When you have paid for the membership and have paid the yearly fees you are granted the right to pay for a private unregulated currency called “points”. When the points have been paid for and acquired you can exchange them for holidays accommodation IF availability exists. However, if it’s not available or in existence you will not have a right to holiday in the club. You can try again next year, subject to paying another yearly membership and subject to buy more unregulated “points”.

Fractional Ownership

The Truth

You acquire a right to occupy a property and will pay many thousands of pounds when the right is acquired it will be instantly taken off you and donated to another. In exchange, you will be granted the right to become a member of a “points” club. When a member you are required to pay a yearly membership fee. When you have paid for the membership and have paid the yearly fee you are granted the right to buy a private unregulated currency called “points”. When the points have been acquired, you can exchange them for holiday accommodation IF available. However, if it’s not available you must still pay the fees or you will lose your right to holiday next year (again, IF available).

Reselling Timeshare

Timeshare does not or very rarely re-sales. If it does you will pay more fees and will never. I repeat NEVER get back what you paid.

Knowing the truth and having it explained to you now, would any reasonable person buy a timeshare? Clearly not.

Many have and many have paid thousands of pounds, therefore it’s not rocket science to claim something other than the truth is said is the private sales rooms. The only thing which would convince anyone to buy a timeshare is a collection of aggressive practices, misrepresentations, disingenuous statement and lies. All the aforementioned appearance in the statements of consumers.

Is racketeering present?

The first observation is the timeshare industry is very large and clearly, some resorts are not involved in any form of racketeering. That said, racketeering exists when money is made by the few and from the many. It can exist in the few resorts by them bandings together. Racketeering can be identified if a large amount of complaining victims exist and a quelled by the group collectively. This banding together is evident and evident all over the world.

The timeshare product has many dissenters as many claims to have been “ripped off” and again this is evident all over the world.

There are formations of groups who do exchange information, work solely with each other, share information, the same goals, ideals and objectivity. They create or assist in the creation of confusion, including masking reality and employ or create departments which imply in dependency when not and only tender half-truths and/or the collective truths of those in the group who will collectively benefit.

Racketeers cause smoke screens and confusions. They create confusing legal matrix’s, cluster of connected and controlled arrangements, augmented within different companies located in tax and off-shore havens, supported by secret, unidentifiable or blind or blinded trusts. Racketeers operate with convoluted contracts, containing erroneous clauses and in similar unfathomable activities.

Racketeering breeds and exists when the government’s compass has fallen off the moral cliff (as it has) the strong become financially enhanced, able and willing to target consumers who are perceived to be locked in and capable of being“financially milked” and therefore financially weak in the timeshare war-torn environment. The result is the racketeers go unchecked which continues to cripple the chances of the consumers in obtaining justice in a high charging legal environment.

In Europe, we now know many timeshare contracts are unlawful, have been sold and maintained unlawfully and have been adjudicated as so. Equally the resorts also know and some have instigated with others, collective protections. At present, many letters are being issued by “clubs” and served on their members. The fundamental theory is that the committees who run these clubs are required to protect its membership, yet clearly, some protect the resorts who sold (unlawfully) the contracts. We have consumer associations funded indirectly by consumers, yet the control is vested in the Timeshare sellers themselves.

Control is lost, fear is evident and discord is everywhere. The side in opposition slates off the other and the saying of “where there is muck there is money” become a reinforced truth each day for some, yet not consumers. With the Oh, Oh, Oh what a lovely product” you equally have “Oh, Oh, Oh you been ripped off”. So our opinion is simple, racketeering does exist.

A consumer needs to stop and think “No one can see a disaster coming as it would not be a disaster. Timeshare is “tanking” now, however, could be avoided. Blame is everywhere and many consumers simply seek relief, yet are being partly blamed. People are being reduced to balance sheet numbers are being unlawfully “baited and switched” into entering into and paying for nothingness, whether by resorts or by the fake consumer’s associations, fake lawyers or the praying tribeS of “scelestiousness”, who are lurking around the timeshare puddle “picking pocket” as the racketeering makes it easy to do so.

Some people are easy picking, are losing pensions, investments, incomes, prospects, livelihoods and in some cases, their own lives and little care exist, little trust is apparent and all in the confines of what is perceived to be a civilised society.

Many consumers are familiar with timeshare salesmen, uncannily they seem to court their advice, not because of its good advice but because is familiar. The real legal profession is not familiar; therefore, many choose to part with money not based upon objectionable consideration but because of the familiarity of sales patter, the unkempt covert promises, the un-realisable splendour which only exists in lies.

Posted on: 8th December 2016